I have unfiled taxes from previous years but don’t have my financial records, can you help me?

AAA Tax & Accounting can prepare your past unfiled tax returns by requesting your IRS wage transcripts and asking you to complete a simple questionnaire.

Is there anything I need to do before I can get my tax problems resolved?

Before the IRS will accept any negotiations to solve your tax liability you will need to be in compliance (all returns are filed) without any unfiled tax returns. Any unfiled returns up to ten years ago may be required to be prepared and filed with the IRS. It may not be necessary to file all missing returns, in fact, it may harm your case to do so. We can determine which returns need to be filed.

A Tax Resolution Firm I contacted said they could get me qualified for an Offer in Compromise, is this True?

Warning! Do not be fooled! Many people do not qualify. The Offer in Compromise (OIC) process is long and difficult, and the Internal Revenue Service rejects the majority of the offers it receives. Simply put, if there are any assets and income available to you, you will not qualify for an OIC. But unscrupulous tax resolution firms will not disclose this information. They will take your money, fill out an application and send it in to the IRS, regardless of whether your has a legitimate chance of success. The tax firm will consider the “job” completed with the submission of the OIC and hold no further obligation to the customer. A reputable tax firm, with your best interest in mind, will let you know upfront that there are several options available to you and offer you the best solutions for your situation.

The IRS is sending me letters and calling me at home and at work, what should I do?

The IRS is the world’s largest and most aggressive collection agency. They will ask you for information about your employment, bank accounts, property you own, cars and any other assets you may have for the sole purpose of knowing what they can seize, levy, or garnish. They will note down all conversations with you for future use by other agents. The IRS can seize just about any assets needed to pay unpaid taxes. One of the main reasons to hire AAA Tax & Accounting is because we have extensive experience in dealing with the IRS. We will take care of all communications with the IRS so you do not have to deal with the harassing phone calls and threatening letters.

I owe back taxes from when I was single but now I am married. Will the IRS go after my spouse from my tax debt?

If you have been assessed taxes due while you were single or married to another person, your new spouse does not share in your tax liability. But the IRS may still request your new spouse’s financial information because they need to know what your household can afford to pay the IRS. But the truth is that only the taxpayer who filed those tax years is liable for them. AAA Tax & Accounting will make sure that your spouse is not involved in your tax solution and that the IRS will only deal with what you can afford to pay.

I have received a bank levy. What can I do about it?

When a bank levy is issued, the IRS actually takes money out of your bank account or collects money owed by you or your business. They will keep sending a notice to your financial institution to empty out your accounts periodically. AAA Tax & Accounting works towards removing the bank levy within 4 business days.

The IRS is garnishing my wages. Can you help me?

In most cases AAA Tax & Accounting can release wage garnishments within 4 business days or stop them temporarily and give you the time you need to get in compliance with the IRS.

Can the IRS take my house?

In most cases property seizures are all but non-existent due to the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998, but the IRS will still threaten to take your home, cars and retirement accounts in order to scare you into complying with their demands. Representation from AAA Tax & Accounting protects you from these threatening tactics.

Can I go to prison for owing back taxes?

Yes, you can arrested and charged with tax evasion, or the willful exercise of not paying taxes on money earned and spend time in prison.