The small editor with lots of stuff.

BasicEdit is a text editor for anybody and everybody. It’s designed so that it’s as easy to use as possible, but has all the features a text editor should and could have.

A notebook.

BasicEdit is perfect for writing down small notes. It’s got a simple layout for easy editing, and it’s easy to customize to look better for you.

A source code editor.

You’re just writing down something on your computer, and you think, “Why is this using typographer’s quotes?” That’s a huge problem I’ve found in other editors. It’s something I fixed in BasicEdit – no typographer’s quotes mean that if you need to write down a piece of code with a string in it, you can!

It’s got syntax highlighting for various programming languages, and if you really want a syntax for a programming language I haven’t made a syntax for already, you can make one yourself! More on that in a moment.

Customizable for you.

Don’t like that mono-space black on white theme? It’s okay, because there are quite a few more to pick from, and it’s really easy to make a new theme yourself! Just base it off of styles/ You can turn on or off word-wrap, because I know that some editors don’t like word wrap. 😉

Menubar master.

BasicEdit has this nice little menubar at the bottom of the screen made to help you. Not only does it give you the word count in your code, it also gives line count and character count! It also gives you information on where your cursor is currently pointed.

Easy to activate.

What’s the point in having a fast text editor if you can’t start it quickly? Luckily, you can start it quickly. Just download the file, unzip it if it hasn’t done that automatically, and double click on either Run or App.pyc! Tip – if you are on a Windows, you’ll have to open App.pyc, and if you are on a Mac, open Run. If you’re using Linux you can probably run it through Run, but if not, you’ll have to open a command line, change directory to the Downloads/BasicEdit( Compressed) folder, and then type python App.pyc.

The tiny download.

Downloading BasicEdit is amazingly easy, since the file is under a megabyte! Here that, people who have bad internet (like me)? It’ll take you about a second to download the file! ^_^

Simple style.

BasicEdit 005 Main WindowBasicEdit 005 .be-langGet BasicEdit.

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