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Assembling a "Safe" Folder

 A Safe Folder is a collection of documents that are assembled in a binder or folder and used to protect your family and educate others. The contents of your folder are essentially a “road map” of your child’s life. The folder will provide the reader with the history and facts needed to understand your child’s gender identity and your family stability. It will also provide supporting education for those who may not understand how gender identity is developed or how it can differ from assigned birth sex.

You should keep two identical copies of your Safe Folder.  One copy should remain in your home and the other copy in a safe place away from your home in case of fire, flood, etc.  Both copies should be consistently updated with new items.

Your Safe Folder Should Include:

  • A letter from your pediatrician/general practitioner confirming your child’s gender identity.  Guidelines for use by a medical professional in composing such a letter can be found here.
  • A letter from your child’s therapist/counselor confirming your child’s gender identity and confirming the stability of your family
  • A letter from any other healthcare professionals that your child is involved with confirming your child’s gender identity
  • Letters from at least three (3) friends or family members or your pastor/minister that confirm your child’s atypical gender behaviors and testimony of your parenting abilities.  Letters should state how they know you, the length of time they have known you and the pattern of atypical gender behaviors that they have witnessed with your child, along with current contact information for the writer.
  • Drawings or writings from your child that display their gender identity.  (Example: Natal males drawing themselves as princesses or natal females drawing themselves as soldiers.)
  • Videos or snapshots of your child displaying atypical gender behaviors. (Chronological order; new pictures added every six months or more frequently as significant developmental changes happen for the child)
  • Legal Documents (copy of birth certificate, passports, social security cards and name change documents if applicable)
  • Home study documenting family stability, if available
  • State Department of Justice, Bureau of Criminal Information/Analysis      (searches Child Abuse Central Index) for parents, if available

The following documents from the TYFA website (www.imatyfa.org) :


If you have questions or need assistance in creating a Safe Folder for your child/family, you may contact TransYouth Family Allies, Inc. (TYFA) by email at info@imatyfa.org , on the internet at www.imatyfa.org or by calling Toll Free at 1-888-IMA-TYFA (462-8932).