The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo  

Chapter List

Chapter 1. The Psychology of Evil: Situated Character Transformations
Chapter 2. Sunday’s Surprise Arrests
Chapter 3. Let Sunday’s Degradation Rituals Begin
Chapter 4. Monday's Prisoner Rebellion
Chapter 5. Tuesday’s Double Trouble: Visitors and Rioters
Chapter 6. Wednesday Is Spiraling Out of Control
Chapter 7. The Power to Parole
Chapter 8. Thursday’s Reality Confrontations
Chapter 9. Friday’s Fade to Black
Chapter 10. SPE’s Meaning and Messages: The Alchemy of Character Transformations
Chapter 11. SPE’s Ethics and Extensions
Chapter 12. Investigating Social Dynamics: Power, Conformity, and Obedience
Chapter 13. Investigating Social Dynamics: Deindividuation, Dehumanization, and the Evil of Inaction
Chapter 14. Abu Ghraib’s Abuses and Tortures: Understanding and Personalizing Its Horrors
Chapter 15. Putting the System on Trial: Command Complicity
Chapter 16. Resisting Situational Influences and Celebrating Heroism

©2006-2016, Philip G. Zimbardo

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