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    McConnell says he wouldn't meet with a SCOTUS nominee: I don't know the purpose of such a visit. I would not be inclined to take one

  2. Bernie: "We need criminal justice reform!" Guy in crowd yells: "Jail Hillary!" *CROWD LAUGHS *Bernie looks down at the stage

  3. Bernie: "Studies show marijuana use about the same among white & black ppl." *BIG CHEERS* "Not sure that's something to cheer about but OK"

  4. Look at this sticker:

  5. Bernie to this enthusiastic stadium crowd: "You're getting me revved up here. I'm breaking a sweat. I could go all afternoon."

  6. Guy at Bernie rally w/ "DIE TERRORIST SCUM" shirt not aware that Climate Change is our biggest Natnl Security threat

  7. From : The most searched question about Kasich in Nevada: "What is John Kasich?"

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  9. Bernie Bros, alive and well

  10. Capitalism alive and well at this rally: Chicken fingers: $9.00 Diet Coke: $5.00

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  12. Homemade headwear featuring 🔥 emoji

  13. "It took me 7 hours to draw this for . I hope I can give it to him today." - Bernie Rally, Norfolk

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    My final remembrance of Jeb Bush — a flawed candidate, but always deeply, impossibly human:

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    Damn. He left the Twitter platform with style, but it sucks he's gone.

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    Hey one of your biggest users quit today. Are shareholders okay with why?

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    This is a hit to Twitter. Without question. Adam had 250,000 followers and was active.

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