EnviroChic Soap nut powder customer testimonials. Soap Nut Powder / Soapberry / sapindus mukorossi. Natural, Organic Detergent and Cleaner. Finely milled Sapindus Mukorossi shells. All natural, eco-friendly laundry detergent, multi-purpose cleaner.


“Does exactly what it’s supposed to do, it works great in laundry and leaves no scent.”    Miles, Dartmouth, NS


“Using soap nut powder shampoo relieves my itchy, dry scalp and I like the mild, fruity fragrance.”   Elaine, Bedford, NS


“Amazing on windows, even better than the industrial cleaner I use at work.  I’m going to tell my boss.”  Shawn, Halifax, NS


“I use soap nut powder on a special cloth for removing mascara, nothing else I've used cleans it as well.”    Elka, Mahone Bay, NS


“My skin is very sensitive, especially to detergents, but after using soap nut powder for a couple weeks my dermatitis actually improved.  I wish I'd known about this before, I’ll be buying more for sure!”   Lillian, Halifax, NS


“Loving the soapnut powder for my laundry - it is so effective!”  Jessica, Kitchener, ON


“We use soap nut powder for almost all our cleaning.  Since we’re on well water with a septic field, it’s comforting to know we’re not contaminating the ground water using a cleaning product.”   Blaire, Wolfville, NS


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Keep our nature green and clean

Ecological laundry soap         Lessive ècologique


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