ENVIROCHIC Soap Nut Powder / Soapberry Powder. Finely milled Sapindus Mukorossi shells. BULK / Wholesale Soapnuts Powder Canada. Eco-friendly laundry detergent, organic shampoo, multi-purpose cleaner, insect repellent plus more...naturally!
Tips and Tricks


Tips and tricks

Envirochic 100% Soap Nut Powder has no artificial additives and is completely organic.

Soap nut has been used since ancient India as the key ingredient for washing the finest silks and wools, as well as a shampoo and for polishing precious metals. This age-old wisdom can be applied to meet even today's most demanding needs, as a natural all-purpose cleaner and detergent.  


Soap nut powder is an excellent alternative to chemical cleaners.  Soap nut powder is easier to use and more versatile than raw soapnut shells. 

Doing regular laundry with soap nut powder leaves clothes soft without the need for fabric softener.  

The Soap nut has pH of 4.5 which perfectly matches the pH of hair, this makes it a naturally balanced shampoo.

Hypo-allergenic, gentle on sensitive skin and baby-bottom friendly, soap nut powder is exceptional for cleaning cloth diapers odour free and helps prevent diaper rash.


Soap nut extract 

Boiling a small amount of powder (1 tbsp.) in a small pot of water (litre) yields the most effective saponin extract. 

Once cooled, strain extract to remove any sediment. In fact, our old drip coffee maker with a mesh filter is dedicated to making soap nut liquid.

Freeze excess liquid extract in an ice cube tray.  Simply drop one or two cubes into the laundry or dishwasher as needed.


Special Use


Shampooing with soap nut extract is helpful with sensitive skin and conditions such as eczema.  (Ayervedic medicine)

Scientifically proven to remove and help prevent lice.

Wash bedding in hot water with soap nut powder to kill bed bugs. It has been reported that adding essential oil of mint to bedding washed in soapnut powder also helps to repel bed bugs.

Soap nut liquid is ideal for washing windows streak free, better than any of the industrial cleaners tested.

The natural choice for washing food surfaces such as inside the fridge and counter tops for antibacterial protection.

Soaking fruits and vegetables in soap nut liquid removes chemical pesticides.  

Used on floors, especially in combination with a steam cleaner, cleans amazingly well with no soapy residue.

Around the house soap nut powder can be used to repels crawling pests such as silverfish, chemical free.   

Use as an organic pest repellent in the garden and greenhouse. Particularly useful against mullusks and whitefly; also removes ant tracks. 

Excellent for washing cloth diapers, it neutralizes strong odours and baby bottom friendly.  

Will not strip natural oils in pet's coat, cleans without toxic residue and helps repel unwanted pests.

Nothing works better for polishing your gold and silver.

Ideal for outdoor camping and hiking, light and portable, just add water.

Grey water system friendly.


Mixing ratio

Optimum mixing ratio for all-purpose liquid is 1 tsp./litre water  (0.5% solution).  


For agro-ecological pest control - dilute 500g (one bag) in 100 litres water per hectare. 




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