About the Society for Terrorism Research

The Society for Terrorism Research was founded in June 2006 in reaction to the absence of any then-existing integrated and multidisciplinary organization dedicated to the area of terrorism and political violence research. The idea for STR was conceived by Dr. Samuel Justin Sinclair, who proposed the idea to his colleagues, Drs. Alice LoCicero, Michael Commons, and Sarah Ross. Together, they founded STR and comprised its initial governing board. Dr. LoCicero was elected as the first STR President.

The first public announcement of the formation of STR was made at the 2006 Conference of the American Psychological Association, during a symposium on Addressing Terrorism From a Developmental Perspective.

Also in 2006, Dr. Tali Walters joined the STR Governing Board, and led the effort to conduct the first annual STR Conference, which was held in collaboration with Coloquios Internationales sobre Cerebro y Agresión (CICA) in Madrid, Spain, in 2007.

In 2007 Dr. LoCicero was succeeded by Dr. Samuel Justin Sinclair as President of STR. During the next three years, he led STR through the signing with publisher Taylor and Francis and launch of the organization’s flagship journal Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression. Dr. Tali Walters assumed the role of STR’s third President in 2010 when Dr. Sinclair stepped down.  As Dr. Walters completed her four-year term of office in 2014, Dr. Rachel Monaghan is current STR President.

Through its conference organization and publications, the Society for Terrorism Research supports the research and study of terrorism and political violence.

STR, in collaboration with CICA, sponsored six international conferences on terrorism and aggression in Spain, Poland, Northern Ireland, Colombia, the USA, and Bulgaria.  In its effort to focus on its mission, in 2013 STR collaborated with the University of East London to sponsor its seventh international conference on terrorism. The 8th  Annual International Conference occurred in Boston in September 2014 with the 9th scheduled for Birmingham, England  in September 2015 (details soon to follow).

STR publishes three issues a year of its journal Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression. In addition, STR Board members published their second edited volume – Radicalization, Terrorism, and Conflict – in August 2013.

STR has a global membership representing researchers and thought leaders from a wide range of social science disciplines that include, but are not limited to political science, psychology, sociology, criminology, anthropology, economics, journalism, and law.