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  1. The race to bring Afghanistan to the Winter Olympics

  2. Starbucks attempts to increase US voter turnout by helping baristas to register

  3. Hulk v Gawker: 'bizarre case' could have profound consequences for free speech

  4. Exiles on Main Street: London Irish and Saracens try selling rugby to America

  5. Hadley Freeman: why cast a lighter-skinned actor as Nina Simone? Here come the racesplainers

  6. How brothers fighting for Syria were defeated by never-ending conflict

  7. Confrontations shut down Trump rally in Chicago - in pictures

  8. ‘I don't take acting that seriously. I'm a Valley girl’: Elisabeth Moss on life after Mad Men

  9. Tim Dowling: ‘I’ve never voted in a Democratic primary before. I didn’t even know I could’

  10. Eagles of Death Metal singer apologi​​ses for alleging inside job at Bataclan show

  11. Everybody Wants Some!! review: Richard Linklater's new college comedy is infectious fun

  12. Donald Trump rally called off in Chicago amid protests, violence and chaos

  13. Ben Bagdikian, journalist who helped publish the Pentagon Papers, dies

  14. 'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan defends methods amid animal cruelty inquiry

  15. Four shot at Canadian cemetery after funeral of 21-year-old man

  16. Astronaut Scott Kelly to retire from Nasa after spending year in space

  17. Trump rally in Chicago abruptly postponed over safety concerns

  18. Paris attackers 'listed on cache of Islamic State documents'

  19. The deadly efficiency of Isis and how it grew on the global stage | David Kilcullen

  20. Donald Trump rally in Chicago postponed due to 'safety reasons' – live

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