Now EastEnders star Jessie Wallace releases fitness DVD following her dramatic two stone weight loss

She managed to shift two stone in just six weeks and now Jessie Wallace is keen to cash in on her weight loss success.

Not put off by her former EastEnders co-star Natalie Cassidy - who says she regrets making her best-selling fitness DVD because of the constant attention it brought to her yo-yoing weight - the actress is set to release a workout of her own.

The 38-year-old presents a fat-burning workout designed to slim and tone the body, titled Jessie Wallace: Look At Me Now.

Jessie Wallace: Look At Me Now Workout

Jessie Wallace is set to follow in the footsteps of her former EastEnders co-star Natalie Cassidy with the release of her own fitness DVD

Jessie has completely overhauled her routine - and her body - since she was prompted to lose weight after watching herself appear on Strictly Come Dancing last year.

The 5'2" actress, who once filled out a Size 16, is now a lean Size 8.

In fact, she became so slender that she was forced to wear a fat-suit for her role as weight-obsessed Sylvia in the stage musical, Stepping Out.

Jessie Wallace
Jessie Wallace

The actress, pictured left in October, has shifted more than two stone

Natalie Cassidy

Natalie says she now regrets releasing her DVD because of the attention it brought to her yo-yoing weight

She says she is now super strict with both diet and exercise.

'I go to the gym three times a week and do half an hour on the running machine, interval training,' she has said.

'And then I work on my arms, my legs, my a***, my tummy, every part of the body, doing weight machines.

'And then on the days when I’m not in the gym, I just go for a really long run. And every night in front of the telly, religiously, I do 300 stomach crunches.’

‘It has become an obsession, but a good one,’ she says.

She also cut out wheat, dairy and alcohol and now eats more fruit, vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds.

Jessie is also mother to four-year-old daughter Tallulah Lilac, whose father is her ex-boyfriend Dave Morgan.

Jessie Wallace: Look At Me Now will be released December 28.