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1.                 How to install DFS?


The DFS does not require any installation. Simply, create a new directory and then put dfsfull.jar in it.



2.                 What is the difference between dfs.jar and dfsfull.jar?


There are available two editions: open source edition and full edition. The open source version is in dfs.jar, the full l version is in dfsfull.jar.



3.                 What are the requirements for DFS?


  Since DFS is entirely written in Java, it requires Java Runtime Environment Standard Edition (JRE SE) installed on your computer. If JRE is not installed, download and install the appropriate package for your operating system. For Windows, Linux and Solaris visit http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp, for MacOS visit Java Update for Mac or


4.                 How to run DFS?


To run DFS you need to launch dfsfull.jar. In Windows you can launch DFS by double-clicking dfsfull.jar or by typing in a command line: java –jar dfsfull.jar. In Linux, go to the installation directory and then type in the command-line: java –jar dfsfull.jar.



5.                 I pressed “Delete Selected files” button but no files were deleted. Why?


This situation may occur especially in Linux or other operating systems with strict permissions control. The reason is that you probably don’t have permissions to delete files. The possible solutions are:

  • In Linux, try to use the following command: chmod 666 filename(directory-name), where filename (directory-name) denotes the directory where you want to delete files,
  • Log off and then log in to a different account with permission to delete files in the relevant directory.



6.                 I do not seem able to examine an external drive. Is this normal?


The reason is probably that an external drive is not correctly mounted in your file system. The possible solutions are:

  • Make sure that your removable device is mounted in the file system – that is you can access files on it using another file manager.
  • Install the latest Java Runtime Environment.


7.                 Where can I leave my questions, comments, feature requests etc.?


All your feedback is appreciated. Go to DFS Forum