Did anti-gay hatred prompt techie's murder? Police fear engineer was smothered to death by attacker who 'disliked his lifestyle'

Gay sex may be at the centre of the murder of a senior IT executive whose semi-naked body was discovered in his south Delhi residence last week, investigators have said. 

Condoms were reportedly found on the floor of the victim’s room. 

The police have widened the scope of the investigation after initial medical observation confirmed that the victim, who was smothered to death in his Safdarjung Enclave house on Wednesday, had same sex partners. 

“The motive could be refusal to have [homosexual] sex with one of his partners. We’re also looking at a possible gay hate crime angle. Someone may have had a problem with his lifestyle and murdered him in a fit of rage,” a senior Delhi Police officer told Mail Today. 

The victim was smothered to death in his Safdarjung Enclave home. (Picture for representation.)

The victim was smothered to death in his Safdarjung Enclave home. (Picture for representation.)

“Initial medical observations confirmed that the deceased used to have [homosexual] sex. We have also recovered condoms from the scene of crime. Also, the body was found in a semi-naked state when cops reached the spot,” a senior police official of South district, who is investigating the case, told Mail Today. 

According to sources in the police, the victim’s roommate, who also worked at the same office, has also hinted that the victim's sexual preferences could be the reason for the murder.

“He said he used to be outside the house most of the day due to office, while the victim used to work from home. He said he had no idea who used to visit the house to meet the victim. A Noida-based company had given the option to the victim to work from home. The roommate also said the victim was friendly and used to help him with office work as he was his junior,” sources said. 

The police’s theory is also supported by the fact that there was no forceful entry into the house. Some known person/s entered into the room, murdered the engineer, and walked away. 

The door locks are not broken and no sign of forceful entry has been detected by the crime team. 

“Our investigation has shown that the murderer did not break into the house and after committing the crime he simply walked away. Also, the victim died due to suffocation and the murderer could have killed him by suffocating him with a pillow,” a police official added. 

Another reason for putting out the ‘hate crime’ theory is that cops have already ruled out a robbery angle as all expensive items are in at their rightful place. 

“There is no clue that hints at robbery. When investigators reached the spot, they found three expensive laptops lying in the room. The roommate has also confirmed that nothing from the room has gone missing. There are no injuries on the deceased’s body that could have resulted in death,” sources said. 

According to sources, investigators feel the murder could have been committed by one of the deceased’s partners out of sexual jealousy, or by someone close to him who had issues with his sexual preferences. 

Investigators feel more than one person may be involved in the crime. They also feel that the deceased could have used a separate mobile number exclusively for his partners. 

On the day of the crime, the victim's roommate was not in town and cops have given him a clean chit in the case. 

The victim was expected to report for work on Wednesday. His body was discovered when he did not reach the office, and his phone was found switched off. 

One of his colleagues came to check on him and discovered his body.

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