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Twin Towns


Rybnik’s citizens hospitality and their friendly attitude to tourist and investors have started to bear fruit as close contacts with inhabitants. For many years City of Rybnik collaborates with cities from European Union and rest of Europe. At present our city collaborates with 12 European cities. 10 of them are partner-cities and we had signed partnership agreement between both cities. There are:: Saint Vallier (the agreement was signed in 05.07.1961 r.), Mazamet (04.06.1993 r.) and Lievin (04.12.2000 r.) in France, Dorsten (15.04.1994 r.) and Eurasburg (05.07.2001 r.) in Germany, Vilinius District in Lithuania (02.10.2000 r.), Iwano-Frankiwsk (12.10.2001 r.) in Ukraine, Newtownabbey (18.10.2003 in Northern Ireland, Larissa (13.06.2003 r.) in Greece and Karvina (30.04.2004 r.) in Czech Republic. Rest of the cities we collaborate are: Bedburg-Hau in Germany, Haderslev in Denmark and Szolnok in Hungary.


Left to right: Jean Rousseau (Lievin), Adam Fudali (Rybnik), Lambert Luetkenhorst (Dorsten), Ken Robinson (Newtownabbey)


Thanks to engaged to international collaboration of local authorities, numerous institutions and organizations and local society, 11th of June 2004 our city joined the elite team of European cities, which can boast of the Council of Europe’s Flag of Honour. The flag was given to the Mayor of Rybnik, Adam Fudali by Wilfried Bohm honorary member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and a former German deputy. On of the conditions to apply for the Flag of Honour was owning the European Diploma, which the Rybnik`s authorities were given last year.





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