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RUSH: Uhhhh, I'm just not feeling this, folks. In the first place, people are not dying on the street. Where does that come from? That's the second time that I've heard Mr. Trump say this...  Mr. Trump is out there saying that we have to support and he likes the Obamacare mandate. Folks, you can't... I'm just going to tell you something. You can't talk about repealing Obamacare and like the mandate! The mandate is everything in Obamacare.

RUSH: They were having an orgasm! They couldn't contain themselves with joy because James Clyburn had endorsed Hillary. They spent 30 minutes on that. That was the biggest news of the day, as though an endorsement from James Clyburn is all you need, that's it; Hillary wins. "Bernie, you can go home."  I'm telling you what, the way they reacted to this on CNN the endless parade of guests, they're worried, folks. They're really worried! Even though Hillary has the game rigged with the super delegates, they're scared to death that this old codger Bernie might run away with this.

RUSH: Do you like the fact that the government can't crack your phone? Do you want the government to be able to crack your phone? If you do, then hate Apple for what they're doing here. If you like the fact that the government can't crack your phone, which they're tantamount admitting here, then you need to support Apple. They're the ones trying to keep people out of your phone. It's no more complicated than that, folks.

RUSH: Now, if Trump is walking it back, there goes my theory. Why walk it back if you're trying to attract Democrat crossover votes tomorrow in the South Carolina primary? Maybe you think you've already done it and you've succeeded. You got your message out. You can make a show and play at walking it back here to maintain your Republican vote. I still could be right about this, is the bottom line. 

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