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Q:  Does soap nut powder really work?  

A:  Consumers are often led to believe that laundry detergent powder must be white or a clear in order to work. The job of detergent is to remove dirt and neutralize odours.  When soap nut powder is mixed with water, saponin is released and soap nut saponin is an excellent cleaner!  Without the need for fabric softener, clothes come out clean, naturally soft and fresh.  After the wash, it is biodegradably rinsed away along with dirt. 


Q:  Is soap nut powder economical to use?

A:  Yes, soap nut powder is very economical to use, especially when you consider the many products it replaces in and around the home.  Cost per load of laundry is equal to or less than leading brands of commercial laundry detergent.  Better health for ourselves, our children and the environment, priceless.


Q:  Is it suitable for H.E. washers?

A:  Soap nut powder is especially well suited to H.E. washers due to its low sudsing properties. Requires only 1/2 tbsp. powder per load.  For ultimate clean, it is suggested to use the cotton bag to filter or premix in hot water to fully release the natural cleaning power.


Q:  Can I use soap nut powder with cold water?

A:  Yes, soap nut powder can be used at all temperatures on all fabrics, although  suggested use in 40-60C. For better results using cold water, premix soap nut powder in a small amount of hot water prior to adding or use a premix concentrate.  It can also be used to "boost" your current detergent, by adding just a "pinch" to each load.


Q:  Does it leave a scent on my clothes?

A:  No, washing with soap nut powder will leave clothes odour free; however, you may add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the wash load for scent.  Less lint in the dryer, demonstrates less damage to fabric.  


Q:  How effective is soap nut powder for washing baby's cloth diapers?

A:  Soapnut powder is an exceptional "baby-bottom friendly" laundy detergent. Mild on sensitive skin and gentle on the most delicate fabric, it effectively removes #1, #2 and most common stains with amazing odour control.  Use a small muslin bag to contain powder or premix in liquid form with H.E.  Although it will not affect diaper absorbancy, a light fawning on pure white polyester microfibre inserts has been reported.  Works best with natural fibers such as organic cotton, hemp and bamboo.  


Q:  Can you use soap nut powder in the dishwasher?

A:  Definitely, just add 1/2 tsp. to clean dishes without soap residue and to make silverware sparkle.  You may also freeze the liquid saponin after boiling in an ice-cube tray; add one cube per load or two for heavy loads.  Soap nut powder contains no phosphates, nor enzymes that can harm the environment.


Q:  Does soap nut powder really work as a shampoo?  

A:  Yes, soap nut powder has long been used as a shampoo.  A lighter shampoo than you may be used to, it leaves hair feeling silky and naturally conditioned.  Use on itchy scalp or to help control dandruff.  Soap nut shampoo is also used to naturally prevent and treat lice.


Q:  Can I actually bathe in it?

A:   Absolutely! Soap nuts are hypo-allergenic and used as a natural and effective treatment for dermal conditions and skin sensitivities.  Bathing in soap nut powder helps to beautify skin.  Premix in hot water and/or use the cotton satchel to permiate soothing saponin.  A foot bath in soap nut saponin releaves through anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.  Expectant mothers or in early pregnancy should consult a physician before using any organic products.


Q:  Can I wash my car with it?  

A:  It works great for washing cars, anything around the home and garden.  Mix 1tbsp. with a spray nozzle in a bucket, or use in a liquid form. Also great for polishing alloy rims and you'll feel good not washing chemicals directly down the drain. 


Q:  Is it good for mechanic's hands?

A:  Yes, just rub a pinch directly on hands after a solvent wash to remove chemical cleaners, rinse clean.  Used as a paste, makes an excellent natural exfoliant.  After a couple of weeks you ought to see improvement in cracked skin. 


Q:  Does it work as a pet shampoo?

A:   Soap nut powder makes a light foam that can easily be rubbed in and rinsed clear with no soapy or chemical residue.  Natural and non-toxic, it cleans and neutralizes pet odour without stripping the natural oils.  Helpful in the prevention and treatment of external parasites and for repelling insects, soap nut powder has natural anti-microbial and astrigent properties to cleanse and support the skin.


Q:  Can I use it for washing fruits and vegetables?

A:  Studies have proven that soaking fruit and vegetables in a soap nut solution for 10 minutes removes up to 95% of surface pesticides and chemical residues on commercially grown produce. 


Q:  How can I use it on my garden plants?

A:   Soap nut (sapindus mukorossi) saponin has been scientifically documented as an effective fungicide and insect herbivore repellent for weevil, aphid and whitefly and in soil management for crawling bugs such as plant parasidic nematodes and mullusk with no harmful effects to pollinators (see Articles).  Optimum mixing ratio is 1 tsp./litre water in a watering pail (use filtered liquid for sprayer).  For larger applications, use 500g in 100 litres water (0.5%) strength solution per hectare.


Q:  Can I really use it camping as an insect repellent?

A:  Yes, as a powder it is very light and convenient to carry on hikes. Mixed with water and applied on skin, hair, clothes, entrance way and pets helps repel insects and parasites.  Safe to reapply as required, avoid contact with eyes as irritation may result. 


Q:  Does it work with greywater systems?

A:  Yes, soap nut powder is definitely greywater suitable and septic system safe.  Recycling soapnut powder wash water can be beneficial to irrigation of plants and soil due to anti-microbial, anti-fungal and pest repellent properties.  


Q:  Is soap nut powder poisonous?

A:  No, it is non-toxic, but it is very bitter.  Ingested in sufficient quantity will induce vomiting.  Avoid contact with eyes as irritation may result.  Keep out of reach of small children and pets.  When camping, dispose of any washwater in a leaching pit, never directly into lakes or streams.  For externaluse only


Q: How is it packaged?

A: Packaged 500g ziplock in unbleached cotton bag printed in English and French.  

Q:  Is this an organically certified product?

A:   Organically grown and sustainably harvested, our supplier is IFOAM affliated and ECOCERT approved. EnviroChic 100% natural soap nut powder has no added optical brighteners, fluorescent whitening agents, chemical foaming surfactants, nor any synthetic ingredients.   


Q:  How do I pay for my purchase?

A:  Please follow the steps and fill out information fields in the shopping cart.  We accept secure online payments thru Paypal. 


Q:  Do you offer bulk discounts?

A:  Yes, please contact us or apply to become a registered Vendor for wholesale discount.  


Q:  How much for shipping and tax?

A:  Shipping by Canada Post regular mail rates apply, unless specified otherwise.  


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