14-03-2015 14:52:44 - Monthly News #2 @ VSK Match

Posted by Max (spittillo)


Dear vsk-match members,

We are proud to provide some statistics on the activities of vsk-match from the beginning of February.

From February 1st:

572 matches were sailed;
56 skippers have sailed at least 1 match;
34 ONS event were organized and 12 protests were filed and solved.

This is the list of skippers who have sailed the greatest number of match races from February 1st:

1 samuel 137
2 Infinity1 33
3 LG'07 102
4 Kent38 75
5 Afonso 72
6 Zez 71
7 Peppino 59
8 mifer2 57
9 PiStAxOoO 37
10 Joker 32

Important numbers which means that the match race is still alive.
With the help of all vsk-match members, vsk can still survive the crisis due to the lack of development of the game and to the inactivity of many virtual sailors.
An infinite thanks to Quentin (Kent38), who has managed to awaken the interest in the match race, giving a decisive "shock" to the activity of vsk-match;
a big thank to the new admin Chris (infinity), with his passion has created a new general enthusiasm for the match race;
a big thanks to all the admins who contributed to the awakening of the site;
a big thanks to Harald (euphoria), without its technical work on the site nothing of this would have been possible;
but above all a big thanks to you, vsk-match members, that with your passion for match racing, have made reality what seemed a miracle until a few months ago

This is the best way to expect an amazing wmrc 2015 in October.
There are still more than six months in order to improve and to be in good shape for the most important match racing event of the panorama since 2004.

Thanks all

Max for the VSK Match committee

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