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Welcome to the ES PYWiki Community portal. From here we can manage the additions to and progression of the PYWiki. The wiki is an important part of the ES reference material - it is important to make sure as much of it as possible is cohesive and simple to follow. The majority of discussion should probably occur on the forums but a form of reference here is also useful.


Style and inclusion guidelines

Note 1: Mattie pointed out that Events should go over on the normal ES wiki (

Note 2: Main page changes / contact must be discussed with Mattie (only he can make the changes). It is the entry point ot the site so he needs substantial control over it

Template References

The following templates are used to create the various types of pages used on the wiki (more info on how to use them to follow).

Examples on how to use them:


All the key modules need adding to the wiki. Here are some that need doing:


Tutorials are probably going to be VERY useful to ESP. What needs covering?

I'll add a beginners tutorial, tutorial at: Python_for_Beginners

Simple Python reference guide

Errant will be organising a Python reference guide under Python - it will cover basic Python Syntax and some of the Python modules useful to ESP. Anyone able to help please join in.

The reference may not be reinventing the wheel and will where possible link to external sources for guide material.

List of reference pages

Note: Please add pages that may be useful to the list

- Python (Intro to the reference)
- Python/Class
- Python/Def | Python/Function (redirect) | Python/Method (redirect)
- Python/Import
- Python/Time (time module)

Questions and discussion

Please direct all discussion / questions here (or better yet the talk page). Don't forget to sign what you say with 4 tilde's! Or use the forums for major stuff (as many people do not follow here).

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