The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo  

Illustration List

elow are a list of illustrations included in The Lucifer Effect. These images may be used for non-commercial purposes, with credit line to and link to when images are posted on the web. Any commercial use requires a written request and permission from my office.

2. Police arresting student prisoner
3. Stanford Prison Experiment (SPE) guard in uniform
4. SPE prisoners lined up for their frequent counts
5. SPE grievance committee meets with Superintendent Zimbardo
6. SPE’s Yard in action
7. SPE prisoner suffers an emotional breakdown
8. SPE hooded, chained prisoners await hearings with the Parole Board
9. SPE naked prisoner in his cell #3
10. SPE chart comparing behaviors of guards and prisoners (from video records)
11. Ad soliciting New Haven adults for Milgram’s study of obedience (courtesy Alexandra Milgram and Erlbaum Press)
12. “Learner” is attached to shock apparatus in obedience experiment
13. “Teacher” shocks “learner” complying with authority pressure
14. Abu Ghraib Prison: Prisoner pyramid with smiling MP guards
15. Abu Ghraib Prison: MP dragging prisoner on ground with a dog leash
16. Staff Sergeant Chip Frederick proudly holding American flag in Iraq
17. Abu Ghraib prisoners forced to simulate sodomy and to masturbate
18. Unmuzzled Belgian Shepherd Army dogs terrifying naked prisoner
19. Abu Ghraib MP in prison cell with face painted in style of a rock group
20. Chip Frederick with “Hooded Man,” the iconic image of torture
21. Chip Frederick sitting on top of prisoner “Shit Boy”
22. Abu Ghraib MP posing with murdered “Ghost detainee” on Tier 1A
23. Heroic Chinese student, “Tank Man,” facing down Army tanks

©2006-2016, Philip G. Zimbardo

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