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high-performance, thermal conductive silicon pad

LG high-performance, thermal silicon pad

  The LG series high performance, thermal conductivepad designed with extremely high thermalconductivity and fitting performance, which is fromthe boron nitride powder of the raw materialcompound, its thermal conductivity in thethermally conductive gap filling materials is unparalleled.  


Features & benefits

 High compressibility, soft and flexible, designed for applications in low-stress application environment
 Nice thermal conductivity
 Electrical insulation
 Meet with the environmental requirements of ROHS and UL
 Natural stickiness

Typical applications

 Communication hardware equipment
 High-speed hard disk drive equipment
 Automobile engine control mould
 Micro processor, memory chip and graphics processor
 Mobile equipment

Physical properties

Configurations available: 200mm*400mm, 300mm*400mm; Customized size available



LC thermal conductive silicon pad

  LC thermal conductive silicon pad is high-performance, thermal conductivegap filling materials, mainly for thetransmission interface between the electronicequipment and heat sink or product outer coving. Nice stickiness,flexibility, goodcompression performance and excellent heat conductivity are designed for LCseries , which make the products can discharge gas from the electronic originaland heat sink, to achieve fully conforming and obviously cooling effect. comparedto common thermal conductive & insulating materials, LC series has certainstickiness which bring great convenience in the product installation processing,not easy to fall off and easy to operate.


Features & benefits:

High reliability & High thermal conductivity
High compressibility, soft and flexible
Natural stickiness, no extra surface frontal adhesives
 Meet with the environmental requirements of ROHS and UL

Typical applications:

ommunication equipment
Mobile equipment
LED Light
Video equipment
Networking equipment
Back light model
Household appliances
Medical equipment
PC server/workstations

Physical properties

Configurations available: 200mm*400mm, 300mm*300mm, 300mm*50m customized size available

Fiberglass reinforced thermal acrylic tape

  LCT series is a kind of thermal acrylic tape applied in the bondbetween heat sink and other power consumption semiconductor,the adhesive is in the nature of strong bonding strength and lowthermal resistance, which can replace thermal silicon grease andmechanical fixation effectively 


Features & benefits

High acrylic adhesive tape for pressure sensitive of various surfaces
 High-performance, thermal conductive acrylic tape

Typical applications

Make the heat sink fixed to the encapsulated chip
Make the radiator fixed to the power supply circuit board or the vehicle control circuit board
Efficient thermal conductive acrylic adhesive tape
LED light bar with metal frame assembly
Replace the fixed mode of hot melt adhesive, screw and buckle

Physical properties

Configurations available: standard roll form of 1030mm*50M, customized sheet, die-cut form

The LGS graphite thermal pad

   he LGS thermal graphite sheet is a kind of totally new thermal & radiating material, heat conducting evenly along vertical & horizontal direction, shielding with heat and component while improving the performance of the consume electronic products.


Key property

Ultra-high thermal conductive performance / easy to operate
Low thermal resistance
Light weight


IC ; CPU; MOS; LED; Heat sink; LCD-TV; Laptop; Communication equipment;
Wireless switch; DVD; Hand-held device; Camera/digital camera; Mobile phone

Physical properties

Configurations available: standard roll form of 1000mm*100M, customized sheet, die-cut form

LT series thermal conductive ceramics

    LT thermal conductive ceramic has a high thermal conductivity:24w/m.k, it is of simple construction and small volume, but itcan resist acid and alkali corrosio, work in high temperature and pressure and of stable performance for a long time.0.635mm, 0.8mm,1.0mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm can beoffered for TO-220, TO-247, TO-264, TO-3P sizes, customizedsize is available, ROHS is compliant. 


Typical applications

IC, MOS, transistor, schottky, IGBT, high density switchpower supply, HF communications equipment and brazing machine.

Physical properties