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Friday, July 30, 2010

"PWI 500": 1-100

1. AJ Styles
2. John Cena
3. C.M. Punk
4. Randy Orton
5. Chris Jericho
6. Batista
7. Shinsuke Nakamura
8. The Undertaker
9. Kurt Angle
10. Sheamus
11. Triple-H
12. The Miz
13. Rey Mysterio Jr.
14. Takashi Sugiura
15. Rob Van Dam
16. Dr. Wagner Jr 
17. The Big Show
18. Edge
19. Tyler Black
20. Jeff Hardy
21. Jack Swagger
22. Christian
23. Abyss
24. Ryota Hama
25. Austin Aries
26. Kofi Kingston
27. John Morrison
28. Desmond Wolfe
29. Ultimo Guerrero
30. Drew McIntyre
31. Samoa Joe
32. Davey Richards
33. Mr. Anderson
34. Ted DiBiase  Jr.
35. Hirooki Goto
36. D’Angelo Dinero
37. Eddie Edwards
38. Matt Morgan
39. Hiroshi Tanahashi
40. Yoshihiro Takayama
41. Cody Rhodes
42. Mistico
43. James Storm
44. Daniel Bryan
45. Douglas Williams
46. Roderick Strong
47. Christopher Daniels
48. Mesias
49. Eric Young
50. Dolph Ziggler
51. Robert Roode
52. Naomichi Marufuji
53. Kevin Nash
54. Kevin Steen
55. R-Truth
56. Jeff Jarrett
57. Electroshock
58. Tyson Kidd
59. Montel Vontavious Porter
60. Sting
61. Adam Pearce
62. Jay Briscoe
63. Evan Bourne
64. Minoru Suzuki
65. Blue Demon Jr.
66. Matt Hardy
67. Rob Terry
68. Go Shiozaki
69. David Hart Smith
70. Satoshi Kojima
71. Hernandez
72. Cibernetico
73. Brother Devon
74. Chris Hero
75. Togi Makabe
76. Shelton Benjamin
77. Brother Ray 
78. Yoshi Tatsu
79. Kane
80. Claudio Castagnoli
81. Volador Jr.
82. Takeshi Rikio
83. Dos Caras Jr.
84. JTG
85. Shad Gaspard
86. Mark Briscoe
87. Amazing Red
88. Alex Shelley
89. Mohammad Yone
90. Luke Gallows
91. La Sombra
92. Kazarian
93. Ezekiel Jackson
94. Carlito
95. Chris Sabin
96. Kenny King
97. Phil Shatter
98. BxB Hulk
99. Mark Henry
100. Heath Slater 



Why isn't Ultimate Warrior in the 500?

Hardy Boy said...

Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy, the best!

Anonymous said...

Please post a picture of Brandi, who recently left your magazine

Anonymous said...

What the.. Heath Slater and Kevin Nash make the top 100 but Wade Barrett doesn't... nice list.

Anonymous said...

Nash over Steen. Kofi Kingston over Davey Richards? PWI is clearly filled with marks/

Anonymous said...

"Brandi" doesn't exist. "she" was a made up character.

Jason Pozarowski said...

Heath Slater but no Wade Barrett? makes no sense guys....come on, do your due dilgence

eric said...

i didnt see wade barret? either i missed it or this list is retarted cuz love him or hate him the dude is a rookie making more noise then pretty much anyone on the raw roster

Anonymous said...

Wade Barrett is # 109

Anonymous said...

Where is Buck Zumoffe? He is still one of the most active "oldtimers" out there!

Anonymous said...

This list sucks in the top 10 are 6wwe crap superstars, the only of course that is worth of been in the top 10 is CM PUNK and AJ STYLES as one in the year that is not a top star in TNA come on, whats next in 2011 the number one is going to be HULK HOGAN

Mavado Charon said...

I'm very happy that a TNA star (THE TNA star) just hit the top of the PWI 500 !! TNA is a great compagny, that offer intense shows ! Much better and more authentic wrestling that WWE...close to japanese one, even with Bishoff and Hogan in it :)

Anonymous said...

How are the likes of Yoshi Tatsu, Rob Terry and Dr. Wagner above Kane? Makes no sense to me!

But as a big AJ Styles fan, I am happy that FINALLY, he grabs the number one spot!

Anonymous said...

Where is HBK? Unless his limited amount of matches contributed him not being on the list.

Anonymous said...

Where is HBK?

Anonymous said...

I'm a little annoyed by an incorrect stat you guys put in the magazine.. in the not listed section it lists Ryan Cruz(partner of Darin Corbin in Northstar Express) but than in the 500 he's listed as Ryan Kruz.. in the section of not listed it doesn't say he had a name change or anything of that matter but just that he wasn't listed.. but he is.. and with an incorrect spelling of his name...

rake back said...

Yeah TNA does rock, and their knockouts division is pretty much the only thing keeping the ladies at the forefronts of the industry. Good thing you put their stars on top of your list.

Unrealjoshua said...

I generally make it a point to check out the annual PWI500, and despite the fact that the order is sometimes questionable, I think the list is a great barometer of pro wrestling's present state. I would however like to see more talent being represented from the four corners region, such as Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and even Nevada. There is a lot of talent in the area that is getting overlooked due to geographical location.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY GO AJ!!!! He is the best and this just proves it!!!

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster above,

Yoshi Tatsu definitely belongs higher than Kane. Maybe the Kane of the Attitude Era belonged in the Top 50, but 2010 Kane? Don't get me wrong, he's still really good, but watch any recent Yoshi Tatsu match and tell me Kane deserves to be higher.

Anonymous said...

Shawn micheals should have @ least been in the top 20. His match alone with the undertaker should of have gotten him that.

Anonymous said...

you put JTG higher than Ezekiel Jackson. Heath Slater is higher than Wade Barrett. Undertaker is lower than Jericho. And The Miz is higher than Big Show, mysterio, Edge, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Haedy, and many more superstars who could beat the Miz easly