BREAKING NEWS: Terror in Turkey as two armed women are shot dead in police siege after opening fire in the street and barricading themselves inside government building in Istanbul

Terror in Turkey as two armed women are shot dead in police siege after opening fire in

Dramatic footage (left and centre) shows two women opening fire with what appeared to be a machine gun and throwing grenades at a police bus in the Bayrampasa district of Istanbul. Police returned fire, injuring one of the women, before tracking them to a nearby government building where they had barricaded themselves in. Residents were evacuated from the area as officers (top right) launched an assault on the building, shooting the pair dead after the women ignored calls for them to surrender. Meanwhile, distraught parents (bottom right) made frantic attempts to contact their children after their school was cordoned off during the police operation.

France warns it will move the 'Jungle' from Calais to Kent after a Brexit vote - but Out campaigners dismiss the claim as 'propaganda'  

France says it WOULD move the 'Jungle' camp from Calais to Kent after a Brexit vote but

In an incendiary intervention, French economy minister Emmanuel Macron, pictured bottom left, claimed Brexit would provoke France into tearing up the bilateral deal that sees thousands of migrants heading to Britain halted at camps in Calais, main image, before they cross the Channel. But the claim was immediately dismissed as 'propaganda' and 'ludicrous' scaremongering by Out campaigners, inset. They claimed the row was being orchestrated as Prime Minister David Cameron, bottom right, travelled to France to meet Francois Hollande today.

Revealed: How Bernie Ecclestone has staked a claim on daughter Petra's £66million pad

Petra Ecclestone and Bernie Ecclestone Form - launch party held at Matches. London, England - 07.09.09 Mandatory Credit: Daniel Deme /

Bernie Ecclestone has taken out a charge on daughter Petra and her husband James Stunt's £66 million home in Chelsea, London, to make sure he will receive the proceeds should it be sold.

'I'm unable to attend because... it's another f****** destination wedding!' Couple send invitations to their overseas nuptials with hilarious RSVP options for guests

A couple from Melbourne have sent out what may be the most hilarious RSVP card you've ever seen, giving guests the option to not attend because they are a 'wanted fugitive'.

German sailor whose mummified body was found on his boat off the Philippines died from a heart attack just ONE WEEK earlier, shock autopsy reveals 

German national found dead inside a drifting yacht in the southern Philippines
Manfred Fritz Bajorat

Manfred Fritz Bajorat, 59, who was found dead on his yacht off the coast of the southern Philippines last Friday, died from a heart attack just one week before he was found, an autopsy has revealed.

Nanny who decapitated a four-year-old girl then paraded her head through the streets claims she did it to avenge Muslims killed by Putin's air strikes in Syria

In video footage posted online, Gulchekhra Bobokulova, 38, told an interviewer she killed the girl in Moscow to take revenge against Putin and 'those who spilled blood'.

Welcome Prince Oscar Carl Olof! Princess Victoria of Sweden and her husband Prince Daniel reveal the name of their second child 

Princess Victoria of Sweden gives birth to a baby boy

The Swedish Royal Court has revealed that Crown Princess Victoria has named her baby boy Prince Oscar Carl Olof, her second child with husband Prince Daniel. The court announced that the baby boy was born at the Karolinska University Hospital in the Swedish capital of Stockholm at 8.28pm local time on Tuesday, confirming that both the 38-year-old princess and her newborn child are doing well.

A royal wave? Watch the amazing moment Princess Victoria of Sweden's baby KICKS in the womb at her last public outing before the birth

The Swedish royal, 38, was making her final public appearance before the birth. Her bump was seen making a visible kicking movement on live TV. Her baby son was delivered on Tuesday.

Mother hits back at store staff who told her to take her autistic daughter outside because she was having a two-hour meltdown on a shopping trip 

Sammi Ovington took to Facebook after strangers spent the day staring at her daughter, Skye, three, pictured, who had become overwhelmed on the trip to Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

Teenage boy who taught himself to code on YouTube earns £30,000 from his tech business to pay for Oxbridge (and he hasn't even done his GCSEs yet)

Mohammed Ali, from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, has earned more than£30,000 since inventing a video game when he was 12. He has saved his money and now charges £600 to make websites.

Is this the most embarrassing selfie EVER? Woman sends 'innocent' snap of herself to her family before realising she left two VERY personal items in the background 

In a series of text message grabs posted to Imgur, an unnamed woman sends a picture message of herself to her family in order to show off a hairstyle, not realizing there were two sex toys in it.

Disgraced Adam Johnson had a 'hardcore porn app' on his phone and sent x-rated pictures of women he'd slept with to his Sunderland team mates 

Adam Johnson was known of his love of porn and had 'hardcore app' on his phone

The ex-Sunderland footballer (pictured, left, carrying out a fitness test and, right, arriving at court yesterday) is facing a lengthy jail term when he is sentenced later month for sexually touching a 15-year-old girl. It emerged today that Johnson (inset after his arrest) was known by teammates for his love of pornography and was often seen watching X-rated videos on his phone. The two and a half week trial into his meetings with the 15-year-old girl have exposed the seedy double lived by the 28-year-old.

Selfish, depraved... he acted as if footballers were above the law: How gifted but flawed star threw away his career - and lost WAG who stood by him 

Johnson partying in Los Angeles with fellow footballers Micah Richards, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Ashley Cole

The story of Adam Johnson's fall from grace is the ultimate football morality tale. A colliery worker's son, he rose from modest beginnings to become a Premiership and England midfielder.

Rise and fall of the £60,000-a-week football star dubbed 'ASBO lad': How serial cheat Adam Johnson was dumped by his ex for paying £12,000 for a date with Katie Price

Adam Johnson rose from boyhood prodigy to an England player earning millions - but his love of partying and hatred of 'boredom' brought about a trial which looks set to end his career

Adam Johnson's schoolgirl victim insists he always knew she was just 15 - and says she feels sorry for his ex-girlfriend Stacey


In a statement read on her behalf outside Bradford Crown Court following the conviction, the girl said: 'He asked me straight away how old I was and I said 15 because I didn't see it as a problem.'

Heartbreak of party-loving ex-air hostess Stacey Flounders who supported Adam Johnson through his child sex trial even though his infidelity destroyed their relationship

Heartbreak of Stacey Flounders who supported Adam Johnson through child sex trial

Hartlepool-born Stacey Flounders revealed during the trial that she and Johnson have split up after he confessed to grooming a 15-year-old girl and having flings with a number of other women. Her family say the 26-year-old has 'a lot to cope with' at the moment, with a young baby to take care of and an ill grandfather. A relative said Stacey (pictured, left, with Johnson shortly after they met and, right, on holiday during their relationship) is just trying to look after her baby and get through what is a difficult time for the whole family.

Emotional moment HOMELESS woman is reunited with her two best friends from childhood after they saw her on TV news report about sleeping rough

Nuneaton HOMELESS woman reunited with childhood friends after they saw her on TV

Lisa Moore first met Amanda Phillips and Ann Marie Preece at nursery school in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, but the trio lost touch when Ms Moore moved away more than a decade ago. Their moving reunion was arranged by homelessness charity Red Bag Company after Ms Phillips and Ms Preece set about trying to track down their friend upon hearing of her plight on TV. Ms Moore, who has been living on the streets of Birmingham for the past three months, is seen embracing her two best childhood friends as the trio are reintroduced (main). Pictured inset, from left to right: Amanda Phillips, Lisa Moore and Ann Marie Preece.

Do YOU know which foods are healthier? Take our quiz to find out if you're making the right choices (or eating hidden nasties)

Nutritionist Mark Killick pits your favourite snacks, meals and drinks against each other and then reveals which one is healthier. Take the test to find out how clued up you are.

Test can reveal if you're at risk of Alzheimer's YEARS before it develops: Key proteins seen in brain scans are an early indicator of the disease

Researchers from the University of California Berkeley used imaging techniques to identify 'clumps' of protein called tau that accumulate in the brains of older people leading to memory loss.

Singletons admit the most toe-curling things they've done to woo their crushes (but not all of them worked)

More than 4,500 people rushed to share their embarrassing tales in just 24 hours after being challenged to share the 'cringiest' thing they'd done to convince someone to go out with them

Get ready for a white EASTER! Cold snap to last nearly a month with up to four inches of snow falling tomorrow

Temperatures struggled to reach 4C (39F) across most of the UK yesterday and there is no sign of any major improvement over the next ten days, with large swathes of the country still on snow alert.

'I do, I did, I'm DONE': Newly unwed men and women celebrate their relationship breakdowns with hilarious (and sometimes frightening) 'divorce cakes'

Men and women are having divorce cakes made to celebrate end of marriage

First it was divorce selfies, now it is divorce cakes. Hundreds of newly unwed men and women around the world are celebrating the end of their marriages with hilarious cake toppers and spiteful iced messages. Social media has been flooded over the past year with cakes topped with furious violent brides and grooms, harsh messages and celebratory quotes - each of them baked especially for divorce parties and dinners. Many chose to have bride and groom cake toppers attacking each other while others chose to ice their cakes with messages like 'unhitched from the witch', 'I do, I did, I'm done', and 'don't worry be're divorced.'

'I thought if I died it would end the mental pain': Heartbreaking message from man, 22, with facial birthmark who has suffered a lifetime of vile abuse and cruel comments

Rory McGuire (pictured), from Ayr, has had 15 operations to remove the malformation on his upper lip and admitted that at one point he felt dying on the operating table would end his mental pain.

Forget Trump... what's the U.S. done to deserve Hillary, asks RICHARD LITTLEJOHN

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: America is on the brink of electing a polarising president with a long history of dishonesty, scandals and shady finances - and no, it's not Donald Trump.

Grieving widow Iman steps out in public for just the second time in the two months since the death of husband David Bowie

Iman steps out two months after husband David Bowie's death

Bowie passed away from a secret battle with cancer on January 10. Iman, who was married to Bowie for 23 years and shares a 15-year-old daughter with him, has made no public comment since his death but continues to share inspiring messages on her Instagram and Twitter pages as she privately mourns. Bowie has been paid tribute at the Academy Awards, Brit Awards and the Grammys since his passing.

Pictured on his wedding day with the bride he met online: The sex-obsessed father-of-three who raped five women and brutally attacked two others after meeting them on

In the middle of his crimes, Jason Lawrance (pictured on his wedding day), 50, a a sex-obsessed father-of-three from Hinckley in Leicestershire, married one of the women he met on

How it pays to be a man: Millionaire gender salary gap grows with 14 times more men than women earning seven-figure salaries

Government figures published this week revealed that 14,000 British male taxpayers earned more than £1million last year, compared to just 1,000 of their female counterparts.

Anders Breivik sues Norway for 'violating his human rights': Mass murderer claims prison isolation - where he has a computer and PlayStation - is 'cruel and inhuman'

television programme: Killing Spree: Terror In Paradise
Anders Behring Breivik.
Without prior permission from the copyright holder this image is only  to be used to promote the above programme on Channel 5
16 Apr 2012, Oslo, Norway --- Anders Behring Breivik clenches his fist as he arrives to courtroom for the first day of his trial in Oslo, April 16, 2012. The terrorism and murder trial against Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik, who has confessed to the bomb and shooting attacks that killed 77 people in Norway in July 2011, began in Oslo on Monday. REUTERS/SCANPIX/Heiko Junge/Pool (NORWAY - Tags: CRIME LAW) THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. IT IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS. --- Image by   SCANPIX/Reuters/Corbis

Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in 2011, is suing Norway, claiming his solitary confinement in Skien prison, south of Oslo, is 'cruel and inhuman treatment.'

What do these women's bodies have in common? They are all Mrs Average - but feel VERY differently about looking in the mirror

These 'Mrs Average' women are all 11st but they feel VERY differently about it

Some have curvy bottoms, others have large breasts, while another is blessed with long, slender legs - yet astonishingly, all of these ladies are 11st, the average weight of a woman in the UK. Here, seven women - from company director Jo Morris (far left), who lost weight after giving up alcohol, to Government worker Vicky Arthur (far right), who says her husband loves her curves - reveal their 11st figures in all their glory and show just how much disparity there can be behind that figure on the weighing scales...

HARRY MOUNT: What (rugby) balls! 'Experts' want a ban on tackles in under-18s rugby. But they're a motley scrum of lefties, gender obsessives and gay campaigners with a worryingly insidious agenda

The open letter calling for a ban on tackling in school rugby smacked of expertise. But scratch the surface of its signatories, and their authority appears rather less impressive, writes HARRY MOUNT.

Why mothers should NEVER teach their children the facts of life, by novelist OLIVIA FANE who blames her mother's openness for her disastrous first marriage  

When she was aged six years old, writer OLIVIA FANE asked her mother where babies came from. The answer - and her mother's openness - is what she blames for her first 'open' marriage.

Foods you should eat every day: Berries, flaxseeds and nuts make up just some of the 'Daily Dozen' you should be having daily

Just some of the 'Daily Dozen' you should be eating every day include cruciferous vegetables such as brussels sprouts (file photo) - but they should be supplemented with exercise.

Why you should avoid orange juice - and eat the peel instead! Drinking OJ may increase skin cancer risk but rinds strengthen DNA

Within two hours of eating citrus, your DNA becomes more resistant to cancerous damage and some of the citrus compounds thought to be responsible are found in peel (file photo)

KATIE HOPKINS: They've finally given us a vote on Europe just in time to see it collapse. So, whoever 'wins', we need to prepare for the chaos that comes after 

KATIE HOPKINS writes they've given us a vote on Europe in time to see it collapse

Can you hear all that babble? Brexit this and Grassroots that. Undecided about staying. Unsure what might happen if we leave. Listening to Dave the Rave (pictured left) justifying why we are safer in and Bojo telling us to get the hell out. I was getting quite caught up in the excitement of it all, watching grown ups shouting IN and OUT at each other like tug of war teams, digging in with their heels to prove whose balls are bigger. Only to fall on your a*** and find there's nothing on the end of the rope. So then I stopped for a moment. And took a look around, writes KATIE HOPKINS.

Cameron REFUSES to release figures that would 'prove the true level' of EU migration to the UK 

Eurosceptics want HMRC to explain why there was such a big gap between the 630,000 EU citizens given national insurance numbers in 2015 and the 257,000 EU migrants who officially entered Britain.

Brexit would boost pay... and that's from the former M&S; boss who wants us to STAY in Europe! 

Businessman Lord Rose launches the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign. 
The new leader of the cross-party Britain Stronger in Europe campaign has claimed that leaving the EU would be a "leap in the dark" and a risk that is not worth taking. Stating that it was "not in our national interest" to retreat from our position of influence in Europe and leave the EU former M&S boss Lord Rose launched the ?in? campaign today by highlighting the financial risks that could come as a result of a British exit and warned "our economy would take a hit".
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Lord Rose, the former boss of Marks & Spencer, told MPs that the wages of low-paid workers would rise if Britain left the EU because ending the free movement would mean less competition for labour.

'Brexit offers a lot of risk with little obvious reward', warns investment giant as UK construction growth grinds to a halt

A Brexit could reduce the size and dominance of Britain's financial services sector, leave sterling 'vulnerable' and risks jeopardising London's commercial property market, Blackrock warns.

Fury at the In camp's latest 'dodgy dossier': Philip Hammond sparks outrage by claiming Out campaigners are secretly content to 'sacrifice' British jobs to regain borders

Cabinet meeting at Downing Street today, 23nd Feb 2016. Philip Hammond.

Philip Hammond triggered fury by claiming that Out campaigners are secretly content to 'sacrifice' British jobs to regain control of our borders and was accused of trying to 'smear' his Cabinet colleagues.

Now desperate migrants use their BABIES as emotional blackmail to get into Europe by brandishing tiny infants towards razor wire

Desperate migrants use BABIES as emotional blackmail to get into Europe

Desperate parents are resorting to holding their babies up to the razor wire in a gut-wrenching plea to Macedonian border guards to let them through and continue their journey into Europe (top left). Frustrated, freezing and exhausted, the thousands of families from Iraq and Syria have left their war-torn country to risk the icy waters of the Aegean sea and are now forced to appeal to the hearts of the guards at the Idomeni camp on the Greek-Macedonian border. The 2,500 children at the makeshift camp, are left to play in unsanitary conditions as aid agencies are overwhelmed (right).

EU chief appeals to migrants fleeing war torn Syria: 'Don't come to Europe, don't believe the smugglers' 

European Council President Donald Tusk arrives at a European People's Party (EPP) meeting ahead of a European Union heads of state summit in Brussels, Belgium, February 18, 2016. 

REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, appealed directly to those thinking about trying to cross to Europe that they should stay away.

Migrants in Greece to be handed cash in envelopes to 'maintain their dignity' under £550million EU disaster fund 

The aid plan from Brussels officials is the first of its kind to provide humanitarian relief inside the continent and will be used to provide blankets, medicines and food to migrants in Greece.

Busted! Carer is caught stealing cash from disabled pensioner after suspicious family hid a secret camera inside an air freshener

Heysham carer is caught stealing money from a disabled pensioner

Carer Mary Riordan (pictured), from Heysham, Lancashire, pocketed a total of £960 from disabled pensioner Pauline Guthrie, 75, at her sheltered accommodation in just two months. Shocking footage shows Riordan, from Heysham, Lancashire, taking cash out of the pensioner's drawer and counting the money while the 75-year-old was in the bath. Riordan pleaded guilty and was handed a 26-week jail term suspended for two years and she was ordered to pay £80 costs and £740 compensation.

Loosening the reins: The Pony Club rebrands for the first time in 87 years in a bid to shake off its twee and tweed image

Meeting for its annual conference at Aintree Racecourse in Merseyside, the club said its first move is brushing up the club logo.

Real-life 'Christian Grey' carves his initial into the thigh of submissive lover after convincing her to throw acid over her ex-boyfriends to 'purify' her

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - Shocking footage showing a real-life 'Christian Grey' from Milan carving his initial into his submissive lover's inner thigh with a scalpel have been found on his phone.

North Korea fires short-range missiles towards Japan after the UN votes for harsher sanctions against the rogue state

The missiles were launched hours after the UN approved its toughest sanctions in 20 years, severely restricting exports worth more than $1billion (£710million) a year to North Korea.

'Pass the smelling salts!' James Norton's shirtless scene leaves Twitter swooning as Grantchester returns to our TV screens - with one fan saying her TV is 'exploding'

Twitter swoons over James Norton's shirtless scene in Grantchester

James Norton, 30 sent Twitter into meltdown with his topless scene in the first few minutes of the new series of Grantchester, in which he plays a crime-fighting vicar, which aired on ITV last night. Fans said the sight of the War and Peace hunk in his swimming trunk was the perfect way to kick off the series, with some admitting they had only tuned in for a chance to glimpse the actor half naked.

Is YOUR phone being monitored? Files suggest Apple's iOS 9.3 software will warn iPhone owners if they're being spied upon

The Cupertino-based company seems to be boosting security awareness in its next operating system update by warning people if their phone is being spied upon (screenshot shown).

Was YOUR morning coffee harvested by slaves? Nestlé and Jacobs Douwe Egberts admit their beans may have been grown using forced labour on Brazilian plantations

A worker harvests coffee beans at a plantation in the Minas Gerais state near Guaxupe, Brazil, on Saturday, July 11, 2015. Brazil's coffee exports fell to 2.6 million bags in June, a 12 percent drop from a year ago, according to a report last week by countrys coffee export council, known as Cecafe. Photographer: Patricia Monteiro/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The admissions came after an investigation by media and research centre Danwatch found that slave-like conditions were still widespread across Brazil's coffee-producing industry.

How much would YOU pay for a caffeine fix on holiday? The price of a Starbucks latte in 30 countries revealed (and you'll need deep pockets if you're off to Zurich)

If you are in Zurich, Switzerland, be prepared to fork out top whack as the milky beverages cost a whopping $6.69 (£4.76) compared to just $1.49 (£1.06) in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Is this REALLY the most comfortable way to sleep on a plane? New travel pillow where you bury your face in the cushion

Woollip travel pillow that promises comfortable in-flight sleep

The Woollip pillow, invented by a father-daughter duo from Paris, is inspired by portable massage chairs. It leans on a seat-back tray, supporting a passenger's head and upper body. The pillow is inspired by the portable massage chairs that can be found in airports and shopping malls around the world.

Is the way you sleep giving you wrinkles? How your in-bed position could be aging you...and how to avoid waking up to fine lines  

Experts say that the position you sleep in can cause under-eye swelling and puffiness. The one position to sleep in, in order to avoid this is flat on your back.

Could SNAKE VENOM help prevent dementia? Toxic substance 'breaks down the proteins that cause Alzheimer's disease'

Scientists from Monash University in Melboune discovered a molecule in the venom of a pit viper that activates enzymes in the brain that help break down amyloid plaques - a hallmark of Alzheimer's.

A team of REFUGEES will compete at the Rio 2016 after Olympics bosses invited stateless athletes to join forces and compete under their Games' flag 

So far 43 athletes, who are also refugees, have been identified as possibly being eligible for the Games which get underway in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, later this year (file photo).

Animal cruelty... or the ultimate sacrifice by man's best friend? Shocking moment a dog is THROWN to a polar bear 'to distract the animal from attacking a woman' in Russia 

Animal cruelty... or the ultimate sacrifice by man's best friend? Shocking moment a dog is

The footage recorded at a coastal facility in the Russian Arctic shows a man hurl the dog towards the polar bear before the animal uses its claws to attack the yelping and helpless pet. However, it has since emerged that the man, throwin the dog towards the predator, was seeking to deflect the bear from attacking a stranded woman. But there are now calls for an investigation by animal rights groups and for the man to be severely punished.

Sam Smith quits Twitter after his acceptance speech at the Oscars sparked outrage

On Tuesday, the British crooner posted on his account: 'I'm logging off for a while. Some Martinis shaken not stirred are definitely in order.'

YouTube sensation 'blue drug fairy,' 25, found dead in apparent overdose while eight months pregnant

'Blue drug fairy' found dead at Staten Island home in apparent overdose

Sharissa Turk, 25, who became a viral sensation after starring in 'My World Is Blue' rap video and then getting arrested on drug charges, was found dead in her Staten Island home on Tuesday.

Eight months pregnant model shows off her incredible set of abs - and shares amazing comparison picture bump to bump with her friend who is only FOUR WEEKS ahead 'to prove all women carry babies differently'

Chontel Duncan shows off her incredible set of abs at 36 weeks pregnant

Fitness model Chontel Duncan, from the Gold Coast, Queensland, has shown off her incredible set of abs (left) just 28 days out from giving birth. The fitness enthusiast and passionate health guru has shared pregnancy updates with her 194,000 followers since day one and revealed that she has gained just 10.4 kilograms since falling pregnant. At 21.5 weeks, Mrs Duncan shared a photo (right) of herself and a friend to prove that all women carry babies differently and said their difference 'doesn't mean one is doing something wrong or not healthy.' Mrs Duncan has also openly revealed how she plans to induce labour, including 'sex daily' and 'stimulating her nipples'.

How PROSECCO can ruin your teeth: Think your favourite fizz is a healthy option? Sorry, but your dentist won't agree 

Georgette Culley - Feature on Georgette Culley  'Drinking Prosecco Has Ruined My Teeth'

Georgette Culley needed dental treatment after fizz rotted her teeth The 29-year-old hadn't had a single filling prior to the treatment. She notice her teeth were sensitive and had a dent in them

Moderate drinking PROTECTS your heart: Up to 6 alcoholic drinks a week 'helps prevent heart attack and stroke'

Within 24 hours of enjoying one drink, those who drink moderately, are protected from heart attack and stroke, as blood flow improves, blood vessels perform better and risk of clotting is reduced.

Mum's the word: Find the perfect present with our glorious Mother's Day gift guide 

You can't put a price on love - but everyone like a gift. If you haven't found a present for Mother's Day yet, find some inspiration in FEMAIL's gift guide. Whatever your mum's into, she'll love something here.

Act like adults! Madonna demands Guy Ritchie is ARRESTED for contempt of court for letting Rocco stay in London - but New York judge tells the parents to sort it out themselves

Madonna accuses Guy Ritchie of teaching their son to 'thumb his nose' at the law

Lawyers for Madonna accused Guy Ritchie of teaching their son to disrespect the law as they clashed at a custody hearing in New York. The divorced couple attended by telephone. Film director Ritchie was earlier spotted looking subdued as he strolled through London (left) with a male friend. The two are at odds over custody of their son Rocco, 15 (top right and bottom right with Madonna). Guy and his superstar singer ex have been embroiled in a bitter legal battle over their teenager for the past few months, with Rocco currently living in London with Guy, much to Madonna's dismay.

Only place we get some peace... the bathroom: Nearly 3.7million Britons now use the room to 'find solitude' from busy parts of the home

Lifestyle guru Oliver Heath said the bathroom is one of the few places we can be at home with our thoughts in a world in which we are 'always on' thanks to smartphones, tablets and other gadgets

Go vegan to keep prostate cancer at bay: Men who avoid all animal products found to be a third less likely to develop the disease 

Researchers from California who tracked the health of more than 26,000 men aged over 30-for five years found avoiding all animal-related foods cut the odds of prostate cancer by 35 per cent.

Swiss nudist couple who never closed the door when they had sex are charged with 'compromising the sexual integrity' of their daughters

The elder sibling, now 23, moved out of the house in Switzerland when she was 11 but claims to 'still remember the looks on their faces' as her mother and stepfather openly had sex with one another.

Family left homeless when their hoverboard exploded launch legal action over the device that nearly killed their three children after setting fire to their house 

The incident happened at the Chiems' £97,000 house in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in January of this year, after the family had bought the £280 toy from a wholesalers as a Christmas present.

Shocking moment a pensioner is attacked on his doorstep by thugs who used a 'parcel delivery woman' as a decoy to bring him to the front door 

Upton Park man is attacked on his doorstep by thugs who used 'delivery driver' as decoy

The 69-year-old victim was robbed in his own home after being bundled through his own doorway by a heavy-set man of Asian origin. His doorbell was rung by a woman dressed as a delivery driver (top left), who he conversed with after opening up. As he did so, however, a male walks through his gate (top right) towards his house. When the elderly victim lays eyes on him, the man stretches out an arm and pushes him backwards into his property (bottom left). He is then joined by an accomplice, who storms into the terraced home in Upton Park, east London, and closes the door behind him, as the female waits outside (bottom right). The gang left the man with cuts and bruises and made off with cash and jewellery.

ISIS are 'spreading like cancer' and hiding terrorists in the daily stream of refugees arriving in Europe, warns US General

US Air Force General Philip Breedlove said the arrival of thousands of migrants in to Europe is 'masking the movement' of violent extremists, criminals and foreign fighters.

How ISIS is earning £14 MILLION a month playing the stock markets: Terrorists are running sophisticated currency exchange scam using looted cash

The terror group seized hundreds of millions of dollars when it ransacked Mosul banks in June 2014, giving it the means to re-inject the cash back into unsuspecting foreign markets.



Is this the only photograph of Vincent Van Gogh as an adult ? Art historian claims to have uncovered an image of the camera-shy Dutch master 

Is this the only photograph of an adult Vincent Van Gogh? Art historian claims to have

Antonio De Robertis, a leading authority on the artist, claims to have identified the Dutch painter among a group of 34 men who posed for the image at the Académie Julian in Paris in 1888. Until now, the only images the world had of him were those drawn by the artist himself because he was famously camera shy. Other photographs had only been taken of him when he the Impressionist painter a teenager. But Antonio De Robertis, a leading authority on the artist, believes one of the men in the Paris photograph 'is, in all probability, Vincent Van Gogh' after comparing the image with his self-portraits.

Protecting soldiers from risks during training is leaving them 'afraid' of their weapons and unprepared for war a senior officer has warned

General Sir Richard Barrons (pictured) says misreading on of health and safety laws in the middle and lower ranks means soldiers don't get enough training with live ammunition.

Now you need never look away from your phone: 'Urban Periscope' case lets you text, walk and see what's coming your way

Urban Periscope was created by the person who made NoPhone. This new device slides over your phone case and has a lens on top that redirects your vision 90 degrees while you walk.

How three in four office workers only ever leave their desks to go and make the tea... or visit the toilet 

The survey of 2,000 office workers by US company Plantronics revealed seven in ten workers felt spending all day at their desk was having a detrimental effect on their health.

Now Scots may retire TWO YEARS before English.... because they have worse health

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said Scotland's lower life expectancy and health variations will be considered as part of the Government's review of the state pension age.

Climate change 'will kill half a million people' by 2050: Global warming will ruin crops leading to disease and malnutrition

Dr Springmann from Oxford University claimed climate change could cut food availability by 2050, leading to around 3.2 per cent less food being available for the average person.

'Nothing's happening. There's no heart beat': Parents accused of stamping their toddler daughter to death weep as jury hears harrowing 999 call 

Kathryn Smith, 23, and partner Matthew Rigby, 22, (pictured together outside Birmingham Crown Court) are accused of murdering their 21-month-old daughter Ayeeshia Jane Smith in May 2014.

Spies in the sky: The top secret military technology found in covert planes that could be watching you at this very moment

Spy planes (SR71 Blackbird pictured) have become the most feared aircraft. Experts from Bournemouth-based How It Works magazine reveal the technology that goes into them.

Designer heels for a steal: High St copies of luxury label shoes have never been more convincing - and they're even comfortable too!  

The new breed of cloned catwalk designs are not only affordable but they also take designer detailing to an impressive level and they are very well-made and comfortable.

Do you know what a teaspoon of sugar is? Industry boss says content should be labelled in a different way as families don't know what one is 

Tim Rycroft has stunned UK health campaigners by rejecting calls to label sugar content in terms of teaspoons as the food industry boss suggested families don't understand what a teaspoon is.

How Blair made the NHS a black hole that wasted BILLIONS: Former PM tried to transform the health service by throwing money at it - with disastrous results 

Tony Blair and Cherie Blair during the 1997 election campaign at the Childrens Hospital in Derby. They are with 8 month old Lauren Smith.

Today, in the fifth part of our exclusive series, Tom Bower reveals how the Labour PM tried to transform the National Health Service by throwing cash at it - with disastrous results.

STEPHEN GLOVER: Tony Blair's deranged, messianic egotism laid bare the dangerous flaws in our democracy

Tom Bower's excoriating book about Tony Blair (pictured in 2001) shows how to all intents and purposes the former prime minister behaved like a dictator, writes STEPHEN GLOVER

Bizarre shark with humped back and black, dinner plate-sized eyes washes up on New Zealand beach, terrifying tourists

Tourist finds thresher shark washed up on a New Zealand beach 

A tourist has had the shock of his life after finding a terrifying deep sea creature with bulging eyes washed up on a New Zealand beach. Martin Stehlik, from the Czech Republic, was strolling down Ruakaka Beach with his uncle George Plesky when he found the enormous bigeye thresher shark and quickly used the opportunity to snap rare photos of him holding the creature's unusually long tail. 'It was just so strange and we'd never seen anything like it before, with its long tail and it's big, black eyes. It was very unusual,' Mr Plesky said.

Bake Off shows how BBC1 'has lost its edge': Culture Secretary says channel has dumbed down over the past decade 

Television Programme: The Great British Bake Off with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.

Programme Name: The Great British Bake Off - TX: 16/09/2015 - Episode: n/a (No. 7) - Picture Shows:  Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood - (C) Love Productions - Photographer: Mark Bourdillon.

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 08/09/2015.

The Great British Bake Off has been singled out in a row over whether BBC1 has lost its edge. The Culture Secretary said the channel had gone through a decade of dumbing down.

Millionaire philanthropist who 'revved off' on dual carriageway with a police officer hanging from window of his Jaguar sportscar says his foot slipped off the brake

Textiles tycoon Sir Harry Djanogly, 77, said he was desperately trying to get his wife to hospital when Sergeant Robert McDonald approached him on the A40 in Hammersmith, London.

Dogs really ARE man's best friend: Scans reveal the area of the brain that 'lights up' when canines recognise human faces

Researchers at the National Autonomous University of Mexico used an fMRI scanner to examine the brains of dogs looking at images of humans and everyday objects (pictured).

The incredible shrinking kettle... and other collapsible gadgets that can squeeze into tiny spaces 

From water bottles to bicycles and kettles, there's nothing that can't be folded, squashed or flattened. MANDY FRANCIS put the best gadgets to the test for the Daily Mail.

Ministry of Defence censured over the deaths of three soldiers on an SAS training exercise but will escape prosecution because of Crown immunity

Lance Corporal Craig Roberts died during the march in the Brecon Beacons in 2013, and Lance Corporal Edward Maher and Corporal James Dunsby collapsed and died later.

The immortal jellyfish: Researchers find creature can age backwards, form hordes of clones, and regenerate lost body parts 

The accidental discovery was made by Jinru He, a graduate student in marine biology at China's Xiamen University when a polyp appeared on the corpse of a dead adult jellyfish.

Best-selling blood pressure app is 'so inaccurate it gives false warnings 80% of the time - putting people's health at risk'

Scientists from Johns Hopkins University revealed the app called Instant Blood Pressure - which has been downloaded more than 100,000 times - gives inaccurate readings.

The baby who healed my shattered heart: One woman's searing account of why this will be her first happy Mothering Sunday for years 

Rebecca Evans, who lives near Bude in Cornwall, with her husband and daughter, will be celebrating Mothering Sunday after losing her first baby six months into her pregnancy.

Double trouble! Mother discovers she is a 'super-ovulator' and expecting twin boys AGAIN - because she releases two eggs every month 

Mother discovers she is a 'super-ovulator' and expecting twin boys again

Katy Walton, 35, from Buckinghamshire, said she 'didn't speak for about three days' after hearing the news she was pregnant with twins again (right). She gave birth to sons Noah and Bailey Rivington, who turn six next week, in 2010 (inset). She found out herself and husband Scott, pictured left on their wedding day, were expecting twins and that it was likely a result of her releasing more than one egg a month. 'When I got pregnant this time, people started joking that it might be twins again, which I obviously laughed off. Then when we found out it actually was twins, I didn't speak for about three days.'

Street entertainer who found fame balancing upside down with his head in a bucket killed himself after suffering from depression 

Travis Linton Galleymore was well-known in Plymouth, Devon, after upending himself with his head in a metal pail in the city centre. He committed suicide in London on August 4 last year.

VAT inspector pocketed £1.2million from her buy-to-let property empire while not paying tax in scam with her husband

Savita Seth and husband Naveen, from Uxbridge, north west London, had 12 buy-to-let properties - often split to maximise profits - but failed to declare their rental income between 1995 and 2012.

Fury as beggar who regularly hits the streets imploring people for food and money is seen getting in to his £50,000 Audi TT at the end of his 'shift' 

Matthew Brinton, who has for years asked for money in Bank Street, Newquay, Cornwall, with his border collie Hazel, was filmed climbing into his Audi TT in a local car park.

Benefits-claiming father of twins conned public by posing as homeless ex-Para who lost his house after finding wife in bed with another man

Stewart Fenton (pictured), 38, sat begging in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, while holding two cardboard signs claiming he had served in the 7th Parachute Regiment of the Royal Horse Artillery.

Irish backpacker grabbed a police officer by the throat and punched a security guard after being told to stop singing 'Hey Baby' at a Sydney pub

The Irish backpacker, 27, allegedly punched a security guard and grabbed a police officer's throat at Hotel Bondi (pictured), in Sydney's east, during the incident on Sunday night.

How joy can break your heart as well as sadness: 'Storm' of adrenaline at a happy event can cause organ to become overwhelmed and fail 

Young woman holding a broken heart

'Broken heart syndrome' - a condition thought to affect 6,000 people in Britain each year - occurs when extreme emotional stress causes the heart to shut down, but can also be the result of happy events.

Inches from death: Horrifying moment a huge SHARK cruises past a man's daughter as he films her swimming on the beach

A SHARK swims past a man’s daughter as he films her swimming on Papamoa Beach

A shocking video has caught a shark cruising just feet away from a man and his daughter while they swim at a popular beach in the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand. Footage filmed by the man captures his daughter, left, swimming unawares in the shallows. Moments later a shark's fin can be seen racing past.

How STRESS turns cancer deadly: Chronic stress 'opens up new routes for the disease to spread quickly through the bloodstream'

Scientists from Monash University in Australia revealed chronic stress triggers increased lymphatic activity - which speeds up the spread of cancer by allowing tumor cells to move more freely.

'Silent killer' sepsis hits 400 a day: Number leaps more than 50% in five years with over-prescription of antibiotics by GPs blamed 

Experts say the rise in Sepsis is down to several reasons, including resistance to antibiotics, the aging population and more patients undergoing surgery and chemotherapy.

Is this the most explosive Jeremy Kyle show ever? Viewers complain their ears hurt after estranged siblings' scream at each other and even the host can't get a word in

Guests on the show - arguing over their dead father's inheritance - were shouting at one another so much the studio audience and viewers at home struggled to follow what was going on.

Time to ditch him? Prankster Jack Jones plays a series of cruel tricks on his girlfriend on a trip to the shops including drawing lipstick on her face

Jack, 22, from Kent, has filmed himself tormenting Claudia as they go on a shopping trip. The video that sees him throw things at her and pretend she's farted has been viewed more than 18,000 times.

Taking the planet's pulse from space: Europe's Sentinel-3A eco-monitoring satellite sends back its first stunning hi-res images of Earth

Sentinel-3A was first released into orbit on February 16th and is the third of more than a dozen 'eyes in the sky' that part of the Copernicus program to monitor our planet's health.

'Terror' at Waterloo: Emergency services carry out a drill for Europe's biggest disaster response with mocked up major incident at train station 

Emergency crews have responded to the scene of a major disaster on the Tube as part of the third day of a training exercise testing their response to a mass-casualty incident in Dartford, Kent.

'I wanted to do something special': Pregnant mother has maternity photo shoot that includes late husband - who died two months before her due date

Mississippi woman has maternity photo shoot that includes late husband

Nicole Bennett's husband Deonta passed away unexpectedly before her March 25 due date. It had been his idea to do a shoot with Nicole, who is expecting a baby girl, and their 4-year-old son Landen. Photographer Sidney Conley digitally added images of Deonta to the bittersweet but beautiful pictures.

Father's fury at school who called in social services because son, eight, said he wanted to 'fight terrorists' after seeing Syrian refugees on the news

Teachers at St Michael & All Angels in Upton, on the Wirral, Merseyside, referred Rhys Atkinson to the children's safeguarding hub over fears he could be 'radicalised' and turn into a terrorist.

Guinness heiress battered her 65-year-old mother with her handbag leaving her covered in blood as she lay in bed at her £1.7million London home'

Eliza Irby, 35, has been issued with a restraining order after leaving mother Emma Irby (pictured with her other daughter Clare) lying in her own blood-soaked bed sheets after the attack in the middle of the night at her home in Fulham, west London.

Mental health patient 'snapped' and battered a care worker to death with a fire extinguisher after she asked him to turn the TV down 

Michael Meanza (pictured) had been living in support accommodation in Acton, west London, for three months before he bludgeoned Jenny Foote, 38, over the head with a fire extinguisher.

Shocking moment speeding car explodes into a cloud of dust after collision with lamp post but the driver miraculously SURVIVES

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT A pedestrian died when the vehicle crashed over him in Qingdao city, China. The driver has been taken to hospital and has tested clear of drugs and alcohol.

How vegetables can help you breathe easy: A healthy diet slows the damaging effects of smoking and helps to prevent lung cancer from spreading

A healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables may help mitigate the DNA-damaging effects of tobacco smoke, as well as perhaps helping prevent lung cancer from spreading.

What to eat to beat prostate cancer: Eating vegetables like broccoli, kale and cabbage can cut spread of disease by more than half

Researchers from Harvard found that eating a varied plant-based diet (file photo) - and avoiding all meat, fish, chicken and dairy products - could cut the risk of cancer progression

Could YOU pull off a corset? FEMAIL puts the A-list trend to the test - pitting vintage lacing against unboned basques - with eye-popping results

Would YOU go out in a corset? FEMAIL pits vintage lacing against unboned basques

As celebrities including Cate Blanchett and the Kardashians showcase corsetry from the red carpet to the gym, Deni Kirkova, 25, from London, puts the high-street's corsetry to the test. From left to right: She found Katy Perry's basque with trousers style comfortable as well as risque; the Carol star's 'wiggle' dress and 'waspie' cincher was one of our writer's favourites; but Carey Mulligan's evening suit look worn with a Fifties-style basque came out top.

Wedding venues are warned to 'play fair' over hefty deposits as couples are charged thousands of pounds for cancellations

Wedding venues that take advantage of brides and grooms with large deposits and cancellation fees have been warned they must 'play fair' when it comes to charges or risk facing action.

Male model, 23, 'assaulted a security guard after being asked to leave West End's trendy W hotel' 

Danny Blake, who is signed to agency D1 Models, is accused of attacking Mark Craven after being asked to leave the swanky W London in Leicester Square, central London, on December 3.

Hippie 'hunter-gatherers' face eviction from woodland commune where they've lived for 16 years because they didn't get planning permission for the timber structures

The Steward Woodland Community, which has 21 residents, including nine children, live in homes which they built themselves in rural Dartmoor, Devon, but have been told to leave.

Sexual predator is given four life sentences for abducting and murdering British-born student Hannah Graham and another young woman in Virginia

Hannah Graham, 18, went missing on her way to a party at the University of Virginia in September 2014 after having dinner

Jesse Matthew, 34, is to receive a total of four life sentences in exchange for pleading guilty to first-degree murder and intent to defile in the cases of Morgan Harrington and Hannah Graham.

Are over-50s life insurance plans poor value or a prudent way to provide your family with a savings pot after you die?

Over-50s life insurance plans ensure a pot of money is left to family members once you die. But are they any better than taking out a standard policy?

Pension freedoms have piled risks on savers - they need a helping hand and decent products, say retirement experts

Nothing available right now is up to scratch, so 'hybrid' products should be designed that combine income drawdown, an annuity for later life, and inflation protection, says a new report.

We've run out of meningitis vaccine, clinics warn: No child over the age of one can now get the jab in Britain with some who have started treatment not fully protected 

The desperate shortage emerged as health officials refused to extend the NHS vaccination programme to toddlers and older children, rejecting a petition backed by 820,000 in the UK.

New Harry Potter film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be a TRILOGY, JK Rowling confirms

The hotly-anticipated prequel to the Harry Potter series, which stars Eddie Redmayne (pictured) and follows the adventures of Newt Scamander, is set to be released in November.

She eats no meat, dairy, eggs, sugar or processed food... so what DOES Deliciously Ella tuck into each day? Here, she reveals all

Food blogger Ella Woodward, 24, says she doesn't believe in 'cheat days' because every day should be a healthy day where food is enjoyable. Here she reveals her top tips for clean-cut living.

The key to success? Just be NICE: The way people treat each other in a team has more of an impact than their experience and skills

The Californian search giant said teams (stock image) work best when their members feel like they can take risks, can count on each other, have clear goals and believe their work matters.

The glamorous Russian sex kittens dumped by their cash-strapped 'sugar daddies' who can no longer afford their five-star hotel trysts and go running back to their wives

The Russian sex kittens dumped by their cash-strapped 'sugar daddies'

The global slump in oil prices has had a surprise knock on effect as wealthy Russian married men hit by the crisis are being forced to choose between their wives and the mistresses they bankroll. Kept 'soderzhanki' women in Moscow complain they are being dumped by their cash-strapped sugar daddy sponsors who can no longer afford to pay for their luxury lifestyles. Western sanctions on Vladimir Putin and the oil price crash has caused the Rouble to drop and once wealthy businessmen in Russia are feeling the pinch. Former hairdresser Maria Kapshukova, from Ukraine, (left) advises Russian women hoping to become a soderzhanki and find a rich sponsor.
Siberian Alyona, 20, (right) Siberia, is on a website looking for a sponsor. The 5ft 4in beauty says: 'I'm into dancing, gym, love active leisure, very sociable, good fun - looking for a sponsor'. But Maria, 19, (inset) warns her potential sponsor she loves travelling the world - and that this requires 'significant expenses'

Badge that says breastfeeding mothers are welcome here: Starbucks becomes first chain to be granted 'parent friendly' status 

Around 800 UK branches of the coffee chain will display the 'Parent Friendly Places' badge in their windows, showing they have 'committed to ensuring a supportive environment for parents'.

Shocking moment elderly woman driver careers into a shop window and narrowly misses hitting a pedestrian after trying to reverse park

The 82-year-old's car hit the building of an IT company in the Netherlands after her foot appeared to get stuck on the accelerator pedal. Fortunately no one was injured in the accident.

Monster volcanoes gave Mars an ancient makeover: Eruptions three billion years ago caused its entire surface to TILT

A group of researchers at the Université Paris-Sud, has discovered that the formation of Mars' giant volcanoes and its great tilt happened almost a billion years later than first thought.

Is this a UFO using 'camouflage technology?' Witness films saucer-shaped object hiding in clouds... but internet has a more down to earth explanation

Footage of the incident, which the witness later uploaded to YouTube, appears to show a cylindrical object nestled among grey storm clouds in San Antonio, Texas.

Why buying a home from a smoker raises YOUR diabetes risk: Third hand smoke can linger in furniture and carpets for decades

Scientists at the University of California, Riverside, found exposure to third hand smoke causes insulin resistance, a precursor to type 2 diabetes.

Former PM Sir John Major appears in public on crutches after an operation for a new hip

© London News Pictures. 02/03/2016. London, UK. Former British prime minister JOHN MAJOR seen leaving the Goring Hotel in Victoria, London on crutches. Photo credit: London News Pictures

The former prime minister, who is rarely seen in public, was photographed leaving the Goring Hotel in Victoria, central London.

That's got to hurt! Painful moment man making a powerful potato gun gets shot in the eye by brass valve 

Man making a powerful potato gun gets shot in the eye by brass valve 

A man trying to construct a potato gun was left in agony when it exploded in his face and a brass valve hit him in the eye. He screams and clutches his eye. It isn't known how serious the injury was. Potato guns are often powered by aerosol hair spray, but online commentators have questioned whether the men were using a bad design with PVC.

50 Cent finally sells 52-room Connecticut mansion for cut price of £5million - to developer who plans to turn it into a NURSING HOME

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson III, installed a disco room and stripper poles after buying the property from Mike Tyson at the height of his fame in 2003.

Fighting superbugs with GRAPHENE: Wonder material is being adapted to reduce infections and speed up recovery 

Researchers at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome believe graphene oxide (graphene illustrated) could hold the key to fighting infection from hospital superbugs.

The laser weapon that could save Earth from asteroids: System could vapourise space rocks from 2 million miles away

The system is the brainchild of UC Santa Barbara physicist Philip Lubin and Gary Hughes, a researcher and professor at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

One cheeky chimp! Zoo resident gets hold of a GoPro and chronicles her daily life

Chloe, 46, is the oldest of four chimpanzees at the zoo who carried a GoPro camera around with her for about two days after zoo keepers left it in the chimp habitat as part of their enrichment program.

Revolting video shows grandmother's rotting foot oozing pus as her relatives plead with doctors NOT to amputate it

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT The rotting body part, which belongs to a grandmother believed to be from South America, is blackened and exposed due to a large and very gruesome gash.

How ageing starts in the WOMB: Mothers-to-be who are overweight or smoke 'may cause babies to become old before their time' in later life

The Cambrige University researchers found giving mothers anti-oxidants, (health-boosting nutrients found in high levels in fruit and vegetables) may have an anti-ageing effect in their children.

Birds use ALLIGATORS as 'bodyguards' to protect their nests - and this protection helps keep the reptiles healthier 

ca. 1986-1997, Everglades National Park, Florida, USA --- An American crocodile, Crocodylus acutus, eats a raccoon in the Everglades of Florida. --- Image by © George McCarthy/CORBIS

Scientists from the University of Florida found alligators (pictured) living near colonies of nesting birds were in better shape when compared to those that weren't.

Why junk food causes bowel cancer: Fatty foods drive 'boom in cells which can later turn into tumours'

Both the stem cells and 'stem-like' cells are more likely to give rise to intestinal tumours, the study by Massachusetts Institute of Technology found.

Woman 'possessed by a snake' shrieks and convulses as she is 'cured' during exorcism at Zimbabwe church

Woman 'possessed by a snake' shrieks as she is 'cured' during exorcism in Zimbabwe

The woman shakes and convulses in the footage as priest Teddy Bantu tells the snake to 'leave us' in front of a congregation at Bethsaida Ministry Church. She tells him about her experiences before the priest says 'I will deliver you now because of something from the past'. Mr Bantu then begins shouting into a microphone and pushing his hand to her head as church volunteers circle round the woman. He shouts: 'Leave her! Leave!' as she lets out a shriek, holds out her arms and begins losing balance. She grimaces as Priest Bantu continues shouting and telling the snake to 'Leave!'. Another quick movement to her head almost makes her fall before she finally tumbles and again cries out. The woman lands on the floor with the help of a male member of congregation. She is covered in a blanket as the more than two-and-a-half minute ceremony continues.

Did Mars 'tilt' three billion years ago? Huge shift in the shape of the red planet may have happened much later than first thought

A group of researchers at the Université Paris-Sud, has discovered that the formation of Mars' giant volcanoes and its great tilt happened almost a billion years later than first thought.

Are aliens trying to send us a message? Mysterious signals from a 'powerful exotic object' have been spotted repeatedly coming from the same spot in the universe

Astronomers using the Arceibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico (pictured) have for the first time detected short bursts of powerful radio waves repeatedly coming from the same source.

Pensions reforms a 'honey pot for thieves': Warning middle class savers could lose thousands because of 'toxic combination' of too much choice and too little guidance

Employees in Middle Britain are failing to save enough, meaning without immediate increases retirement would become 'a lucky gift' granted to just a few generations, a new report has found.

Heart risk from energy drinks: Consuming just two a day said to trigger abnormal rhythms and a rise in blood pressure

Energy drinks triggers abnormal heart rhythm and a rise in blood pressure, the study by scientists in California said, increasing the risk of stroke and sudden cardiac death.

Baby girl was snatched from her mother's living room by her next-door neighbour while she was upstairs getting ready to go out

Zorita Stanca, 24, from Oldham, was getting her two children ready to visit her mother when she went upstairs to get her handbag - and Contessa was taken by neighbour Michael Keeton, 27.

Ex-Playboy model and one-time Miss Bosnia is jailed over her role in a failed hit on a gangster who was infatuated with her 

A court ruled that Slobodanka Tosic, 29, who was once crowned Miss Bosnia, should spend at least two and a half years behind bars for luring a suspected crime boss into an ambush

Fancy staying somewhere rubbish? Designers create solar-powered overnight pods for beachgoers - made from plastic dumped in the ocean 

The solar powered pods for beachgoers to sleep in that are made from plastic rubbish

A design company has come up with a concept that uses dumped plastic to create pine-cone shaped beach huts in Singapore. The pods run on solar power and guests enter via rope ladders. In order to cool guests down during balmy summer nights, an interior fan dangles from the East Coast Park pods' ceilings.

'It looked like an atomic bomb had hit': Before and after pictures show the devastation Cyclone Winston caused in Fiji as it tore through the idyllic islands  

Volunteers who provided aid to remote villages after Fiji was ravaged by Cyclone Winston have described the harrowing scenes they were met with in the days after the category five storm hit.

Jackdaws wreck £100,000 thatched roof of historic barn... just for fun: Birds ignore series of decoys to pull straw out before discarding it 

Two-thirds of the roof at the 17th century Grade I-listed Tithe Barn - now a museum - in Avebury, Wiltshire, was re-thatched in 2013 as part of a £100,000 project - but it has been ruined by birds.

Multiple deaths confirmed after 7.9 earthquake sparks tsunami fears in Australia and Indonesia where locals run for higher ground

DWJ9XB Padang Singapore

Residents in Padang, the capital of Indonesia's West Sumatra province, fled their homes for higher ground, and local news reported heavy traffic jams and a sense of panic on the streets

Crash test dummy: Engineer seriously hurt after sitting on car safety check equipment and telling a colleague to switch it on

The 35-year-old, from Salzburg, Austria, is believed to have sat down on the equipment, which is used to test car crashes, and not realising its power, asked for a fellow crew member to switch it on.

The chicest way to stay warm! High-end fashion label unveils SELF-HEATING coats during Paris Fashion Week catwalk show

Models at the Courreges show in Paris on Wednesday walked the runway in the tech-savvy designs, which come equipped with a slimline heater that can be activated with a button.

The simple food hack that turns avocado into spaghetti, a pizza topping and CHIPS

Food blogger Colette Dike creates avocado ribbons that make every meal look amazing

Forget smashing, shaving is the new trendy way to serve avocado. Dutch food blogger Colette Dike, 30, is championing her vegetable peeler trick, which she uses often on a daily basis as a topping for baked sweet potato (top left), pizza (top centre) and sandwiches (top right, bottom left). Shaved avocado combined with mayo and halloumi on a bagel makes for nourishing comfort food (bottom centre) and can be used in side salads too (bottom right).

Shocking moment a father KICKS a young boy in the spine just because he bumped into his daughter at a soft play area

A man, from East China's Shandong Province, has been arrested following the incident after surveillance cameras appeared to show him lashing out at the young boy in a play area.

Found you! Children's terrible attempts at hide and seek revealed in hilarious photos

Parents have taken to social media to share photos of their children's hide and seek strategies - from kids curling up inside cupboards to others trying to cover themselves in plain sight.

Princess Margaret's dazzling diamond and sapphire brooch is set to reach £20,000 at auction - after its royal owner quadrupled the value

The piece of jewellery was owned by the Queen's younger sister from 1948 up until her death in 2002 when she was 71. It is now being sold through auctioneers Woolley & Wallis in Salisbury.

New EU laws could send the price of e-cigarettes soaring as Brussels looks at imposing the same tax regime as tobacco

E75P3K Electronic cigarette / e-cigarette

The European Commission has been ordered to come up with draft legislation to eliminate 'inconsistencies' in single market rules between tobacco and e-cigarettes.

Lack of vitamin D 'significantly speeds up the growth of breast cancer tumors and causes the disease to spread'

Stanford scientists found lower levels of the so-called sunshine vitamin caused higher expression of a gene called ID1, which is linked to faster tumor growth and breast cancer metastasis.

Spreading the love! Adorable toddler is so happy she can't help but share it as she dishes out hugs to fellow shoppers 

Toddler Joelle is so happy she uses trip to supermarket to dish out hugs to shoppers 

The 16 month old girl waves at everyone she meets in an Arkansas supermarket, from a man on a mobility scooter to an employee. A slightly poignant moment comes when Joey waves at a lady talking by the meat counter who fails to notice her and doesn't return her friendliness. But she recovers quickly and even hugs one woman for several seconds before trotting off. Mum Caitlin revealed Joey had been waving at shoppers for half an hour before she began filming.

Want to get away from it all? Stunning chalets built into cliffs on the Jurassic Coast are designed to give you a taste of life as an 18th-century hermit 

Five sensational homes are to be built in the heart of England's only natural World Heritage site in Dorset - and they will be so well camouflaged nobody will know they are there.

The King's things: Jewellery, medical bag, gun and prescription pill bottles owned by Elvis Presley's personal physician go up for sale

Dr George Nichopoulos began treating U.S. singer Elvis Presley in 1967 and was his personal physician from 1970 until his death at the age of 42 following years of heavy prescription-drug use.


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That rocks! Strange new trend for nails embellished with tiny STONES is the latest manicure mania to sweep social media

Stone nails is the latest manicure trend to sweep social media

The latest nail art craze to sweep social media sees beauty buffs sticking tiny rocks, like shiny pebbles, to their manicured fingers, with almost 5,000 posts tagged as 'stone nails' on Instagram. Enthusiasts have combined the micro stones with marble-effect polish to make the look really shine, but manicure expert Katie Jane Nails said that while it might look easy, a very steady hand is required to get it right.

Shocking moment toddler falls out of a moving vehicle and his granddad drives away without realizing

A terrifying video has emerged from China of the moment a young child fell out of the back of a people carrier onto a busy road in Suzhou city, Jiangsu Province, in the morning of February 27.

Can we do anyfin to help? Video shows amazing moment pod of dolphins start playfully nudging paddleboarder along off Californian coast 

Rich German used his GoPro camera to film the fascinating encounter, the highlight of which was when a baby dolphin arrived to steal the show, in Laguna Beach, California.

Showing Tiger how it's done! Amazing moment 11-year-old boy steps up to hit first shot at new golf course in front of Tiger Woods - and hits a hole in one 

Tiger Woods watches boy hit a hole in one at The Playgrounds at Bluejack National

Taylor Crozier, from Corpus Christi in Texas (inset), left Tiger Woods stunned after hitting a hole-in-one on a new golf course designed by the sporting legend (centre). Despite the pressure of stepping up to hit the first shot under the gaze of 14-time major winner Woods and hundreds of spectators, the 11-year-old coolly scored the hole-in-one with apparent ease (left) - and was embraced in a hug by the awe-struck Woods (right).



Incredible moment sailors witness the birth of an island: Underwater volcanic eruption creates new landmass around stunned yachtsmen

Underwater volcanic eruption creates new landmass around yachtsmen 

The crew of the yacht Maiken (inset) were sailing through the south Pacific near the Vava'u Islands in Tonga when they noticed that the water in the distance was a strange colour (top left). Then, as they approached, the sea mysteriously turned to stone (top right). The crew documented the phenomenon in a series of remarkable pictures as they sailed into formation (bottom left) to investigate it. What they didn't yet know was that, just a few miles away, a volcano was erupting under the surface (bottom right), spewing out new land that formed an island right before their eyes.

Meryl Streep is transformed into a doughnut, avocado on toast and a celery stick in bizarre Instagram photos that have become an internet sensation

A bizarre Instagram account, Taste Of Streep, presents actress Meryl as you've never seen her before by turning her into foodstuffs such as avocado on toast, celery and a doghnut.

Watership Down, the horror sequel: Bizarre video of rabbits eating berries is scary and cute in equal measure 

Pigi the Serbian dwarf rabbit tucks into cherries and strawberries. Initially the juices resemble lipstick, but the red liquid soon makes blood-like smears creating terrifying effect.

Guitar player gets shock of his life outside bar when his wife overhears him reminiscing about another woman and goes nuts

Man's wife overhears him reminiscing about another woman and attacks him in video

Footage of the incident begins with him strumming his instrument and addressing the camera (left), remarking in Portuguese about women other than his partner. Unbeknownst to him, however, she is standing right behind him and the comment clearly strikes a nerve. The guitar player is taken by surprise as he's suddenly smacked on the nose by his irate wife (centre). She tells him: 'Respect me! Don't talk about other women while I'm here!' He is then slapped, punched and has his hair pulled as his partner lambasts him for his behaviour. The man is still sitting in his plastic garden chair as he half falls back against a wall, the blows from the onslaught leaving him in a precarious position (right). It is unclear where the video was taken.