What is the objective of this site?

This site was originally designed to counter the fallacious arguments proposed in the book Can the Rebbe Be Moshiach? (featured on the website www.MoshiachTalk.com). In complete agreement with the author's conclusion that the Rebbe is not Moshiach, I was lacking a proficient manner for detailing to the public the true and valid explanation as too why the Rebbe is not Moshiach and will never fill that role. My hope was that by discrediting every aspect of his book, the author, a much more talented writer than myself, would take on the job of restating (this time accurately) the problems with the Rebbe being Moshiach.

Two things happened:

1. The author's mastership of expression turned out to be exceeded only by his stubbornness. This, even after I laid it out, black on white, exactly what the issue really was. Thus, the site did not elicit the intended response.

2. Within two months of completing the site, I stumbled across the very terminology that I needed to express myself to the majority of the collectively cognizing public. Such people (and most people are such) cannot integrate logical arguments that do not reflect, in their perception, the cognition of the collective group from which they stem. These people reject logic and in its place require precedent. I found just this in the works of a Rishon — a medieval scholar whose teachings are accepted to be at the very least "legitimate." I also found the exact precedent I had been lacking in the works of the Rebbe and his two immediate predecessors. These teachings reflect in exact detail the very points that the logical argument relies upon (while it had seemed to challenge "accepted" dogmas within Judaism).

In light of the above, the objective of this site has made a transition. There are three cardinal components to this site, and the reader is invited to explore each of them.

1. Anyone with interest in the intellectual debate regarding the book Can the Rebbe Be Moshiach? can proceed to the original front page of this site:

Can't the Rebbe be Moshiach?

2. For a brief but concise summary of why the Rebbe "cannot" be Moshiach, I refer you to the page:

Critique to a Response

3. And finally, for the only existing completely true and accurate account of this belief within the Lubavitch movement, you are directed to:

A Brief History of Lubavitch Messianism

Questions and comments are always welcome. I am also in the process of putting together a new site educating the public with the truth behind the messianic conflict within Chabad-Lubavitch.


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