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Thank you for visiting these pages, I have lived in New Brighton for over 30 years, moving here from Liverpool when I was 4, my father was a Liverpool Docker and together with my mother had hopes that living in New Brighton would bring my brothers, sister and myself a more promising future. Whether it has or not, we shall have to wait and see, but we all still share in the love of the town we grew up in. I hope you will take the time to read on and perhaps visit from time to time, as I know this site will grow as and when time permits.

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New Brighton


New Brighton unfortunately is a shadow of its former self, situated on the very tip of the Wirral Peninsula, only the River Mersey separates this small once bustling seaside resort from the great city of Liverpool. Although money has been made available to the town from European grants progress on the revitalization of the town remains slow. The aim of these pages is to look back and remember New Brighton as it was in the 19th century and early part of the 20th century, when thousands flocked to this resort for holidays and day trips.


The New Brighton Tower
The Promenade Pier
The Fort The New Brighton Ferries
The Lighthouse The Royal Iris and Daffodil Ferries
Mother Redcaps The Open Air Pool

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Some of the information supplied on the New Brighton History Site is taken from a book by

Noël E Smith called:

"Almost an Island - The Story of Wallasey"


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The pictures are original postcards supplied by Sidney Fenemore

This Site was created by: Diane Stewart on 1st May 1998

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