Build Your Widget Lets You Monetize Your Traffic To The Max!

Build Awesome Widgets

Build Your Widget lets you build really cool widgets that show popup windows.

The widgets are fully customizable, using an extremely user friendly user interface.

No programming is required!

You can use the widget's popup windows to display to your visitors whatever it is you want to display the most.

Don't spend hours cramming monetization links into your own site. It's a maintenance nightmare!

Instead... create a widget, insert your monetization links, display it on your site, and maintain your monetization links within your widget.

Get Higher Rankings

Build Your Widget hosts your widgets for you.

This keeps them safe from accidental deletions due to server crashes on your own webhost.

Include your site's monetization links in your widgets; keep your own site squeaky clean.

Search engines nowadays are tracking how much interactivity users are having with your website, in order to determine your authority.

Our widgets let you strategically place money links in widgets that your site's visitors love to click on.

Forget expensive outsourcing solutions for custom website design. Just Build Your Widget to make your site unique and therefore highly rankable!

Attract More Clicks

Build Your Widget lets you customize your widget in such a way that you can include it prominently on your site.

Above the fold? Not a problem. Inside a blog post? Not a problem. In the sidebar? Not a problem.

You can include your widgets wherever you like in order to attract the most attention and get the most clicks.

Your widgets will change color when one of your visitors hovers their mouse over them.

The urge to click is unbearable. A popup pops up and your widget displays a presale page right in the center of your visitor's field of view.

Get more clicks. Get more money.