Revealed: Pop vamp Lady GaGa when she was just the girl next door

She wears sparkly knickers in near freezing conditions and counts PVC as a wardrobe staple, but Lady GaGa was once just a jeans and vest kind of a girl.

Pictures have surfaced which show the singer before she reached international stardom with her No. 1 hit Just Dance, back when she was girl-next-door brunette called Joanne.

Lady Gaga

Before she was famous: Girl next door Joanne Stefani Germanotta in 2007 and right, as Lady GaGa in London last week

But it didn't take long for the then teenager, who grew up in an Italian-American household listening to Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson, to completely overhaul her image.

As she struggled to make a name for herself in New York clubs, she vamped up her look in a desperate effort to stand out from the crowd.

'When I started out, I was pretty funky, but not quite so mad,' the now 22-year-old, who took her stage name from the Queen hit Radio Ga-Ga.

Then as she got older, her look and her act got 'more over-the-top.'

Lady Gaga

'Pretty funky': The singer describes her early look as 'not quite so mad'

She adds: 'I'd be go-go dancing in front of 15 people who didn't know who I was but I'm a fearless person, although I shudder now when I look back at how naive I was.'

She now takes fashion inspiration from everyone from Paris Hilton - they went to the same Manhattan private school - to Donnatella Versace and she even designs some of her own zany outfits.

Lady GaGa said last week: 'Fashion is everything to me. It's just as important as the music. I don't want to exist to the British people as just one song.

Lady GaGa
Lady Gaga

Gagging for attention: The singer started to vamp up her look in an effort to get noticed on the New York club scene


Blonde ambition: The singer first tested out the fair-haired look with disastrous results

'I want to be a true artist who affects their culture in the same way that I've affected American culture.'

Her debut album, The Fame, was the highest new entry at number three on the UK charts this week.

The single Just Dance stayed at the top this week despite a strong challenge from Kid Cudi vs Crookers whose single Day 'n' Nite came straight in at number two.

Lady Gaga
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Ta-da! Lady GaGa showed off her transformation in all its glory during her visit to London this month