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Squad is a web-based collaborative IDE.
We make it simple to open, edit and share code in real time.

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Access Anywhere You Have an Internet Connection

Does your team work across different offices, cities, or even different continents? Squad workspaces are accessible anywhere your team members have an Internet connection, so they can chat and edit files together no matter where they are.
Since Squad saves workspaces constantly, they are available even if you log in at multiple machines.

Collabrate With Your Team in Realtime

Invite your Squad team members to a workspace, and they can immediately see what you’re working on, offer suggestions, or work simultaneously on the same or different documents. It’s like being able to look over and see what your team mates are doing--anywhere across the world.
Flying solo? If you have a code question and want to ask a fellow developer about it, simply copy and paste your workspace’s share URL and anyone with the URL can get in and help you, no account necessary.

Keep Your Development Process

If you’re happy with your development process, Squad doesn’t have to replace it or force you to move anything. To access your files and collaborate in Squad, you can open (and then save) a local file, access your remote hosts via FTP/SFTP, or grab your file from Dropbox. You keep control of your files and choose whether to use Squad as your primary IDE or just for collaboration.

Track Activty and Chat

Can’t remember exactly which direction you and your teammates decided to take with a problem? Just search through your chat history to clarify your memory. Squad also keeps track of who opened and saved which files, so your team can stay in sync and on task.

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1 User

All the Basics



1 User

Made For Mercenaries



5 Users Included

Arm Your Squad

Free Trial Squad - Collaborative IDE Squad - Collaborative IDE Squad - Collaborative IDE
Realtime Collaboration Squad - Collaborative IDE Squad - Collaborative IDE Squad - Collaborative IDE
Open and Save Local Files Squad - Collaborative IDE Squad - Collaborative IDE Squad - Collaborative IDE
Syntax Highlighting for 16+ Languages Squad - Collaborative IDE Squad - Collaborative IDE Squad - Collaborative IDE
Searchable Chat History Squad - Collaborative IDE Squad - Collaborative IDE Squad - Collaborative IDE
Collaborators 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Remote FTP/SFTP Connections 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Workspaces 1 3 Unlimited
Connect to Dropbox Squad - Collaborative IDE Squad - Collaborative IDE
Git Integration Squad - Collaborative IDE Squad - Collaborative IDE
Control Workspace Privacy Squad - Collaborative IDE
Share Remote Connections Squad - Collaborative IDE
Advanced Team Management and Privacy Settings Squad - Collaborative IDE
Additional Users $8 / month per user
  • Free Trial, No Credit Card Required

    Both paid plans include a 10-day free trial. You will see your first bill at the end of the trial. If you choose to continue using Squad, at that point you will need to enter your billing information. Should you cancel your account within the first 30 days, you may send an email to team@squadedit.com to request a refund of your first payment.

  • Supported Browsers

    Squad supports most modern browsers. This includes:

    • Windows: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and IE with Chrome plugin
    • Mac: Firefox, Safari, Chrome
    • Linux: Firefox and Chrome

  • Special Team Features

    To help keep your team in lockstep, the Team plan features advanced team management options such as the ability to create sub-groups for specific projects and to define privacy options to each user. Sharing workspaces is even easier with your team members: simply check the box next to their name and they are notified within Squad of the new shared workspace.

  • Syntax Highlighing

    Squad has syntax highlighting modes for the following languages:

    • C/C++
    • CSS
    • HTML
    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • Lua
    • Markdown
    • Perl
    • PHP
    • Python
    • R
    • Ruby
    • Scheme
    • SparQL
    • XML
    • Plain text

    We add additional modes as they are requested and available within the Code Mirror community.

  • Special Plans

    Squad is a great tool for students working on projects from high school through the post-graduate level. To receive a 50% discount off the team plan, send us an email from your school email address and we’ll get you all set up. We also have a special deal for startups going through incubators and accelerators, so if that describes you drop us a line to get set up on that plan.

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