America’s Now-Aggressive War Against Russia

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at

America’s aristocracy is determined to take over Russia. Ever since the end of the Soviet Union and of its communism, the Cold War has become replaced by an increasingly hot war in which the U.S. and its allies are expanding NATO right up to Russia’s borders, and imposing against Russia what the U.S. refused to accept being imposed upon itself during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis: nuclear checkmate

The direction of aggression since the end of communism has reversed, and the aggression itself has considerably intensified. Though the ideological excuse for the conflict is thus entirely gone, the aggression against Russia is far more than the Soviet Union ever dreamt of even trying against America. It’s so blatant. This is raw aggression, for nothing else than conquest — ideology has nothing to do with it. First, Russia’s allies are assassinated or otherwise overthrown; then, Russia is to be in the cross-hairs, isolated as much as possible: Russia’s ally Saddam Hussein in Iraq was killed in 2003; Russia’s ally Muammar Gaddafi in Libya was killed in 2011; America and its allies (Sunni-fundamentalist nations Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey) tried to kill Russia’s ally the non-sectarian Shiite Bashar al-Assad in Syria in 2013 but failed; and the U.S. perpetrated a coup that overthrew the Russia-friendly President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, in February 2014. In each instance, chaos and an enduring hell for the victim-nation’s public have resulted, but America’s rulers are psychopaths, and they keep up the propaganda and the lies alleging the U.S. regime to be good and the regimes they overthrow to have been bad and ‘deserving’ of the American-and-allied aggression. The regimes they overthrew were bad, but not nearly so vile as America has imposed after them. In Syria, Russia itself interceded in order to defeat the jihadists that the U.S.-led operation has been using to bring down Assad. Only the U.S-and-allied nonstop propaganda fools the publics in U.S.-allied countries to think that their own rulers were ‘well-intentioned’ but ‘misled by poor intelligence.’ The suckers don’t even notice that it happens again and again: there is clearly a pattern to these ‘mistakes.’ These weren’t mistakes; they were aggressions, for spreading conquest. This is an increasingly hot war; to call it ‘the new Cold War’ is to lie, yet again.

The U.S. and its allies (the Sunni-Islamic, Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish aristocracies) are the world’s aggressors now; and Russia and its allies (who have emerged as being the Shia-Islamic, Russian Catholic, Confucian, Tao, and Hindu aristocracies) are in ‘the West’s’ gunsights, to be forced by the American aristocratic gang to capitulate, as the former capitalist-v.-communist Cold War has increasingly (ever since 1990) morphed into an increasingly aggressive and increasingly hot war for brute conquest, by the U.S. and its allies, taking over, one-by-one, without overthrowing but instead playing simply upon residual fears against the long-expired communist Soviet Union, Russia’s former allies, who were: Czech, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia; and soon: Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzevogina, Ukraine, and Georgia. The aim of all of this is ultimately to take over Russia itself, to become the vestigial whipping-boy for Soviet crimes. (Whereas the U.S. wants all of the former Warsaw Pact countries in its NATO, the U.S. has consistently refused to accept Russia into NATO — though that had been verbally promised to Gorbachev.) This isn’t actually retribution based on vengeance; it is instead aggression based on the craving that America’s aristocrats have for sheer global conquest.

This is not a grab for added wealth and power by any public anywhere — the non-aristocrats (the public) are basically just servants and/or suckers to the aristocracy, in any country. The public in each country are overwhelmingly comprised of the servers and the mere fools of that country’s aristocracy. The aristocracy include the people who own the ‘news’ media, and who (as servers are paid to) slant their ‘news’ ‘reporting’ (to the multitudes of mere suckers) in order to block from national power any politician who resists continuing rule by the given nation’s aristocracy — regardless of any politician’s particular political party within that country. These ‘news’ media are, in turn, being paid by other aristocrats, the advertisers, and so the entire aristocracy controls each and every one of them, and thus collectively decides which ‘news’ gets published, and which (like this) does not. The editors whom the aristocrats hire won’t publish this, but that doesn’t mean its false and the lies they publish are true. It simply means that the truth is suppressed.

Here is the best documentary introduction to this global war, and this documentary is only 22 minutes long; so, a viewer might want to replay and investigate on his/her own some of the passages that whiz by in it. I have found that everything in it is honest and true: this documentarian, Aaron Hawkins (or “Storm Clouds Gathering”), is far more careful to exclude fabricated ‘information’ than are the vast majority of documentarians and videographers — especially about such ‘sensitive’ geopolitical subjects. False and fake sources are carefully excluded by Hawkins; only the most-solid sources are employed in his documentaries. In the 22 minutes of this one are the most-important global historical events since the start of Richard Nixon’s massively history-shaping Presidency. The changes that Nixon pioneered are rising to a crescendo today, and some of them are explained in that documentary.

As I myself have documented in an earlier article, the U.S. war against Russia started in 1990 while the Administration of the then-U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush was negotiating with the Administration of the Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev the conditions for the re-unification of Germany, and the end of the Cold War: Bush told his negotiators to make certain promises; but, then, once Gorbachev’s people said yes to these understandings, Bush instructed his people to move forward on the basis of ignoring  what they had just promised, and they all did so — and there was nothing that Russia now could do about it, because Russia had just disbanded (and this is Putin’s big lament about Gorbachev) not only the Soviet Union, but even the broader Warsaw Pact — the military alliance that had been the USSR’s equivalent to America’s NATO alliance. Gorbachev actually trusted the West — he didn’t know that the U.S., which leads the West, was no longer a democracy; he didn’t know that the aristocracy had retaken it. He wasn’t prepared for the reality that the U.S. had recently been restored to aristocratic control after the brief period of post-Civil-War democracy in the U.S., 1932-1972. And now, the U.S. is more in the grip of its aristocracy than ever since the country had started, back in 1776. U.S. President Jimmy Carter is correct that today’s U.S. is a dictatorship. But publics in the U.S.-allied nations haven’t yet figured that out.

From the end of the Soviet bloc (1991) till the present time, each successive U.S. President has run a foreign policy that continues from George Herbert Walker Bush’s exquisitely engineered deceit, which was designed ultimately to surround Russia, and to swallow it up. That’s the plan, and Barack Obama is utterly devoted to it — to such an extent that, according to the great investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, the Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey, who had been in on the planning for the operation to overthrow the Russia-friendly leader of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, quit over Obama’s determination to continue the operation until Assad is removed and replaced by a leader who will do what the U.S. aristocracy wants (which is to allow the gas-pipeline from Qatar into Europe to be built and to run through Syria).

Russia is the world’s most resource-rich nation. The U.S. aristocracy wants to control it. And Qatar and Saudi Arabia want to weaken their biggest oil-and-gas competitor: Russia.

When the Soviet Union broke up in 1991, Russia became ruled by the drunkard Boris Yeltsin, who accepted guidance from Washington, and privatized the Russian nation’s most valuable assets, in deals that spun them off to corrupt operators who shared their bonanzas with American aristocrats, including even some of the Harvard economists who were basically making the decisions and overseeing the entire process of this stripping from the Russian public their key national assets and enriching the most grubby U.S.-subservient new Russian aristocrats. Both the wealth and the welfare of the Russian people immediately plunged, and then started slowly climbing back up to what it had been before the breakup. The U.S. operation of Russia was an absolute disaster for the Russian people.

But here is what the agents for America’s aristocrats said about Yeltsin’s rule of Russia (as quoted in pages 3-5 of Stephen F. Cohen’s 2001 Failed Crusade: America and the Tragedy of Post-Communist Russia:   

“The Russian prospect over the coming years and decades is more promising than ever before in its history.” David Remnick, journalist, 1997 [now the editor of the New Yorker].

“Optimism prevails universally among those who are familiar with what is going on in Russia.” U.S. Vice President Al Gore, 1998.

“Only a few years from now … what will be left standing is the towering edifice of Yeltsin’s achievement.” Leon Aron, biographer, 2000.

At the same time (also on those same pages from Cohen) was being published outside the U.S. the depressing reality inside Yeltsin’s Russia:

“A human crisis of monumental proportions is emerging in the former Soviet Union.” U.N. Development Program, 1999.

“Will we continue looting and destroying Russia until nothing is left?  … God forbid these reforms should continue.” Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 2000.

Look at the reality, and you’ll see in the statistics of Russia, what was blatantly obvious to everyone except Americans (who are so deluded by the agents for America’s aristocracy). For examples of this “human crisis of monumental proportions”: Between 1991 when Yeltsin took over, and 1993 a mere two years later, Russia’s male life expectancy plunged from 63 years down to less than 58 years. When Putin took over in 2000, it was 59 years. By 2010, it was back again to 63 years. By 2014, it was 66 years. an all-time-record high. But America’s propaganda says that Putin is bad and Yeltsin was good.

Per-capita GDP was 39% of America’s in 1991, and was 20% of America’s in 1998, while Americans were praising Yeltsin’s rule. By 2010, after 10 years of Putin, it had risen to 39% of America’s. It kept rising until Obama slammed on the economic sanctions in 2014.

Pew Global polling shows unfavorable opinions of Putin everywhere but in Vietnam, China, India, and Philippines (and they didn’t show their figure in Russia itself, where Pew had actually found an 88% approval-rating for Putin) — and strongly negative ratings in all of the U.S.-allied countries. However, earlier than the February 2014 Obama coup that replaced a Moscow-friendly with a Washington-run President of Ukraine, Pew found no such international hostility toward either Putin personally or Russia nationally. All of this hostility was manipulated by the U.S. as part of Obama’s all-out campaign to cripple and isolate Russia so as to cause Putin to lose power ultimately and become replaced by a U.S. stooge.

The U.S. government propaganda services, quite understandably, brag about how effectively they’ve demonized Putin. They have, indeed, done a terrific job for their aristocratic masters. They’ve convinced billions of suckers, that white is black, black is white, up is down, and down is up.

And that’s the news, about the ‘news.’

And here is more, just in case someone still really believes the U.S. aristocracy’s lie that the sanctions against Russia are based on international criminality by Russia’s leadership, and not on international criminality by America’s leadership. The truth here is too hot to handle: the U.S., just like it was internationally recognized to be in the only global opinion poll on the subject, is overwhelmingly recognized as constituting “the greatest threat to peace in the world today.”

And that’s news the U.S. aristocracy and its allied aristocracies don’t report; they suppress. It’s also why the pollster, which was hired by them for this poll, buried it, instead of headlined with it. (Perhaps if — as America’s aristocrats might have been hoping — Russia had been named there as #1 instead of the U.S., that would have been the headline. But Russia wasn’t even listed among the top 5 there. News like that always gets buried. Just as does the news that the only scientific analysis of the evidence about the overthrow of Yanukovych proves that it was a U.S. coup, no authentic ‘revolution.’)


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Silverado

    Prosecute and jail the neocons. And our financial and moral problems are over. Procrastinate further and this is what we get. Sometimes the solutions are so…obvious that because of the shear number of trees we lose sight of the forest. It’s time to fire up the chainsaws and start logging alright – right on these psychotic neocon’s asses…

    • cettel

      This isn’t an ideology, ‘neocons’ or any other. It is an aristocracy, comprised of the billionaires who own the media, and who also own the corporations that advertise in them. Whereas aristocrats disagree about some things, and so not all of them (just about 80%) are Republicans, and the rest are Democrats, they all agree when it come to their shared war against the publics everywhere. They’re united on that.

      • berger friedrich-wolfgang

        HI ; MR ZUESSE !!! Forgot MENTIONING , Also Owns Americans , as Slaves !!!

    • Brockland A.T.

      At this point in history, any attempt to prosecute and jail neocons would be pointless, as the system is rigged. Regulatory capture means that any system set up to prosecute neocons would likely be turned against patriots.

      The Founding Fathers were worried about popular democracy a la The French Revolution, so they deliberately hobbled American Democracy and assumed patriotic elites would always rule under popular advisement. They didn’t seem to clue into the notion that elites themselves could turn traitor and become the problem, any more than they noticed thieving and murdering Aboriginals for their land was likewise obnoxious to freedom.

      Today, most Americans want genuine rights via honest Constitutional rule. The neocon elites, do not. The Founding Fathers never thought tyranny couldn’t be addressed with a gun. In this, the most sincere amongst them screwed up royally.

      Protection of Second Amendment rights remains vital, as it is not only a cornerstone right, its the only right actively defended. Every time a threat to gun ownership arises, people buy guns in protest. Its a simple, easy, thing to do. However, fewer and fewer Americans can afford that rather expensive hobby.

      Reinstating genuine democracy, that’s a little more complicated, but the only viable solution.

      Remember the Revolution of 1800! This time, make it stick with votes that count.

      Proportional Representation – An idea whose time has come! Get the government you want, today!

  • billylove

    Critical mass is building on so many fronts and this is certainly one of the most dangerous. Of all the players, I loathe the cowards in the Ministry of Propaganda who read the lies with great zeal on television news shows. Then they put on their most adoring smiles and report a feel good story to further numb the masses. The greatest propaganda machine in human history.

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      As Nice , as you Guys might be , One Thing , “WE” Absolutely , Do Not SHARE , is Your “TAKE” of LIFE , as a “GAME” !!! NO ONE “EVER” , was “AUTHORIZED by MY SELF” , to DECIDE Anything “EVIL” , in my NAME !!!

  • berger friedrich-wolfgang

    Some “REALLY GOOD NEWS” ! Google for the “BANKRUPTCY” of the “United States” !!!

    • Brockland A.T.

      Its not really good news for the more or less innocent people living in the United States. The American-based Western globalist aristocracy can continue to live large as long as the $US remains a major global currency, and enough people depend on it that it will remain so for some time.

      Its in some ways the situation may recreate the economic society of America’s founding, desperate landless poor migrants dispossessed by Old Europe’s aristocracy willing to do whatever it took to seize land from North American Aboriginals. Except, the indigs of Russia and to a smaller extent China can defend themselves, and its harder to win trusts to betray.

      If and when the TPP kicks in, We the People won’t even be able to defend ourselves with knowledge.

      • basho

        “…and enough people depend on it that it will remain so for some time.”

        maybe through 2016. :-)

        “Its in some ways the situation may recreate the economic society of
        America’s founding,”

        … you mean the one based on slavery and indenture?

        desperate landless poor migrants dispossessed by Old
        Europe’s aristocracy willing to do whatever it took to seize land from
        North American Aboriginals”

        …and who would be the N.A. Aboriginals in the replay of the earlier genocide? :-)

        • Brockland A.T.

          2016 and longer; the Fed raising interest rates while most of the rest of the West sticks to zero or negative interest rates makes the $US an attractive place to store capital, as long as the other Western countries stick to a zero or negative interest rate policy. The $US debt being dumped by the Saudis (to pay for wars and the oil price drop) and by failing emerging markets, and China can be absorbed by new buyers. The end of QE4 came just in time.

          As for the early U.S. economy, it was greed harnessed to desperation and ignorance. Most people today understand that instinctively; its just a matter of which side they are on. A hardcore group will always promote the worst of ‘that’s just the way it is’.

          As for who will play the NA Aboriginals, well, everyone and anyone not on side with Anglo-Zionist supremacism. The Aboriginals are still in the role they played before; attempts to take the resources on the lands left to them remain ongoing. Most North Americans are Indians now; they just don’t realize it, although the Bundy boys in Oregon may have a clue. (They’re on Indian land).

          Eurasia and Africa are ‘Injun territory now. A number of suspicious flus and plagues have appeared, from swine flu, avian flu to ebola. Plague defeated the Aboriginals.

          Fortunately, modern medical science easily keeps these new illness from becoming global epidemics. Modern/post-modern conditions make replication of old patterns difficult, but not impossible. Not that they can’t keep trying, particularly in Africa.


          The Age of Discovery was a one-off; the Anglo-zionists will likely never experience the kind of technological and biological advantages they had during the first era of global imperial conquests. Says a lot for the elite brain trusts in America/NATO, that for some recreating some form of the past seems to be their plan for survival against MacKinderist inevitability.

          This century will be the Eurasian century. The banksters know it. The West-East conflict need not be inevitable, but international financiers would prefer to milk such a conflict, so it may be.

  • Dow Jones

    USSA fights peasant armies, people in pajamas and sandals. That’s it. The last real army USSA “fought” was NAZI Germany which it also financed. The Russians won that war despite what anglozionazi minions “learned” in skool and from Hollyweird chosen racer “history”. USSA will never ever dare to start a nuclear war against Russia and even less so against China which essentially owns USSA. EVER! Meanwhile get ready for the real war USSA’S very own civil war reloaded as soon as the Saudi Mercan IOU petroscrip toilet paper dollah is flushed from the USSA Ponzi “economy”.

    • tom

      “USSA fights peasant armies, people in pajamas and sandals”.

      And it loses to them.

      “The last real army USSA “fought” was NAZI Germany which it also financed”.

      Or rather, it fought the remnants of that army – the collection of survivors, convalescents, children and grandfathers who were left after the USSR’s immense bludgeoning campaigns of 1942-4. Operation Bagration alone wiped out far more German units, soldiers and equipment than the USA did in the whole war. (Largely, of course, because the USA did not dare enter the war until it was decided).

  • The Professor

    January 5, 2016 Psychopaths rule, but here’s something you can do to oppose them

    “I seem to have lost my way” said Alice. “What do you mean, ‘your way?’ asked the Red Queen. “‘Round here all ways belong to me.” — Lewis Carroll, “Through the Looking Glass” In the famous myth, Emperor Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Although this didn’t, in fact, happen, Nero was documented to have been a tyrant who was insensitive to the needs of the common people, and it wouldn’t have been out of character.

    • Brockland A.T.

      Its not that bad yet. The hubris is not to the point where the facade of Republic is dispensed with and the leading families are so few that an emperor can be crowned.

      The solution to 1984 is the Revolution of 1800! This time, make it stick.

      Proportional Representation – An idea whose time has come! Get the government you want, today!

      Its not an accident that the Anglosphere that misrules today is led by nations that for the most part have majority rule electoral systems.

      • The Professor

        Fix? That is delusional. We are way past the point of no return!

        December 28, 2015 America’s wealth gap reaches new record; societal tensions rise as economic collapse looms

        The report, based on data from the Federal Reserve, indicates that the median wealth for high-income families is now nearly seven times that of middle-class households. Median wealth, determined by subtracting debts from assets, was found to be unchanged over the past three years for middle-income families, standing at $96,500 after adjusting for inflation.

        October 14th, 2015 1% now wealthier than 99% combined; 40% of US children in poverty; 30,000 children poverty-murdered daily. Arrests of .01% are when now?

        Credit Suisse documents in Global Wealth Report 2015 that the world’s wealthiest 1% now own more assets than Earth’s 99% combined.

        • Brockland A.T.

          You may be correct; we are past the tipping point. However, its the democracy gap that proved most fatal to American society.

          The economic gap used to be solvable through perseverance and honest hard work; that’s the economy most people vote for; a fair shot and fair deal. Even socialists understand that welfare is supposed to be temporary, not a return to bread and circuses and submission to the rentier class. Sort of.

          However, if and when the system collapses, who will seize the dawn of a new era? Are we going to wait for Russian or Chinese deliverance? Are we going to wait for the neocons to come around? Hell, those banksters will be in charge of Russia and China through backdoors after the West is sucked dry.

          The Founding Fathers built on as accurate an understanding of the past as they could. Considering their limitations, they did transcend them admirably, if tragically.

          Life will go on. We and those who follow can repeat the mistakes of the past, or we can learn about how to build something better for when the time comes.

          A population knowlegable and practiced at genuine good governance themselves will stand a better chance of prevailing against tyranny.

          Its not enough to know the crimes of the globalist neocons; we must be informed of real solutions that will cut that ever-growing Gordian Knot for good.

          • The Professor

            Now that is what I was expecting in a realist form of an answer. As a founder and author of the Bill of Rights James Madison once said, “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” James Madison

          • Brockland A.T.

            Good thing it was Madison opposing Jefferson in the Revolution of 1800. Any lesser man, and history might be very different.

          • The Professor

            Do you still believe in two party mythology?

          • Brockland A.T.

            It not completely myth. There are genuine divisions in any ruling elite over how to treat their presumed subjects and each other, however united they are in elitism.

            Ganging together into two parties is a natural byproduct of majority-rules electoral gamesmanship, and while there’s room for two lines at the porkbarrel of state, only one can feed at a time.

            Hence proportional representation. Anyone following the Greek Euro fiasco, knows there are limits to even pro rep democracy, but American society tilts more towards Nordic example than Mediterranean.

            Proportional Representation – An idea whose time has come! Get the government you want, today!


          • The Professor

            Click onto my avatar and view the video inside of it for a reality check. Then research what the total unfunded liabilities of Empire America, and the trillions lost annually. Then let’s have a ‘REAL’ conversation on this topic!

          • Brockland A.T.

            If you mean this video:

            DNC slams Delegates With Scripted Platform Vote just like RNC.


            Its an example of regulatory capture. The main political parties don’t even represent many of their own members anymore. Nor could they; both are too large and too diverse, and not themselves rigorously democratically governed. There’s little to discuss.

            There isn’t any conflict with my position; you may be confusing process with product. Both Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum parties agree on the process of acquiring power – disenfranchising ‘We, The People’. Their specific products, policies, may vary. For example, both Dems and Reps support the corporate health insurance industry, but are divided on Obamacare, which was largely written by the insurance industry for the insurance industry. For people who had no insurance before, its a huge improvement to be fleeced with gilded shears.


            As for political parties, James Madison wrote in Federalist Paper No. 10 (1787) about the dangers of factionalism, which we might today recognize as the two-party system.

            It wasn’t until 1861, some seventy four year later, that English philosopher John Stuart Mill wrote ‘Considerations on Representative Government’, introducing the idea of proportional representative government to a popular audience.

            That is, the solution to the problem identified by Madison was not arrived at till some time after the United States adopted a winner-take-all, majority rule, first-past-the-post electoral system that allowed an American variation of the British Tory-Whig party system to develop. (Britain also votes first-past-the-post).

            Most of today’s post-Mill democracies are pro-rep, often with three or more viable political parties more beholden to popular will and Constitutional law than those of any majority rule electoral system could hope to be.


          • The Professor

            This mentions what you cannot see or view. Corporatocracy: How the Corporate Welfare State Divides and Conquers

            A small, readily-identifiable ruling oligarchy that no serious political observer denies the existence of is able to keep the public from attacking it by dividing them along ideological grounds so that the public spends all their time arguing over definitions and splitting doctrinal hairs instead of attacking the commonly acknowledged enemy. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect system of control.


          • Brockland A.T.

            Again, legal-philosophical-historical ammo is nice to have, but useless without a weapon to fire it. That weapon being, a ballot with meaning.

            Proportional Representation is the only way to implement solutions against the ‘corporatocracy’ or clean up in the aftermath of the demise of the Deep State.

          • The Professor

            You are not an actual participant by going to rallies and through the primary processes I now know for a fact.

            Truth in Media “End Partisanship”

            Ben Swann explains how the new coalition of EndPartisanship org is working to break the 2 party hold on primary elections, which currently lock around 50% of voters out of the process. Plus, Ben details a lawsuit that has now been filed in the state of New Jersey to break that hold.


            “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

          • The Professor

            July 7, 2011 The Founding Fathers Tried to Warn Us About the Threat From a Two-Party System

            Polls show that a majority of Americans say that both the Republicans and Democrats are doing such a poor job representing the people that a new, third party is needed.


          • Brockland A.T.

            The Dems vs Reps competition is real enough; there’s only room for one pig at the trough.

            To say is a charade is an oversimplification. In any western democracy, the position from the grassroots, the massed individual voters, not the political animals actively working the system, matters more than is given credit.

            There are definite single-issue domestic positions that decide the vote for those who still bother. For example, the Democrats are pro-abortion, and protecting this is a defining issue for many male as well as female voters. Similarly, the Republicans are firmly pro-gun, a defining issue for many female, as well as male, voters. Against this background is the perception of the overall payoff to the voter; things like ‘the economy’ and security.

            The warning of the Founding Fathers wasn’t coherent enough to define proportional representation and apply it when it would have done the most good. They simply didn’t have enough understanding of democratic theory. Warning against a problem but not clearly defining it enough for solution isn’t a demonstration of deep understanding.

            The Constitution protects freedom of association as a necessary interpretation of the First Amendment. Political parties will form naturally, regardless of the ideal of free individualism.


            Proportional representation presents better guarantees that The People are fairly represented rather than a minority rule of ‘winner takes all’. It allows for political parties, but also for individual representatives.


            Winner-takes-all elections are perfect for elite rule and regulatory capture at the expense of real democracy and rational public policy.

            For example, assuming 35% of adult Americans vote, with maybe half the 20% intermittent, (from a 2006 study on U.S. midterms) and the vote is split between Dems and Reps, means that government is determined only by 27-28% of the population.

            Not only is that a small brain pool from which to derive policy, its a pool of people perhaps inclined to be cynical gamers not really expecting or wanting anything better than getting or protecting their narrow piece of the pie. Which considering the decline of the middle class, they aren’t doing very well.


          • The Professor

            “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

          • The Professor

            Oct 2, 2015 VIDEO: How Partisan Primary Elections Violate Your Right to Vote

            Whether you support political parties or not, one thing we should all agree on is that the public election process should serve voters.


          • Brockland A.T.

            Interestingly enough, the Russians have been tweaking their pro-rep electoral system, from a 7% threshold favouring political parties back to a 5% threshold allowing more independents.

            This is probably how Putin maintains such a high popularity rating; the Russian elite has a more genuine marketplace of relevant political ideas from which to draw from.


          • The Professor

            “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

          • Brockland A.T.

            Proportional Representation – a more genuine democracy, would certainly be a change of thinking for Americans.


  • basho

    Sorry your arguments are a bit on the thin side in this piece.
    Don’t you think that if they could have beat RU they would have by now?

    Propaganda may have convinced “billions of suckers” that white is black but none of the suckers are volunteering to take RU out are they? They are more interested in their new electronic distractions from Walmart. Look at composition of the NATO forces. They are a ragtag bunch if there ever was one. DE can’t even field more than 60 of their 30 year old warplanes. They don’t fly. Their vaunted Tiger tank is a pile of scrap in today’s world. GB has 4 planes in Syria. FR is doing what? PL is complaining as usual and the new gov’t is splintering the people. Do you think that is a winning strategy? The EU is falling apart as we speak. The worm is turning, power is shifting and the western elites are running scared. How many times have you heard that traitor G. Soros lately selling his views as of late. Even Rothschild the king-pin sleazebag has been trumpeting lately. If CNN was doing so well with propaganda the u.s. state dept. wouldn’t be asking for funds to sell the u.s. story. Have you ever listened to the state dept. briefings? These people are mentally challenged. They don’t even fool their own media anymore. The u.s. is very close to its own revolution e.g. Oregon, Ferguson and the noise out of TX . The waters are being tested now. Of course it is not a bed of roses. But who ever said it would be. We have been barbarians for 1000’s of years. Why stop now? And if it is war, do you think there will a winner this time? I think not. Those days are over.

    • Brockland A.T.

      What’s thin about the argument, precisely? Our traitorous aristocrats can’t beat Russia, and that’s their problem. Although they’ll make it ours and Russia’s as best they can.

      Its sabre rattling for show, financial sanctions and regime change games for dough. No one really expects a hot war between leading powers except a few of the peasant class and most deranged neocons among them and leading them.

      That’s not to say it can’t happen by accident, but Conventional Prompt Global Strike is just a dream, and wouldn’t get far unless nuclear augmented, and if then, well, nothing really matters when the species is effectively extinct.

      One of few the things keeping the peace in Europe is the complete inadequacy of EU armies to back American belligerence. But our aristocracy is still stuck on the idea that they’ll do whatever it takes to financialize Russia.

      • basho

        how many non-aggressive wars are you familiar with?
        do you think that the chaos in the mid-east is directed solely at RU?
        do you think that NATO expansion on its borders is solely to terrorize RU?
        do you really think it is only the American aristocracy?
        that’s what i mean by thin.

        BTW your post reads about the same as mine does.

  • Tony Tran

    All Wars is meaningless. We are Vietnamese underwent 2 detective wars therefore i understand how important Peace is?