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n this section you will find a lot of material that was edited out of The Lucifer Effect because the book was getting too long, and also because the editor felt that its particular placement interfered with the flow of the arguments being developed. Much of it is historical in nature and it was not clear if it would be appreciated by the general audience for this book, but might be very relevant for many readers who were history buffs. Thus, I decided to include most of the excised material in this section of our web site. Some of it stands on its own as interesting information and background, some of it is better appreciated after you have read the relevant chapter in my book.

There are 11 short pieces that are each accessed by clicking on their title below.

I have also added some additional informational pieces that might interest some viewers, such as background on Luciferís transformation from favorite angel into Satan.

A Curious Aside: A Masked Abu Ghraib Guard
Killing Your Children on Command: Ulimate Demonstration of Situational Power by Reverend Jim Jones
Creating Little Elementary School Beasties: Mrs. Elliottís Brown Eyes Versus Blue Eyes
George Lakoff's Moral Politics of Strict vs. Nurturing Father Frames
Dionysus and Loss of Control
Why Situations and Systems Matter
Anonymity of Place Stimulates Destructive Vandalism
The Power of Norms and Groups on Individuals: Parallels Between the Stanford Prison Experiment and Milgramís Obedience Research
San Quentin Prison Escape, George Jacksonís Murder, Attica, and Weather Underground
Ethical Reflections on the Stanford Prison Experiment
Replications and Extensions of the Stanford Prison Experiment
The Major Fallen Angels, Devils In Hell

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