Andy's Top 10 All-Time
Favorite TV Shows

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  • 10.
  • 9. Jericho
  • 8. The Amazing Race
  • 7. South Park
  • 6. Dallas
  • 5. Sliders
  • 4. Heroes
  • 3. 24
  • 2. Night Tracks
    Honorable mentions:

  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire You might wonder what kind of TV show is Night Tracks? C'mon! Think hard! Give up? It was a music video show that appeared on late night weekends on TBS Superstation (Turner Broadcasting System in Atlanta, Georgia USA). It made its debut on Friday, June 3, 1983 and the first video shown was "Family Man", by Daryl Hall & John Oates. I can still recall that fantastic moment like it was yesterday. At first Night Tracks was only 12 hours each weekend, but later expanded with another hour on Saturday nights with its Top 10 (Top 20 in 1990) CHARTBUSTERS music video countdown show in 1984. In 1985 Night Tracks expanded its Friday night lineup with Power Play. This would be the peak period with up to 14 hours of Night Tracks programming (unless it was delayed and abbreviated by Atlanta Braves Baseball, NBA Basketball games, etc.) until Spring of 1989 when it and TBS Superstation unfortunately gradually started cutting down on the hours and quality of the shows. A last ditch effort was made by first sampling an Alternative format in the Spring of 1991 and later ditching the Pop/Soft Rock format to a full time Alternative and Rap format in August 1991. That proved to be a dud and its last show aired on the last weekend of May 1992. Since the demise of Night Tracks, have you noticed that eMpTyV doesn't use that Exclusive logo as often on new music video acquisitions? That was because Night Tracks and other music video shows were its competition! After the competition were all eliminated, eMpTyV execs must have felt that they could slack off and degrade itself by showing mostly Alternative, Rap, or no videos with shows that has nothing to do with music. Remember those music video shows like USA Network's NIGHT FLIGHT, the syndicated NEW YORK HOT TRACKS (similar to Night Tracks), AMERICA'S TOP 10 with Casey Kasem, and Friday Night Videos? Now you know what I mean! Please don't let eMpTyV get away with this music video monopoly in America. You say there's VH1? That's also owned by the parent company of eMpTyV. Same goes for eMpTyV 2 which is presently carried on very few cable systems. eMpTyV has given me a bad impression.
    If any Night Tracks fans are still out there, here's your chance to let TBS Superstation know that Night Tracks needs to be revived in order for the Viacom ruined eMpTyV Networks to have some competition. Also, eMpTyV was once owned by Warner AMEX but was sold to Viacom in 1986. Today, AOL Time Warner is the parent company of TBS Superstation. It's time to convince them to reenter the music video broadcasting business. Reviving Night Tracks and completely restoring its old timeslots would be a good start.
    Contact TBS Superstation online and ask them to revive Night Tracks!

    Snail Mail & Phone Call:

    TBS Superstation
    1050 Techwood Drive, NW
    Atlanta, GA 30318-5604
    (404) 827-1717
    (404) 885-4488

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