You CAN be gay (or lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex) and be a Christian!

If you’ve been hurt by words spoken from a pulpit, felt oppressed and ostracized just because of who you are, or felt unsure about where to find answers in your quest to reconcile your faith and your sexuality, then The Homecoming Project is for you.

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The Homecoming Project is a short course that seeks to provide a warm and safe place for LGBTI spirituality to be affirmed, nurtured and celebrated. Held in Melbourne, the five sessions will cover areas ranging from the interpretation of scripture, to practicing spiritual disciplines, as well as friendships, relationships and intimacy.

It is a place for LGBTI people of faith to be encouraged to live life and live it well, helping to stem the appalling mental health statistics that have plagued the community for so long.

Homecoming will run every Thursday night through July from 7:30pm – 10:00pm at East Doncaster Baptist Church. Use the menu above to learn more about the program, find answers to some FAQ’s and to register your place.

Join us to learn!

Learn more about spirituality, sexuality and gender diversity and how they all fit together.

Join us to discover!

Discover that faith and a diverse sexuality or gender are not mutually exclusive.

Join us to encounter!

Encounter ways that friendships, relationships and intimacy are all part of faithful LGBTI life.

Join us to celebrate!

Celebrate who you are and the deep, abundant and meaningful life that lies ahead.

Visit The Homecoming Project Sponsors and Supporters:

MGA Counselling Services

MGA provides affordable and affirming counselling in the areas of mental health, sexuality, spirituality and relationships with a special focus on the LGBTI community and those questioning their sexuality or gender identity. Evening and day time appointments are available in Croydon  Hills, East Doncaster or by Skype.

Visit or call 1300 38 50 20 for more information.

I applaud your courage and your vision. You are a pioneer in beginning to redress a great and shameful wrong, even at terrible personal cost. I wish I could do more to support you. 

Name witheld

As a GLBT person of faith, I have personally experienced a lot of horrible things. Thank you for running such an important program. It means a lot to have someone tell you that you are worthwhile when such a large part of society judges you before ever knowing you. Straight allies are extremely important in this fight for acceptance and love. Thank you.

Name withheld