Posh 'purchases £250,000 closet that scans her body and tells her what to wear'


Last updated at 16:24 28 June 2007

Her enthusiasm for all things fashion has seen her occasionally wear some real howlers.

But if reports out of America where Victoria Beckham is soon to move are to be believed, the chances of her making such mistakes again are about to be dramatically reduced.

Mrs Beckham, who has just touched down at London's Heathrow airport with husband David ahead of today's announcement of a Spice Girls comeback, reportedly paid out for some extraordinary hi-tech computer wizardry which will scan the outfit she is wearing and allow her to view 360-degree images of herself before she meets the paparazzi on a night out.

victoria beckham

The report, in America's In Touch Weekly magazine claims the Beckhams have splashed out £250,000 on a walk-in closet at their luxurious new Los Angeles mansion. The room apparently comes with a "CAT-scan" such as those used in medical practice which will give her a detailed picture from all angles of herself wearing an outfit on a computer screen within seconds.

Mrs Beckham also, it is said, has a computer system set up to archive all of her outfits so that she can find them instantly, and most importantly not wear the same ones too often.

The long walk-in closet also comes with a leather floor, a Baccarat crystal chandelier, and an £40,000 Andy Warhol show print, the report concludes.

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Victoria and David Beckham

For the record, Mrs Beckhams' publicist tonight adamant that the US reports had been wildly exaggerated, and that although they had had new closets installed, they were simply "bog standard" without any computer wizardy.

Whatever the truth of it, such an elaborate expense would easily fit into the Beckham's new budget. David's move to LA Galaxy is worth £125 million.

A source close to the Beckhams told the Mail that a 360-degree mirror, as see on the What Not to Wear, Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine's TV show in this country, has definitely been installed in their LA closet.


The source added that Mrs Beckham also has pictures taken of herself in all her outfits, her shoes and handbags, so that she can simply punch in rough details and find where in her closet the items are.

That system, the source said, also reminds her if she has worn the outfit recently - and hence whether it should be avoided for a few more months.

Kelly Hoppen - the designer who is being paid an estimated £750,000 to personally put together the Beckham's new home - is also understood to have allowed for an indoor and an outdoor bar by the pool.

David has ordered a state-of-the-art audio-visual system comprising the world's largest flat-screen TV, measuring 103 inches across, and costing £50,000. When visitors walk into the living space, the flatscreen displays a picture of David and Victoria but 'with a clap of the hands the plasma TV comes on' said a source.

The security technology for the mansion - which neighbours that of their friends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes - allows David and Victoria to view the goings on in any room in the house from wherever they are in the world over a secure internet website.

The Beckhams will also employ an army of security guards there - 10 in total - living in a specially constructed "barracks" within the grounds of the house.

Many of the rooms such as the elaborate bathrooms and wetrooms are dripping with golden fittures and fittings, with the tiling also sparkling with inset gemstones.

Such a design is thought to have caused mild friction between Miss Hoppen - who favours minimalist design - and the Beckhams who prefer rather more ostentatious displays of wealth.

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Spice girls

News of the Beckham's new house comes as The Spice Girls are to announce plans for the most profitable reunion in pop history - with a raft of business deals set to make them some £60 million.

The five, Britain's most successful ever girl group, are set to pocket £12 million a piece to reform with plans including a world tour starting at the end of the year.

They will also release an album of greatest hits and work towards a sequel to the hit film Spice World. Sponsors have also been clamouring to sign them up and there will the inevitable slew of merchandising deals.

The girls, Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice), 33, Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), 31, Melanie Chisholm (Sporty Spice), 33, Melanie Brown (Scary Spice), 32 and Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice), 34, will reunite for the first time since their split in 2000 to make the announcement at the O2 Arena, formally the Millennium Dome at noon tomorrow.

When they first started out, they were all in their mid-twenties, wearing micro miniskirts, screeching on about Girl Power and pinching Prince Charles's behind.

Now they are expected to reveal a markedly different image. Perhaps inevitably in a reunion which has been talked about for years, there have been internal squabbles over how they should be packaged 11 years on from their first zig-a-zig-ah.

Back then they were fresh out of school. Now they have six children between them and another on the way (Miss Bunton, the youngest, is currently pregnant, hence the tour not starting until December).

There will be a lot less leaping around the stage of course. The girls were always a triumph of show over substance, and the dance routines were key.

Now they will have to rely a lot more on the singing, something which will no doubt be galling for them and their managers.

Pop mogul Simon Fuller or 19 Management, the girls' original manager, is a master at making the most out of such a reunion - and no hole has been barred in that respect.

With retrospective radio plays and renewed interest in the band for a new generation of teenagers, each of the girls are set to pocket some £2 million from royalties alone.

Miss Halliwell will sadly be at a disadvantage however, when she quit the band to go solo, she is understood to have much of her royalty rights to the girls' nine No1 hits curtailed. That situation is said to have been pivotal in the girls reforming.

For each of the estimated 25 live dates, reportedly starting in London and taking in the US and Asia, the band are set to earn £1 million from ticket sales and on-site merchandising at the venue.

Fuller is understood to have masterminded a string of licensing deals ensuring the girls' new image will appear on everything from pencil cases to crisp packets and bubble bath. Ringtones are also a lucrative area.

The girls are also to earn between £2million and £5million each for a documentary film they are making taking in as yet unseen previous material and new backstage footage of the reunion. Depending on how the reunion is received there is an option to make it into a feature-length movie, a sequel to 1998's Spice World. Such a film could prove vastly profitable when syndicated round the world by Fuller's 19 TV.

In the coming months, television and magazine interviews as a band and individuals will be lined up in America and the US with bidding wars for the exclusive again proving profitable for the girls.

Other earners include a planned glossy coffee table book, an Audience With the Spice Girls show on British television, and personal appearances for such things as switching on Oxford Street's Christmas lights and performing for such individuals as the Sultan of Brunei and assorted Russian oligarchs who have already shown interest.