1.0 10-05-2004 Initial release version 1.01 12-05-2004 Minor fixes and additions Downloads section is online Courses added to download section Testing dynamic icons for MSN and ICQ on skippers profiles Russian flag added for skippers profiles... ops Profile updating no longer causes error if no clubs has been added Minor displaybug on links page is fixed 1.02 16-05-2004 Minor fixes and additions Total match history is now available Added Rate of Race to match history Tournament section is online Turnaround percentage bug is fixed Some issues with VisuBox has been corrected Added a link for Opera users who cant load VisuBox properly 1.03 20-05-2004 Engine and ruleset changes etc Skippers with no matches are no longer shown in the ranking Submit result is changed to Submit victory Added wind statistics to submit victory Added entry statistics to submit victory Last 5 matches on skippers profile now shows correct 5 matches Similar ranking points now results in same slot on the ranking Official courses have been optimized 1.05 03-06-2004 Engine and design changes (1.04 was never released) Wind statistics on skippers profiles Entry statisctics added Ranking will now show warning if a skipper has cancelled 10% or more matches Server was rebooted and defragged Better performance as many functions are rewritten into stored procedures Bugfixing all over in general Dynamic online/offline icons for instant messengers now work correct 1.06 10-06-2004 Engine and design changes Statistics on skippers profile are updated with more stats Historypage now shows if match were cancelled Warning icon on rankings shows if cancels against AND cancels by is bigger than 10% of total matches Cancelled matches no longer shows in statistics JMAIL engine updated to newest version 1.10 20-07-2004 Reworked alot of stuff and added some new Ready 2 Race implemented Profile: Download link for personal skin no longer appears if no skin is available Profile: Empty frame for skippers avatar no longer shows if no avatar is abailable Profile: Overall stats now shows as smaller graph under skippers graph Rankings: Clicking a flag will show a ranking based on the selected country Links: Links page is updated Downloads: Racenotes page is available for printing FAQ has been added Profile: All percentages now show 0 when no data is available Profile: Latest matches changed into same script as history Rankings: Mouse over titles on icons added Rankings: Added icons for hot and cold streaks Ruleset: Minor spelling errors corrected History: Only 1000 matches will show in the history page 1.11 02-10-2004 Minor bugfixes and changes FAQ has been updated Upload replay is impemented WMRC stuff completed Minor bugs in display on FAQ page has been fixed Wrong password popup redirects to frontpage No access popup redirects to frontpage