Bionic Tripod 3.0 – A highly dynamic
flexible tripod

Bionic Tripod 3.0
Bionic Tripod 3.0

Fresh ideas for automation technology

With the Bionic Tripod, Festo is adopting a new approach in handling technology as an alternative to the portal systems that are predominant in mechanical engineering. Unlike these designs, with Bionic Tripod 3.0 the drive unit and the handling system are entirely independent of each other.


The working and drive levels are spatially separated by the work surface. The system's drive unit is safely located and protected beneath the work surface, while the controllable pyramid of rods is mounted vertically on top of it.

Energy-efficient, highly dynamic overhead grasping

Thanks to its low weight, this handling unit can be moved in an energy-efficient and highly dynamic manner. The low centre of gravity of the entire system provides additional stability for precise alignment with short travel.


With its DHDG-W-80 adaptive gripping finger incorporating the Fin Ray Effect®, Bionic Tripod 3.0 can securely grasp objects of various shapes and contours located above it in a form-fitting manner and deposit them to the side.


The flexible gripper arm can swivel up to 90 degrees in any spatial direction, which makes for a large scope of operation. The resulting flexibility and yielding ability make it ideal for tasks involving human-machine interaction, and its protective work surface is of advantage especially in dusty, dirty environments.