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Exploring Split From Up High

9 September 2015

After arriving in Split late the night before, we woke up ready and raring (okay not quite - our bed was really comfy) to explore the beautiful city around us - and to actually see the city!

The old part of Split, Diocletian's Palace, is actually quite small and only takes a couple of hours to really explore, so we made the most of the surrounding area as well and took in a couple of view points before heading to the beach. 

Our hotel was right in the middle of Diocletian's Palace which was an absolutely perfect location meant that we were in a great place to start our adventures. 

But first: breakfast - 'cause ain't nobody got the stamina to sight see in 30 degree heat without a croissant and some fruit first. It turns out that the sights were also coming to us, as when we were enjoying out breakfast, we could hear singing right round the corner!

Very intrigued as to what was going on I grabbed my camera (croissants were left - I was this excited) and race round the corner to see what all the noise was about!

And this is what I was greeted by...

A beautiful acapella group singing in a delightful acoustic setting - a really lovely start to the morning and an even better breakfast treat!

We started our day by walking round the Palace and visiting all the tourist stops, including this rather impressive statue.

It's meant to be good luck to rub his toe (which is why the colour of his toe is completely different to the rest of the statue!), and not being ones to pass up the chance of good luck we duly rubbed his toe!

The palace itself is really quite impressive and really well preserved. Although it was busy we didn't find the crowds troubling - just be sure to try and avoid the cruise loads of tourists on walking tours as you tend to be swallowed by them!

And yes, I was that reflectively pale at the start of the holiday - but I did get quite a bit browner which might make it a little easier on your eyes!

In what seemed to be a theme of the holiday, we decided to clamber up quite a few steps (which are incredibly high) and see the view from the top of the bell tower. Even though I have a little vertigo it's absolutely fine - just be warned that the stairs up are the same as those down so you will have to pass everyone coming in the other direction.

You might have seen a couple of these snaps on my Instagram account as I couldn't wait to share them - the views are spectacular and definitely worth climbing all those stairs for!

You can stare out into the hills...

Or across the sea and the sea front...

And then we saw this: Majan Hill - or what was about to be our next challenge. Yes, by ths point it was about 12pm and the sun was blisteringly hot - but did that stop us? Oh no, we like a good challenge!

I had to be very careful with the camera as I dangled over the edge to take this snap!

At certain points on the bell tower we could still hear the singers that we had heard earlier, which was more than a little magical.

We clambered back down, and decided to take a stroll round the sea front, after nipping back into the hotel to change into swimwear as we fancied an afternoon at the beach. 

Doesn't it look so different in the day light?!

It's surprisingly peaceful and makes a great place to take 5 or 10 minutes to sit and really appreciate your surroundings.

But not for too long - we had a hill to climb and a view to see!

Okay so maybe don't do it at 12pm...But this is one view that you've got to see. Kelly recommended going up for some sundowners and enjoying the sunset up here which sounds like a much better idea than what we did!

There's a really cute old church at the top and a magnificent view.  

After admiring the view we decided it was time to hit the beach! So we walked all the way back down, and continued along the sea front until we found the spot that our hotel had recommended. I really loved that on the promenade there there are plaques for every Croatian Olympian who has won a medal.

Aren't these great?

We were in no particular hurry, so stopped every once in a while to admire the view and take a snap (or twenty!).

There aren't many sandy beaches in Croatia so make sure you pack something comfy to lie on! We found a comfy little spot next to the beach bar and plonked ourselves down for an afternoon of reading.

The only really disappointing part of this beach was the restaurant as the only options are fast food, which we weren't really in the mood for.

Well, I was on holiday - I couldn't resist a mojito..!

Just as the sun was beginning to set we wandered back to our hotel to rest, shower and change before heading out for dinner and drinks, pausing to admire all the boats.

I loved the cobbled streets and the old, old walls - I felt almost as if we had been transported back in time!

We plonked ourselves down in a pizza restaurant in a side street, ordered some wine and chatted the night away until we were ready to head to bed.

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