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An invaluable resource - 15 million abstracts and specialised indexing to quality research literature in physics and engineering.

About Inspec

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Why use Inspec?

Find out why Inspec is an essential tool that swiftly locates the precise research information you require.

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Content and coverage

Coverage of the Inspec Database is centered on the fields of physics, electronics, computing and engineering.

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Inspec products

From site licence to pay-as-you-go - Inspec has a variety of options to suit all budgets.

Inspec support

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Inspec support

Benefit from Inspec's wide variety of support and promotional services designed for librarians, scientists and engineers.

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Take advantage of Inspec's free search training service to become a more effective searcher.

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Find out how to retrieve information in scientific areas of topical interest.

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Inspec TV

Inspec's video channel containing short training presentations, hot topics in science and technology and the history of Inspec.


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Inspec news and newsletters

Keep up to date with search tips, new features and products. 

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Latest Inspec hot topic

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are becoming ever more popular.

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Subject search guides

Find out how to retrieve information in scientific areas of topical interest to become a more effective searcher.

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