Tomas Petricek


Long time F# enthusiast, author of Real-world Functional Programming and computer science PhD student.

Cambridge, UK
Joined December 2008

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  1. Had a great time doing in Seattle last week! Now it's time for proper offline holidays. On my way to South America for 3 weeks..

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    Thanks to everyone for joining us today and thanks to all the amazing speakers! It was a lot of f#un!

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    Starting in 5 minutes! Tune in now at :

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    Countdown to - in 1 hour, world-class experts present F# in action on practical applications:

  5. 6:15am is not my favourite time of day, but what wouldn't I do for the lovely community? T-2h!

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    On the way to Seattle with ! Want to meet on Friday evening? :)

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    . Tune in tomorrow to find out if it's worth playing, has a proof! :-)

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    Join us tomorrow with a LIVE stream of experts at our first

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    Join us this Friday for on Channel 9! A day of awesome talks from the community.

  11. Who are the folks behind SF? I will likely be around in June (after/before ) and could come & say some silly things...?

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    Demos and interviews are up! We'll have , , , and joining us!

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  14. Academic friends! Probabilistic programming group in Oxford needs post-docs and I'm told they're keen on :

  15. 10 Ways of Getting Started with F# - my blitzkrieg intro, recorded at !

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    The schedule is up for , which includes "The F#orce Awakens" which is just the best talk title

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    I will be also talking about on - one of "Community slot" is ours ;)

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