Catapult OptimEye S5 Athlete Monitoring System

The Catapult OptimEye S5 includes the latest 5th generation 10Hz GPS engine which will pick
up the Glonass Satellite configuration in addition to US Military Satellites allowing more
accuracy of complex athletic movements missed by lower specification units.

The OptimEye S5 includes:

• Distinct streamlined design with refined cutting appearance & incredibly robust exterior
• Extremely precise 10Hz GPS engine with refined accuracy for positional, velocity
and acceleration data and with significant advancements for use in stadiums and
challenging environments
• 3 axis configurable100Hz 2-16g accelerometers to measure linear motion, impact
forces, acceleration, deceleration and more
• 3 axis configurable 200-2000 degrees per second gyroscopes to measure angular
motion and rotation allowing accurate classification of specific movement patterns.
• 3 axis 100Hz magnetometers to measure direction and orientation
• Heart rate logging from Polar heart rate belts plus optional ANT connectivity for
connection with peripheral devices. Heart rate data can be exported to FirstBeat
• Monolithic electronics for greatly improved durability in contact sports 
• Powerful internal computer for sophisticated processing to allow all parameters
including sophisticated and validated variables such as RHIE, Tackles and IMA all
produced within live reporting
• Ultrafast wireless reporting with no downloading of units required

Catapult OpenField Software

The ultimate performance monitoring devices need the ultimate performance monitoring software. OpenField is an all-encompassing analytics platform which integrates the ‘triad of performance’ to keep you at the forefront of sports science application.

Combining the needs of clients around the world within the tactical, technical and physical aspects of athlete and team performance, Catapult’s expert software team have developed the most advanced analytics platform in sport. OpenField addresses not only the requests of elite teams, but entire leagues and competitions, as well as use for broadcast and media purposes – an area which Catapult is growing rapidly in to enhance fan engagement with vastly unique analytics.

With all the desirable metrics to measure physical performance during competition, the combination of OpenField’s tactical applications with Catapult’s indoor and outdoor OptimEye units allow users to use the platform as a digital playbook on their iPhone, iPad and laptop in real time. OpenField will also allow collaboration with Catapult clients for technical applications, where specific algorithms for specific movements and correlating data between team performance and measures of outcome performance will open up unlimited potential for elite sport analysis.

OpenField is completely adaptable to each individual user:
• Create custom alerts and completely new metrics
• Interactive graphs of customizable parameters in multiple, switchable views
• Individual and team reports batched and run immediately
• Bulk email reports to selected email lists from a maintained contact database
• Data migration to league databases (where applicable)
• Reporting dashboard with variable number of bands and adaptable reports
• Import/export to several third party software/video packages
• Wireless data available at end of activity for generation of common reports
• Metadata used to customize filtering, reporting and presenting broadcast data
• Athlete login page on latest session where they view status of assigned goals
• Data sent to individual iOS devices, where staff can set periods in real time
• Periods can be set within periods, while simultaneous periods run
• Create own algorithms off any parameters
• Map athletes to groups within a team
• Create own algorithms off any parameters
• Compare local and live data
• Type comments before exporting reports
• League-specific benching and positional group structures
• Google Maps for location or build your own field with the OptimEye units

The new Catapult OpenField Software allows detailed analysis including:

Biomechanical Analysis
• Analyse impact forces, turn rates, orientation
• Analyse impact forces (take out turn rates, orientations) - tackle identification and
measurement for heavy impacts sports such as Rugby
• Orientation - break down movement into forward, backwards and sideways running

Tactical Analysis
• Synchronise video footage with GPS based animation of the game
• Replay 2D animations of the play in real time or after the game to communicate
tactical strategies to players and coaches
• Export GPS animations of play to video files for use in 3rd party software analysis
tools such as Sportscode

Post game Analysis
• Generate automatic reports breaking down performance into velocity, heart rate
& acceleration bands, recovery times, effort lengths & more
• Sophisticated graphing tools enabling up to 4 graphs with 4 variables per graph
• Contour plots mapping player position on the pitch and effort arrows to show
location of major sprints, accelerations etc.

Sophisticated Wireless Real Time Analysis
• Count distance, sprint efforts, monitor HR and much more in real time
• Set individualised performance alarms for each player and be alerted in real time to
performance issues
• 200m wireless transmission range
• 5 hour battery

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