The selfish youngsters putting themselves - and others - in peril with their blatant disregard for the dangers of thin ice

  • Mother dives into frozen pond to rescue drowning son

Foolhardy teenagers who put their lives at risk by using a frozen pond as an ice rink have been condemned for their 'crazy' behaviour.

A group of youths in Bolton were caught on camera riding bikes and performing stunts on ice less than an inch thick.

Ironically, firefighters were in Moses Gate Country Park posting warning signs about the dangers of thin ice when they spotted the teens recklessly playing on the safety hazard.

Leap of faith: One schoolboy jumps on to the ice at Century Lodge, Farnworth, while his friends look on

Leap of faith: One schoolboy jumps on to the ice at Century Lodge, Farnworth, while his friends look on

And yesterday afternoon, schoolchildren were caught repeatedly jumping up and down on a patch of ice at nearby Century Lodge.

Farnworth Fire Station manager Richard Mortimer told The Bolton News:'While we were putting the posters up there was a gang of kids on the lodge. They were riding their bikes on the ice.

'As we were watching them we cold see the cracks appearing on the ice. It was absolutely crazy.

'They were doing stunts on the ice and pulling wheelies. As I saw one lad pulling a wheelie, I could actually see the ice move. They should not be out on the ice at any time.

'It’s only November. I measured it and it was less than an inch thick.'

On dodgy ground: Apparently oblivious to the danger, one schoolboy casually walks across the ice

On dodgy ground: Apparently oblivious to the danger, the youth casually walks across the ice

Firefighters managed to catch one of the teens and warn him about the dangers of thin ice.

Despite the warning, it is understood the same gang returned to the ice to continue putting their lives in danger once officials had left.

In a separate incident, a 12-year-old Hertfordshire boy is lucky to be alive tonight after plunging through the ice of a frozen pond.

The schoolboy and a friend were playing on the ice on Chorleywood Common when it suddenly cracked beneath his feet, sending him into the sub-zero water.

As he disappeared beneath the surface, his quick-thinking playmate alerted his friend's mother who leapt into the water to save him.

Paramedics treated the boy at the water's edge before he was allowed home with his parents.

A spokesman for East of England Ambulance Service said: 'We are asking the public, dog walkers and especially children to take care near frozen waters. It is impossible to tell how thick the ice is and how deep the water is underneath.

'The risk is too great and whilst it seems a good thing to do at the time, could easily end up in a tragedy.'

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, more than 20 people have drowned after falling through ice into water in the last ten years, with many more having to be rescued.

A spokesman said: 'Looking at past incidents, the individuals most at risk are young children and males of any age.

'Children are attracted to frozen lakes and canals as they present natural ice skating opportunities.

'However, more than 50 per cent of ice-related drownings involved an attempted rescue of another person or a dog.

'In many instances the dog managed to scramble ashore unaided while the owner did not.

'It is therefore prudent not to throw sticks or balls for dogs near frozen water and if they do get into trouble, not to attempt to rescue them by venturing onto the ice.'