Welcome to Cycles Peugeot, home of worlds most comprehensive collection of Peugeot catalogs and information.  Along with U.S. catalogs
you'll find a considerable number of French, British and Dutch versions.   

Eventually I'd like to have a complete collection of U.S. catalogs from Peugeots first year in the U.S., 1974, through their last in 1990.  Along with
a U.S. specific collection I'd like to complete worldwide collection dating from 1882 to the present.

Each section of this website contains a vast amount of knowledge pertaining to a particular topic.  After visiting each of the section you'll have
new appreciation for Peugeot bikes and an understanding of their rich history!!  

Peugeot, as I'm sure you know, also manufactures cars and households goods.  Occassionaly you'll find pictures and links to these products.  
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Stunning 1976 PY10 with chrome lugs and gold components.