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Welcome to my website which has been set up in response to requests from different people who have graciously said that they would like access to some of my sermons, Bible Study addresses, and theological articles on topical issues.

John and Anne were married in 1968. They have 4 grown up children and 7 grandchildren.

John was educated in the UK and Canada and gained MA and LLB degrees at the University of Cambridge.

He was called to the Bar in 1965 and practiced as a Barrister (Advocate) for 19 years. In 1978 he was appointed a part-time judge, and in 1979 Queen’s Counsel.

In 1984 John and Anne moved with their family to Zimbabwe to do mission work. After two years with African Enterprise they founded Zambesi Ministries which they directed for the next 15 years until John reached 60.

Anne and John now make their home in Cape Town. John is available as a consultant in constitutional law and serves Doctors for Life International and the Justice Alliance of South Africa.

Others, such as health workers who battle with conscientious objection to abortion, have asked for the lectures I have given on this and related topics.

And then there are those who want to support in prayer and other ways the efforts I am making to fight for Judeo-Christian moral values in South Africa on constitutional grounds.

Please feel free to browse, and I would so welcome your comments. Contact me on You are welcome to download and use anything you find useful.

If you are someone who wonders what makes Anne and me get involved in these controversial issues in the evening of our lives, may I invite you to read my booklet “Discovering Christianity Today’ which you will find under Theological Books and Booklets.