MOT Testing In Colchester.

Magdalen Garage is a well established and respected MOT testing garage in Colchester.
We also supply replacement automotive parts such as exhausts, brakes, spark plugs, oil filters and tyres.

At Magdalen Garage, Colchester we focus on providing an exceptional garage service.
We have have an up-to-date fully equipped MOT test centre in Colchester
with all the facilities to MOT, service and repair your vehicle.

We have built a solid reputation in the Colchester area for delivering a high quality garage service.


Magdalen Garage

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm
Saturday 8am-1pm

Colchester 01206 768523

        MOT testing & car servicing.
       Replacement exhausts.
      Light panel work undertaken.
      Brake testing & fitting.
      Automotive diagnostics.
      Diesel & petrol engine servicing.
     All makes & models.
    Friendly & reliable service.
    Competitive prices.


Let us MOT you car for £45

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 Remember the MOT test is not a substitute for a proper and regular servicing.

Passing the MOT test does not mean that your vehicle will remain safe for the following 12 months.

How long does the MOT test take?
The MOT test takes up to 50 minutes to complete.

What happens if my vehicle fails the MOT test? If your vehicle fails our MOT test then you need to get the failed components corrected before you can have a retest.
Can you do the repair work for me? Yes, If your vehicle fails our MOT test & needs repair work to meet the requirements of the MOT test, then if you wish we can do the repair work for you.
How much is an MOT retest? A retest is free providing that the retest is carried out within 10 days of the original test.

What if I disagree with a test result?
If you are not satisfied with the MOT test then you can contact the Vehicle and Operator Service Agency (VOSA) on 0870 60 60 440

What happens if my vehicle passes the MOT test? If your vehicle passes the MOT test then you will be issued with the new computer-printed MOT certificate which is your receipt for the MOT test and shows the information that will be held on the MOT database.
The MOT certificate (VT20) now has a peel off windscreen sticker to remind you of the MOT renewal date. The new certificate also shows if any additional work has been recommended. Details of any such work are included on a new Advisory Notice (VT32) which will be given to you at the time of the test.

Mot testing in Colchester. Magdalen Garage, Magdalen Street, Colchester CO1 2JX

Colchester 01206 768523

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Colchester pre Mot Check list:

We all dread our cars MOT test time unless your car is under the government set limit for new vehicles of 3 years it will need to be pass the test every 12 months. REMEMBER - Before bringing your car to us for an MOT it is always best to have a good look at the simple test procedure below. Our pre M. O. T. checklist enables you to do this with the greatest of ease. This type of self pre MOT check list is needed more so, due to the Ministry of Transport introducing charges for a re-test, except in certain test cases.

Save yourself some money with this quick Pre MOT check-list

This guide should give you enough of an in-site into what is entailed in a Ministry of Transport Test and what to check, repair or replace in order to pass it.

The majority of the pre MOT check-list items are easy, however always take care when checking these MOT pre test check points.

Electrical car lighting checks,
this includes all the following in working order:
* Headlights - Low beam & high beam
* Sidelights
* Brake lights
* Side repeaters
* Number plate lights
* Drivers side Fog light
* Hazard warning lights or emergency lights
* Left and right, front and rear indicators
* Rear number plate light

This includes the following :

* Car seatbelts with no tears or slices working buckles & fasteners.
* Seat runners & mountings free from rust structurally sound and in correct working order.
* Mirrors, windscreen and wipers/washers free from cracks and fitted correctly.

Doors, locks and handles checks

*All car doors should shut correctly, meaning their should be no rattles, and the doors shut completely flush and be completely secure.

External car bodywork & chassis checks

* This includes sills, sharp edges e.g. cracked bumpers with protruding edges, The car has to be structurally sound therefore free from corrosion where structure is integral to the vehicle.

Engine bay & Engine component checks:

* Inspection including fuel & brake lines free from rust and fluid.

Exhaust system for the including CAT if required

* The exhaust system including downpipe, manifold & rear silencer have to be sealed correctly, no rattles or excessive emissions, the emission acceptance Level is 14, anything under this is acceptable.


* All tyres need to be of the legal tread 1.6m depth across 2/3rds of the complete tyre and have no splits, gashes, bulges or illegal repairs e.g. tyre wall repairs (including the spare wheel) The wheels & bearings need to be in working order with no play.

Suspension checks for the test:

* All shock absorbers, mountings, boots, bushes need to be free from corrosion and all dampers have to be free from leaks.

Steering checks:

* The car steering should be smooth this includes the flow and the steering rack if there is any play in the rack this constitutes an MOT Fail, in addition all steering boots, joints & racks have to be in working order with no excessive play.

Foot brake & Handbrake checks

* Both the footbrake and handbrake have to be in perfect working order and have to be free from leaks, with no "spongyness".
* The brakes themselves should be in good condition this includes the brake pipes being in working order with no perishing / no leaks and both rear cables to the handbrake fitted correctly with no overhanging cables.
* The vehicle also should not pull either way when braking or respond with irregular movement e.g. snatching
We hope the advice above helped.

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