EnviroChic Soap Nut Powder / Soap Berry Powder. All natural, eco-friendly laundry detergent, multi-purpose cleaner finely milled from pure Sapindus Mukorossi shells. BULK / Wholesale Canada.
How To Use


Directions for laundry:

Add 1 tbsp. for a standard (top loading) machine.  

Low sudsing for H.E. (front loading washers).   Add only 1/2 tbsp. powder per large load.  

Best results with warm/hot water (40-60C).  For cold water, premix in hot water and add to wash.

A complimentary cotton muslin sachel can be also used to contain any trace peel for the ultimate clean wash. 

Does not require fabric softener.

How to make a liquid:    

Boiling yields the best saponin extract.  

For liquid extract - add 1 tsp. powder per litre of water, bring to a boil, stir, let cool and strain. 

Quick and easy method - use a pinch of soap nut powder in a bottle of warm water and shake to form foam

For clarity, filter soapnut powder through the cotton muslin bag (supplied), through a tea towel or mesh coffee filter.  

For rich foam, use a mixer in a wide mouth container or foaming pump dispenser.

Storage - indefinite shelf life dry, but once in liquid form it ought to be refrigerated.  


Mixing ratio:

Optimum mixing ratio for all-purpose liquid: 1 tsp./litre water (yields 0.5% solution).  


Other uses:

A naturally pH balanced shampoo, doesn't require conditioner. Also helps control dandruff and eczema.

An exfoliating body wash and hand cleaner, soothes dryness and relieves cracked skin. 

Excellent as a herbal foot bath, natural anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.

As a pet shampoo, it reduces odour and helps prevent parasitic pests.

Cleans windows quickly, effectively and streak free.

Professionally polishes gold and silver.

Adding soap nut powder/liquid to the dishwasher makes dishes sparkle.

Great for washing cars and polishing wheels.

Anti-microbial hand sanitizer, it cleans without alcohol or solvents.

Mop floors, liquid spray for tub and tile, works especially well with steam cleaners.

Soak produce in a soapnut solution to remove chemical pesticides and residue.  

pollinator friendly organic plant spray, effectively repels a variety of pests.

Great for camping, functions as a natural insect repellent.

Perfect solution for greywater systems.



For external use only.


  green leaf

Keep our nature clean and green.

Ecological laundry soap   Lessive ècologique

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