According to its website, Shaheen Air has increased its flight frequency between Lahore and Jeddah from five flights per week to seven.
(07 Apr.14)


Shaheen Air International (SAI) has settled most of its dues, which amount to Rs.1.0 billion, owed to the Civil Aviation Authority. The CAA had given a deadline of 15 February 2014 for Shaheen Air to settle its debt. However, it still has to pay around Rs.125.0 million in surcharges to the CAA. Rumours related to financial mismanagement had surrounded the airline since Khalid M Sehbai passed away last year, leaving the charge to his young sons and a few trusted associates.
For the first time since starting operations in 1993, Shaheen crossed the million-customer mark in fiscal year 2012-13 as it carried 1.061 million passengers between Pakistani cities and foreign destinations, according to the CAA. The airline which has a current fleet of 18 aircraft, is aiming to expand the fleet to 25 aircraft in the coming months.
The Shaheen Air is awaiting permission to start flights to China and Malaysia.
(24 Mar.14)


An Airbus 320 of Shaheen Airlines, made a heavy landing on 27 January 2014 at Karachi?s Jinnah International Airport and burst a couple of its left tyres of the main landing gear. All of the 157 passengers, who were travelling from Dubai to Karachi, remained safe.
The aircraft had encountered hydraulic problems whilst in the air, therefore it was directed to land on the secondary runway. Due to the hydraulic problems, the aircraft had to go for high speed landing that burst its two tyres.
The operations on the primary runway remained un-affected.
(10 Feb.14)


Shaheen Air has started daily flights between Karachi and Quetta, from 1 December 2013.
(09 Dec.13)


Shaheen Air is to start twice weekly flights between Karachi and Peshawar, commencing 24 November 2013.

A Shaheen Air flight NL-152 carrying 130 passengers, was on its way from Quetta to Islamabad, on 17 November 2013, when the tyre on the front landing gear burst at the start of take-off, the pilot aborted take-off. All the passengers and crew onboard remained safe on board the Boeing 737-400. The departure was consequently delayed.
(19 Nov.13)


As of next month, Shaheen Air is planning to start flights on Faisalabad-Karachi and Faisalabad-Dubai routes. It is worth noting that PIA ended its flights on Faisalabad-Dubai route in June 2013.

Shaheen Air received the delivery of its fourth Airbus A320 on 26 September 2013. The aircraft is leased from ILFC.
(07 Oct.13)


Shaheen Air received its third Airbus A320, on 11 September 2013, Shaheen Air has leased the aircraft from ILFC. The Kingfisher airline of India, was the last user of the aircraft, which had also leased it from ILFC.
(23 Sep.13)


A Shaheen Air flight NL-166 from Islamabad to Sukkur, had to perform a go round on 23 July 2013, whilst attempting to land at Sukkur airport, due to a dog on the runway.
According to the CAA, minutes before the Shaheen Airline's aircraft was to land at Sukkur airport a dog was spotted by the ATC, which directed the aircraft to go back up again. A CAA bird shooter was called to eliminate the dog. The aircraft with 40 passengers on-board, circled the airport till the dog was shot and removed from the runway, after which it was allowed to land. The aircraft later it left for Karachi.

A Shaheen Air flight from Lahore to Quetta, returned to Lahore on 17 July 2013, due to possible hydraulic problem. The aircraft was able to resume its flight to Quetta after the rectification of the fault at Lahore airport.

Shaheen Air is in the process of leasing five Airbus A320s from the International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC). Two of the aircraft built in 1997 and 1998, were last used by Windjet, these aircraft have been allocated the Pakistani registration numbers. The delivery of these two Airbus A320 aircrafts is due within next days/weeks.
(31 Jul.13)


Shaheen Air is looking to hire female cabin crew, an advertised to this effect appeared in the local papers on 16 June 2013.

Shaheen Air took delivery of its two Boeing 737-400 aircraft at the end of May 2013. Both of these aircraft have now started commercial flights with the airline.
(17 Jun.13)


According to the CAA, at least 25 pilots of the Shaheen Air International (SAI) have violated the flight time limitation rule by flying aircraft for more time than allowed legally. The violations which occurred in October and November 2012, are serious air safety hazard.
Amongst the 25 pilots, at least six are senior pilots, holding the posts of instructors / trainers. Whilst one of them handled / managed the entire airline's flight operations as well as instructing / training the junior pilots. The remaining 19 are junior pilots.
The CAA has issued a show-cause notice to Shaheen Air for the violations.

Shaheen Air is in the process of installing a Boeing 737-400 simulator in Karachi. The simulator is acquired from the Turkish Airlines. Cardiff Aviation of UK is responsible for the dismantling of the simulator from Turkish Airlines Flight Training Centre in Istanbul, Turkey, shipping it to Karachi and subsequent installation, commissioning and re-qualification in Karachi.
(03 Jun.13)


Shaheen Air will commence twice weekly flights from Multan to Madinah, effective from 1 June 2013. Shaheen Air will also start twice weekly flights from Multan to Al-Gassin (Buraidah) on the same date.
(21 May 13)


As of 31 March 2013, Shaheen Air has started twice-a-week service between Multan and Dubai.

Shaheen Air has recently advertised for hiring Pakistani First Officers for the Airbus A320.
(09 Apr.13)


Shaheen Air is expecting delivery of two (eighth and ninth) Boeing 737-400 in the coming weeks, both of the aircraft are nearly 20 years old.

A Shaheen Air flight from Peshawar to Jeddah escaped disaster on 19 March 2013, when its pressurization system failed during flight.
(25 Mar.13)


Shaheen Air has received the deliveries of its first two Airbus A320-232s on 5th and 6th of March 2013, the aircraft are leased from ILFC. The airline intends to acquire a total of seven A320s.
(11 Mar.13)


Shaheen Air, on its facebook page has confirmed that it plans to acquire up to seven Airbus A320s by the end of this year.
Shaheen Air is expecting the delivery of its first Airbus A320 (AP-BLK), in Pakistan, in the first week of March 2013.
Its second A320 (AP-BLT), is currently going through the paint shop.

A local TV channel in Pakistan reported on 4 February 2013, that a Shaheen Air aircraft operating flight NL-717 from Lahore to Jeddah experienced some technical problem with an engine or suffered bird strike during initial climb, after takeoff from Lahore Airport. The aircraft returned safely to Lahore Airport.
(18 Feb.13)


Shaheen Air is to commence a weekly Sialkot-Jeddah-Sialkot flight, from 7 February 2013, using Airbus A330.

Shaheen air plans to induct Airbus A320 into its fleet, this was confirmed by a recent advert in which Shaheen air is seeking Captains and First Officers for the A320, some news reports suggest that Shaheen air is looking to acquire up to five aircraft.
The same advert also has requirement for First Officers for the A330.

According to its facebook page, Shaheen Air is planning to start twice weekly flights between Multan and Madinah. However, it doesn't state a start date or the type of aircraft to be used.

Shaheen Air's third Airbus A330 (AP-BKN) was received by the airline in Pakistan on 31 January 2013.

Shaheen Air also received the delivery of two Boeing 737-400s in the last week of January 2013, bringing the total number of 737-400s in its fleet to six.
(4 Feb.13)


Shaheen Air will commence flights to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from 1 January 2013, using Airbus A330. The flight frequency shall be; one flight per week from Islamabad, two flights per week from Lahore and two flights per week from Peshawar.
(24 Dec.12)

Shaheen Air Airbus A330 suffered fuel leakage at Peshawar airport, on 3 November 2012. The flight was due to leave for Jeddah.
(26 Nov.12)


As of 15 November 2012, Shaheen Air will start once a week flight from Islamabad to Quetta and once week flight from Lahore to Quetta.

As reported previously, Shaheen Air has acquired three Airbus A330-300s, the second aircraft joined the Shaheen Air fleet on 21 October 2012. Shaheen Air now boasts a fleet of fifteen aircraft.
(29 Oct.12)


Shaheen Air has advertised in the newspaper in Pakistan for cockpit crew for ATR-72-212, the advert was placed in the middle of October 2012.

As of 30 October 2012, Shaheen Air will start once a week flight to Dera Ghazi Khan, from Karachi.
(22 Oct.12)


Shaheen Air has added three Airbus A330-300s to its fleet. This is a significant change to its policy of all Boeing fleet of before. Shaheen has also finalised a deal for the purchase of 12 Boeing 737-400s.
Shaheen Air now boasts a largest fleet of aircraft and largest network of destinations, amongst the private sector airlines. Its fleet includes ten Boeing 737-200, Boeing 737-400 (as above), two Boeing 737-800, one Boeing 767-200 (leased) and three Airbus A330-300.

The Shaheen Air International has indicated on its website, for some time now that it is to start air operations to Bangkok, Dhaka, Madinah and Riydh. However it has not stated when flights to these new destinations will start.
(17 Sept.12)

A Shaheen Air flight 742, from Lahore to Mashhad in Iran, was prevented from take-off on 22 April 2012.The Boeing 737-200 with 120 passengers, had been cleared by Shaheen Air engineering staff for take-off, at Lahore airport, however the ground staff reported the leak of fuel from the fuel tanks. It is believed that the tanks were over-filled and therefore the fuel was spilling out. The flight was cancelled and most of the passengers were provided hotel accommodation.

Two days after the Bhoja Airlines fatal crash, a Shaheen Airlines flight NL-122, with 160 passengers and six crew, burts left tyre as it touched down at Karachi's Jinnah International Airport, on 22 April 2012. It is thought that the landing gear malfunctioned which resulted in the tyre burst. The Boeing 737-400 was on a scheduled flight from Islamabad to Karachi. There were no reports of injuries to passengers or crew. According to the passengers, they heard a loud blast after the aircraft had landed and saw flames as the wing and engine dragged along the runway after the tyre burst. The fuel also started to leak from the aircraft, it is reported that the fire tenders arrived about 20 minutes after the landing and had to rush back to fetch water. The passengers left the aircraft through stairs.
As a result of this accident the main runway of the airport remained closed for about eight hours, with flights arriving at Karachi being diverted to other airports. It is believed that the Director of CAA has ordered an inquiry into the incident and urged PIA to help remove the stricken aircraft from the runway.
(2 May 12)

Shaheen Air has acquired a Boeing 737-400, in January 2012. This is the first 400 version of the Boeing 737 acquired by Shaheen Air, as all of the other aircrafts in Shaheen Air's existing fleet are Boeing 737-200s.
(5 Mar.12)

As of 15 February 2012, Shaheen Air is to start direct flights to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar.
(6 Feb.12)

Shaheen Air has started a daily flight from Karachi to Multan, as of 4 January 2012.
(10 Jan.12)

As of 10 November 2010, Shaheen Air International has started three times a week service from Karachi to Dammam in Saudi Arabia.

Also on 10 November 2010, Shaheen Air flight NL123 from Karachi to Islamabad, left after seven hour delay. It was supposed to depart at 1.00pm local time but due to some fault to the aircraft, did not leave until after 8.00pm local time. There was no representative of the airline at Karachi’s Jinnah International airport to help or advise the passengers during this time.
(15 Nov.10)

As of 18 July 09, Shaheen Air has started flights from Sailkot to Sharjah and also from Peshawar to Sharjah.
In addition, from 25 July 09, it will increase its frequency on Peshawar to Muscat route from two to four flights per week, similarly the frequency on Sialkot to Muscat route will be increased by one flight per week.
Shaheen Air has also started flights from Lahore to Mashad (Iran).
It has also increased the number of aircrafts in its fleet to Ten.
(26 July 09)

Shaheen Air has started twice weekly flights from Peshawar to Muscat. Shaheen Air has also started twice weekly Peshawar to Kuwait flights. The airline currently operates four weekly flights to Dubai and the same number to Abu Dhabi, from Peshawar.
(31 May 09)

Shaheen Air which had commenced twice weekly, Islamabad to Leeds/Bradford (UK) flights in November 2007, using a leased Airbus A310-300, has ceased the flights from 1st. June 2008. No reason has been given for stopping the flights on this route.
(19 July 08)

Shaheen Air International has started its twice weekly service from Islamabad to Leeds-Bradford Airport in UK.
(10 Feb. 08)

Shaheen Airlines has announced the commencement of two new services to UK. It will start the twice weekly Islamabad to Luton (UK) service from 5 February 2008 and the twice weekly Islamabad to Leeds/Bradford service from 7 February 2008. Shaheen Airlines has leased two Airbus A310-300 from the Turkish company for this purpose.
Pakakhbar welcomes Shaheen Airlines to the UK and wish them every success.

(20 Jan. 08)

Shaheen Air International has re-started its operations to Muscat as of 10 August 2007, it now flies two weekly flights from Lahore to Muscat.
Shaheen Air International has also commenced Islamabad to Abu Dhabi flights from 12 August 2007. Shaheen Air International now flies to six international destinations, which include Abu Dhabi, AlAin, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait and Muscat.
(17 August 07)

In early April 2007, Shaheen Air added further two Boeing 737s to its fleet, bringing the total number of Boeing 737s in its fleet to seven. All of the Boeing aircrafts in Shaheen Airlines fleet are self-owned.
(25 April 07)

Shaheen Air received the delivery of its fifth Boeing 737-200 on 12 March 2007. The aircraft which has been purchased from an American company will supplement the existing fleet of four Boeing 737-200s. Shaheen Air claim to have purchased a further three Boeing 737 aircrafts, which are due for delivery within next few weeks.
It is worth noting Shaheen Air claims to be the only private carrier in Pakistan which has a complete fleet of self-owned aircrafts.
(24 March 07)

As of 15 December 2006, Shaheen Air has started four weekly flights from Karachi to Multan. Shaheen Air is the first airline in the private sector to operate flights to Multan.
(22 Dec. 06)

As of June 2006, Shaheen Air has expanded its domestic network by adding Peshawar to its destinations. However, international flights from Peshawar to Qatar and UAE have already been operational for the last two years. Shaheen Air is the first private airline to connect Quetta with Peshawar, as well as Karachi. It will operate two flights per week from Karachi to Peshawar and one flight per week from Karachi to Pehawar via Quetta.
(1 July 06)

Shaheen Air International is intending to start UK operations from May 2006. The SAI is acquiring Boeing 767 for this purpose.
SAI’s current fleet comprises of four Boeing 737s of which three are registered in Pakistan as is the requirement of CAA of Pakistan.

(28 Jan. 06)

The cargo division of Shaheen Air has entered into an agreement with Pakistan Post to airlift its mail on both domestic and international flights.

Subsequent to the take-over and re-branding the airline earlier this year, Shaheen Air acquired three Boeing 737-200s from the United States, which now form part of its current fleet.
(29 May. 05)

Since being bought out by the Tava group, Shaheen Air has changed its livery and looks more line with the current trend in the world of Airline liveries.

As reported previously, Shaheen Air had intended to acquire two Boeing 737-400s, first of which was acquired earlier this year and has been in operation for some time, whilst the second example has been acquired and will start commercial operations as of 10 December 2004.
(10 Dec.04)

Shaheen Air International has been bought by Tava International Inc. (a Canadian company). However, Shaheen Foundation will hold a small share in the new company.
It is understood that the Canadian company Tava is owned by some of the ex-PAF personnel now residing in Canada and they have paid Rs. 600million for Shaheen Air.
(21 June 04)

It is understood that Shaheen Air International will commence a weekly cargo service between Peshawar and Dubai. The service is to start on 15 June 2004, using a chartered An-12 aircraft.

Shaheen Air has commenced Karachi to Rahim Yar Khan flights and depending on the response may also start Karachi-Rahim Yar Khan-Lahore and Rahim Yar Khan to Al-Ayn (Dubai) flights.
Shaheen Air has leased a Boeing 747 and intends to outright purchase another Boeing 747.

SAI is currently negotiating to acquire 2 Boeing 737-400s.
SAI is officially designated as the second national carrier of Pakistan, it was also the first of the private airlines to start international services from Peshawar. IT serves Lahore and Peshawar from its bases in Karachi and Chaklala in Islamabad, its International destinations include Abu Dhabi and Dubai.