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C# Chat Wiki

What is the C# chat room wiki? What are some guidelines if I am new to chatting at Stack Overflow or to the C# chat room?

I have at least 20 reputation on stackoverflow and would like to use the chat room feature. Naturally my first choice was C#.

Are there any guidelines I should know about for the C# chat room?


  • Be on topic
  • Be nice, show class
  • Please do not post NSFW content
  • Do not post requests for others to do your work
  • Please avoid flagging content unless it is egregious
  • Don't ask if you can ask, it is recursive
  • Even if no one is around, you should still ask your question
  • If you can reproduce your problem chances are someone can fix it
  • If you have a question about your code, please show the code in a small snippet or in a link
  • Simply stating that "it doesn't work" without explaining what is not working will not get your problem solved

Tips and Tricks

  • To edit your last message (2 minute window) use the up key on your keyboard while focused on the textarea input
Message Options
  • To see other options on your sent messages, click to the left of them in order to view a popout interface
Message Formatting
  • If you do send code, please use `` for a small code block (this will only work when a line break has not been used)
  • To generate a line break, use SHIFT+ENTER
  • If you wish to send a large code block with line breaks, use CTRL+K while focused on the textarea input or click the "fixed font" button next to "send".
  • As with comments on questions and answers, **bolds**, *italicizes*, ---strikes---, [LINK TEXT](HTTP://WEBSITE.COM) creates a named link for LINK TEXT, [tag:NAME] creates a tag link for NAME
  • If you wish to use a "sarcasm" font then you may use *`sarcastic comment`* to indicate sarcasm.
  • There are few other special cases for chat such as linking questions and answers. These links will turn into mini previews (please do not spam them)
  • A link which ends in a viable image extension will also be transformed into the image in chat (please nothing not safe for work)