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SiteWave: Excellence in Collaborative Online Web Building

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Excellence in Collaborative Website Design
At Home on the Internet

Define Yourself on the Web - Make Waves

SiteWave removes barriers between authors and readers, producers and customers. Now you can focus on your content and your market.

Welcome to SiteWave, the only multi-author, browser driven, web application authoring system on the Internet. Where your content and an HTML browser are all you need. Multiple levels of management and security means you can start small and delegate as you grow.

SiteWave - WebApp Builder

Builder Features
Web browser-driven

No need to know HTML

Single and Multiple authors

Spell Checking

Auto HTML Code

Hyperlinks and auto URLs

MetaTags are automatic

Auto ZIP and FTP

Auto submits each page to Search Engines

Define new applications as easily as filling in the blanks.

WYSIWIG editing in IE

Full Site Documenting





Leveraging the Web for Managed Collaboration

Publish books as websites easily and quickly. With SiteWave your books never go out of print.

SiteWave also gives publishers the ability to manage any number of authors, editors, and administrators in a dynamic, collaborative, decentralized system. The flexible, secure, system of management tools for websites, sections, users, and groups lets your organization drive the intellectual division of labor to new heights of productivity and profit.

SiteWave - for Publishers

Publishers System Features
SiteWave EzFeatures

Single Author can publish multiple sites

Multiple Authors can publish multiple sites
Adminsitration Features
Flexible Security

Controlable User Privileges

Article Screening

Secure and Hierarchical

Decentralized Authorship

Staging Area for Stories in Development

Editors approve Articles submitted by Authors
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SiteWave EzPricing

ForumWave - Discussions

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Try SiteWave. It's a content publishing system that you use right in your web browser--so there is absolutely no need for you to buy, learn or use HTML web software. Just you, SiteWave and the information you want to publish. Click here to give it a Test Drive. 

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