Demi does her worst

Flawless (12A)


Frozen-faced: Demi Moor

Demi Moore is at her icy, frozen-faced worst as Laura, a high-flying executive at the London Diamond Corporation, who runs up against the glass ceiling in 1960, and finds she is about to be fired.

In revenge, she decides to team up with an embittered janitor (Michael Caine) to rob the company of diamonds.

I never believed in any of it. The pacing is soporific, the plotting implausible and the central relationship never convinces.

Moore remains a truly terrible actress, and the far more capable Caine has to play a character whose heist plan is riddled with so many absurdities that a supposedly intelligent woman such as Laura wouldn't have anything to do with him.

They don't make thrillers like this any more, and for good reason.

Verdict: Hardly flawless