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IntroductionAt Home on the Internet
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Y2K Silver Bullet
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Nutrition and Cancer
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Introduction - EntreWave WebSite

At Home on the Internet

Define Yourself on the Web - Make Waves

SiteWave removes barriers between authors and readers, producers and customers. Now you can focus on your content and your market.

Welcome to SiteWave, the only multi-author, browser driven, web application authoring system on the Internet. Where your content and an HTML browser are all you need. Multiple levels of management and security means you can start small and delegate as you grow.

SiteWave - WebApp Builder

Builder Features
• Web browser-driven

• No need to know HTML

• Single and Multiple authors

• Spell Checking

• Auto HTML Code

• Hyperlinks and auto URLs

• MetaTags are automatic

• Auto ZIP and FTP

• Auto submits each page to Search Engines

• Define new applications as easily as filling in the blanks.

• WYSIWIG editing in IE

• Full Site Documenting

• ApplicationView

• DynaView

• PreView

• WaveView

Leveraging the Web for Managed Collaboration

Publish books as websites easily and quickly. With SiteWave your books never go out of print.

SiteWave also gives publishers the ability to manage any number of authors, editors, and administrators in a dynamic, collaborative, decentralized system. The flexible, secure, system of management tools for websites, sections, users, and groups lets your organization drive the intellectual division of labor to new heights of productivity and profit.

SiteWave - for Publishers

Publishers System Features
• SiteWave EzFeatures

• Single Author can publish multiple sites

• Multiple Authors can publish multiple sites
Adminsitration Features
• Flexible Security

• Controlable User Privileges

• Article Screening

• Secure and Hierarchical

• Decentralized Authorship

• Staging Area for Stories in Development

• Editors approve Articles submitted by Authors
More Info
• SiteWave EzPricing

• ForumWave - Discussions

• Contact Information

Try SiteWave. It's a content publishing system that you use right in your web browser--so there is absolutely no need for you to buy, learn or use HTML web software. Just you, SiteWave and the information you want to publish. Click here to give it a Test Drive. 

Introduction - EntreWave WebSite

SiteWave - WebApp Builder

An Author Maintainable Website System

SiteWave removes barriers between authors and readers, producers and customers, back office and sales. Now you can focus on your content and your market.

Welcome to SiteWave, the only multi-author, browser driven, web application authoring system on the Internet. Where your content and an HTML browser are all you need. Multiple levels of management and security means you can start small and delegate as you grow.

SiteWave delivers simplicity and convenience without sacrificing any of the features you need to make your site look professional. Nitty-gritty web essentials like "MetaTags" are taken care of for you. Features like EzSubmit make critical tasks like registering your web pages with popular search engines a single simple click.

SiteWave EzFeatures:  

Sitewave Views:

It may be easy to get started with SiteWave but that doesn't mean there is a lack of depth for really powerful stuff that leverages the web for all its worth. Publishers can leverage the talents of any number of authors to build multiple websites.

SiteWave lends itself to incremental improvements in your content. Many web authoring tools make it easy to set up a hierarchy and leave you mentally stuck trying to fill in all the content. SiteWave builds the hierarchy for you automatically as you add content over time. Site organization is automatic - indexes, subindexes, and internal navigation aids are added as you add new articles.

Authoring Features

Clear User-Interface - Exceptionally clear user interface makes navigating straight forward even for the novice user.

Flexible Interface Configuration - Authors can choose to view web sites in a variety of configurations, including frames, that best meet their needs.

Subscription Services - For multi-authored sites authors can subscribe to web pages within a section. Authors can optionally choose to be notified by e-mail of any new additions to the subscribed web page for smoother collaboration.

File Uploading - Optional file uploading and file attachments so that authors can provide images, figures, and files along with web pages.

Advanced Searching - Users can use powerful searching tools to find pages or search for information by author, date, keyword, text, or section.

Documentation - Author's Guide

Author's Guide

EntreWave SiteWave is a web-based Collaborative Site Builder application used to host on-line websites. In addition to reading and posting pages, you can also customize a number of website options, like email notification, which, if enabled, allows you to receive notification by email of any articles that have been posted to pages you are interested in.

Use this documentation to learn about:

Introduction - EntreWave WebSite

SiteWave - for Publishers

Leveraging the Web for Managed Collaboration

EntreWave gives publishers the ability to manage any number of authors, editors, and administrators in a dynamic, collaborative, decentralized system. The flexible, secure, system of management tools for websites, sections, users, and groups lets your organization drive the intellectual division of labor to new heights of productivity and profit.

Collaborative Features:

Administrative Features

Fully Customizable Graphics - Easily integrate fully customizable images into your Web sites. Set layout, background color, and font colors as well as graphics

Flexible Security - Set security options to meet the needs of a wide range of public and private website configurations. Establish fully public websites or secure websites. Use transparent user identification with persistent cookies and e-mail-back verification.

Controlable User Privileges - Control author privileges within websites for read-only, read-write, page creation, file attachment and "gatekeeper/editor".

Easy Administration - Full Web based administration offers complete control over all the websites on a system with easy-to-use wizards for accomplishing common tasks. Supports website level administration so that website management can be delegated.

Unlimited websites - Create any number of websites - go as deep as you need. Within each website create any number of sections and let your authors submit as many web pages and articles as they want.

Article Screening - Optionally screen articles before they are posted to a web page. Designate editors to control and manage submissions within individual sections.

Reliable Performance - SiteWave offers reliable, high performance for even the most demanding Web sites. Supports article and web page archiving to increase performance on high volume sites.

Documentation - Administer and Manage WebSites and Authors

Administration and Management

This Administrator's Guide provides detailed information about setting up and maintaining SiteWave websites, sections, authors, and groups. It is intended for use by SiteWave administrators and anyone else performing SiteWave administrative tasks.

Introduction - EntreWave WebSite

Define Yourself on the Web

Escape from the Dilbert Zone

You get it and you know the escape hatch to freedom is through the web.  But you need more than a surf board.  You need a yacht to command the waves.

EntreWave is for people who want to break out of the box. Who want to be entreprenuers and take command.

A prerequisite to becoming an entreprenuer is identifying a market and coming up with a product.  Thats up to you.

Then you need an infrastructure that allows you to market your product and opreate and manage your business and your business and customer relations.  Thats where EntreWave comes in.

Entrewave is SeaWare - System Engineered Advancement Ware.  You can download and try it for free for 30 days.  If at any point you engineer an advancement to the system that has merit, it is free from there on. Otherwise it is $20 per month.

Make Waves, Rock Boats

If you love excellence and have a passion for the truth, why not build a website that shines the light like Matt Drudge has done. Here is a guy that came out of nowhere to rock the world. Politically incorrect, no money, no editor, and most importantly no gatekeeper, he understood that the Internet changes the rules. His 486 and a modem are all the infrastructure it took to best his multibillion dollar rivals in the news business. He had the Monica L. scoop all to himself for 4 days before the mainstream press got up the nerve to get on board the biggest story of the year.

A million hits and 10,000 emails a day and the National Press Club beside themselves with fear and loathing, Matt now has himself a 30 minute Fox TV show and a book is on the way. I think he will be trading in his Metro Geo pretty soon now. He might even get a SiteWax. What he really needs is SiteWave so he can have a team of "Matt Drudges" (this would really send the big media into apoplexy) to help him go through all that mail and publish the best stuff. See Matt's site at: www.drudgereport.com

Somewhat similar is Gary North. Although he doesn't know beans about anything mechanical, he does know a new media technology when he sees one. He uses WebWave. Since then he has put over 3700 articles and links on it and adds new ones almost everyday. Now he has Forbes (and lots of others) proclaiming him "Dr. Doom" and his WebWave site "at the epicenter of the Y2K Survival movement." He has yanked a lot of heads out of the sand with this one. His publishing is so prolific, fast, and fluid its just plain hard to not take notice. Check out www.garynorth.com.

Arthur Robinson knew global warming was a global lie and that the vast majority of scientists thought so too. So he went and got the signatures to prove it. When it came down to publishing the results he needed the best tool. Because had to be up fast. Earth Day was just a few days away and the site had to be up and going with over 15,000 signatures, plus a scientific paper, and it needed to look good. SiteWave did the job. Updates are being continually made with ease as new signatures come in. Now the media is telling how "THE long-range weather forecast is beginning to look cloudy and cool for the Kyoto Protocol (global warming treaty) - The Globe and Mail. See the Petition Project site at www.oism.org/pproject.

Freedom of the Press Belongs to Those Who Own One

Now you can own your own press - and publishing arm - and editing staff - and publicist. The Web and SiteWave are all you need - besides something worthwhile to say, and the character to analyze, synthesize, filter, and be of service.

Have PC and an Internet connection? You can be a media mogul too.

SiteWave Sites - EntreWave WebSite

Robinson Self-Teaching Curriculum

New: The Robinson Books -
G.A. Henty Collection has arrived- just in time for Christmas.

  About the Curriculum
Self-Teaching K-12 Homeschool 
Speech by Art Robinson
Superb Educational Results
An Outstanding Resource
Robinson Curriculum Features
12 Years of Education
Homeschoolers Dream Library
What Our Customers Say
Frequently Asked Questions
Order by Internet: Its Fast
Order by Phone: 248-740-2697
Order by Mail: Order Form
Order by Fax: 248-740-2782
  Robinson Story
More Than A Fighting Chance
Homeschooling Problems/Needs
The Experiment Begins
How the Robinson Children Fare
Rules and Procedures
More Rules and Procedures
Common Questions & Concerns
Social Skills and Thinking
Letters by Art Robinson
  The Independent Learner
Teach them to Teach Themselves
Learn to Think Scientifically
Taking Away the Crutches
Children Learn by Example
Multiculturalism and Curricula
Motivation by Excellence
The Study of Science
The Future of Homeschooling
Teaching Government Right
College Preparation
Science Taken Seriously
  Ann's Corner
Teaching Younger Children
The McGuffey Readers
What about Printing Books
Keeping Organized
A Diet Without Sugar
Robinson Forum
Auto-Responder & Brochures
Robinson Logo Code
Address, Fax, Email
Online Application Guide
Technical Support
Inexpensive Bulk Ink Supply
Printer Recommendations
Printer Specific Support
Frequently Asked Questions
  Helpful Links
Our Children Use the Robinson Curriculum

Speech/Print Friendly - Brochure Version of this web site.

The front page has been Site Waxed!

Robinson Curriculum Home
Self-Teaching K-12 Homeschool

The Complete Curriculum Home School Parents Have Been Waiting For Is Here


Teach your children to teach themselves and to acquire superior knowledge as did many of America's most outstanding citizens in the days before socialism in education.[MORE...]

V I R T U A L   S E M I N A R

Listen to a speech by Dr. Robinson about homeschooling and more.
[Speech by Art Robinson]

T H E   R O B I N S O N   S T O R Y

We Need Higher Hopes
Read the Robinson family's story and discover how their efforts created a home school that actually needs no teacher and is extraordinary in its effectiveness.
"Ten years ago Laurelee and I decided to educate our children in a homeschool rather than a public school or a private school. The burden of this decision fell most heavily upon Laurelee who took responsibility for the substantial work that we expected this home school to require." [CONTINUED...]
From the original article by Dr. Robinson: Christian Children Must Have More Than A Fighting Chance

F R O M   O U R   C U S T O M E R S

I Love the Robinson Curriculum!
We love Robinson Curriculum! I've used it for a year, and am sticking with it, especially now that there are so many more CD-ROMs to use. I love it because my girls really are becoming self taught, my 12 year old having literally educated herself this year.   [CONTINUED...]

A  U N I Q U E   A P P R O A C H

The Independent Learner
This set of articles by Dr. Arthur Robinson is a goldmine of wisdom and insight for homeschoolers on a variety of topics. Dr. Robinson is a scientist who works on various aspects of fundamental biochemistry, nutrition, and preventive medicine. He is President and Research Professor of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. His wife Lauralee, who was also a scientist, homeschooled their children until her death in November 1988, when the children were 12, 10, 8, 6, 6, and 16 months. During the past ten years, Dr. Robinson and the children have continued their homeschooling by developing a program entirely based upon self-teaching.  [FIRST ARTICLE...] 

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Q U I C K   O V E R V I E W

þ Learning Features
• Complete Course of Study
• 12 Years of Education - 22 CDs
• 120,000 Page Library Resource
• 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica
• 1913 Noah Webster's Dictionary
• 2,000 Historic Illustrations
• 6,000 Word Vocabulary Teacher
• Progress Exams Keyed to Books
• Outstanding Science Program
• Very High Academic Quality
• Proven Methods of Self Study
Long Feature Description

þ Includes
22 CD-ROMs, deluxe softcover folding CD case, printable books, science program, vocabulary, phonics, and math flash cards.[MORE... ] Note: Does not include the Saxon Math books.
Our children use the Robinson Curriculum

þ Flexible
Use as a standalone homeschool curriculum or as a supplement to your children's current school education; all books, science program, and vocabulary, phonics, and math flash cards included.
• You can find out where to start older children here.

þ Value Priced
The total price of the Robinson Curriculum is $195 - onetime.
Regular shipping is included free.
No matter how many children you have you only need to purchase one curriculum for them all.

Express Shipping
Ask about FedEx shipping for only $35 (great for emergencies).
þ Ordering Choices
Order by Internet
Order by Phone
Order by Mail
Order by Fax

The Robinson Curriculum is self-contained on 22 CD-ROMs

þ Ready to Go
• 22 CD-ROMs
• Deluxe softcover CD case
Setup Instructions
• Coupon for 20% off Saxon Math
Free, unlimited web support
Printing Recommendations
Access to Discussion Forums
Telephone support. 9 - 5 EDT

þ Print This Out
Print out this web site for a friend:
 •  HTML Version
 •  Acrobat PDF version.

The Robinson Curriculum is a product of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine

Copyright 1999 © Arnold Jagt         www.robinsoncurriculum.com         ñ T O   T H E   T O P

SiteWave Sites - EntreWave WebSite

G.A Henty Collection

Book Descriptions
All G.A. Henty's Books on 6 CDs 
Adventure, Character, History, and Vocabulary
The Complete Books of G.A. Henty - A Collector's Dream
Learning History
Vocabulary and Writing Skills
Personal Character
Convenient Computer Software
List of Short Stories by G.A. Henty
Book Reviews from Original Ads
Special Offer
Buy the Robinson Curriuclum and Henty CDs and Save $20

G.A. Henty Collection - Robinson Books
All G.A. Henty's Books on 6 CDs
 • Introductory Price $99
 • Read and Print Original Texts

Top Previous Next

Introductory Price $99

This set of 6 CD-ROMs contains all 99 books written by G. A. Henty. It also includes 53 short stories by Henty and 216 short stories by his contemporaries. Written during the latter part of the 19th Century, G. A. Henty's books were very popular and widely used in the schools of Britain and the United States during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

While many children's adventure books that emphasize the traits of courage, high moral character, diligence, perseverance and other valuable personal virtues were written during this period, G. A. Henty's books are unique. Each adventure takes place within the setting of some important period in human history. From the fall of Jerusalem to the American Civil War, Henty's heroes live their adventures within exciting historical events. The reader learns much detailed history while he is being entertained and taught by exemplary heroes.

Moreover, through his personal experiences and careful scholarship, Henty provides very detailed and accurate accounts of history. While one might read a section of a history book concerning, for example, the conquering of Mexico by Spain, most such accounts are dry and shallow in comparison with Henty's tale of the primary happenings and of the way of life of the people caught up in those events.

Top Previous Next

Read and Print Original Texts

All pages of these books, including illustrations and colored covers are on the CDs as 600 dpi image files. When printed with the included software, they look exactly like the originals. Moreover, image sizes can be adjusted during printing, so the reader is not limited to the small print that was customary a century ago. An excellent on-screen reader is also provided for those who wish to read the books on the computer screen.


Copyright 2000 © Arnold Jagt         www.henty.com         ñ T O   T H E   T O P

SiteWave Sites - EntreWave WebSite

Access to Energy Newsletter


Access to Energy is a pro-science, pro-technology, pro-free enterprise monthly newsletter packed with information and comment on science, technology and energy and on those who would restrict your access to it. It gives you answers based on facts with which to dispel myths.

This website gives you access to 6 months of free sample issues. We are sure that, after reading these, you will want more.

This is one of those rare newsletters that does not stop with just publication, but goes into effective action for the causes it espouses.  The latest instance of this is the Petition Project - an anti-global warming petition signed by over 17,000 scientists - which exposes Al Gore's "scientific consensus" on global warming as phony.  This Petition Project was funded by subscriptions and donations from the readers of Access to Energy . See Global Warming Debunking News and Views for more.

SiteWave Sites - EntreWave WebSite

Y2K Silver Bullet

Y2K Problem Solved


Arnold Jagt's Y2K Immunity - The Silver Bullet


Simply Defined
Step One
Age all the data
Step Two
Turn back the clock
Step Three
Un-age output as needed
Silver Bullet
The Solution
Whether your Y2K compliance efforts are in full swing or you haven't started, Sulver Bullet is a low - cost, fast, and effective alternative.
In the News
PC Computing
The first mainstream media coverage for the Y2K Silver Bullet (Immunity) and yours truly came in January's issue of PC Computing on page 198 - next to a picture of Arsenio Hall. ??? Go figure.
Date Doctors
Y2K professionals provide system date shifting and data aging. The Y2K Silver Bullet can be a bigger cash cow than Y2K code remediation! Register here.
Talk Back
Join our public online community www.dejanews.com/ ~y2kimmunity and post your views.
"...making humans adapt to keep the computers working seems brilliant. ...this make more sense than a lot of advice I've had to give people about running their software."
"Most Important Website on the Internet!"
"...I sent letters to five network TV News department fax machines telling them that your "Y2K Silver Bullet" web site address was probably the most important web address they would ever receive and they should have their computer exec's check it out, test it, evaluate it, etc. ... Under the present circumstances few things make as much sense as the "Y2K Silver Bullet ."
Charles Simmons.
 Y2K Problem Solved

Time frame to implement:

Zero cost to implement beyond your existing budget.

You may have heard that there is no such thing as a silver bullet for the Y2K problem. No so! Y2K Immunity is it. Bill Gates agrees, "...there's a way of fooling the system by just taking all the dates you put in and subtracting 30 years before you put them in and adding 30 years when you put them out". I think 11 years is best (see Why 11 Years?).

This website is dedicated to the simple Y2K solution of turning back the computers clock and ageing (and unaging) the data appropriately. The Y2K problem favors this solution above all others:

  1. there is still plenty of time to implement it
  2. easy on the budget
  3. easy to implement
  4. easy to understand
  5. works for all types of systems
  6. can be implemented and tested now
  7. no change to system's code required
  8. already tested for the last X years
  9. keeps days-of-week in sync
  10. non-proprietary

You, your company, your suppliers, and your customers do not have to participate in the Y2K Bug.

Simply turn back the clock and age the data. Try it on a backup system and make backups of your data first (always a good idea anyway). There are very few systems this solution won't work for (see Immunoresistance).

Think about it. Your computer systems have been fine tuned to work well and have proven themselves over the last decade. They are tested and totally compliant with 2 digit year dates. Why not keep them in 2 digit mode until they are replaced with new and better systems?

"Thou Shalt Not Lie" only applies to people, not computers. Its OK to turn back your computer's date and fool it into thinking it is 11 years earlier than it is.

When it comes to corporate survival strategies regarding Y2K, "compliance" as an all or nothing proposition is a clear loser. There are not enough programmers or time to retrofit the 2 digit systems we all depend on.

Ed Yourdon has done a good job of documenting how 65% computer projects fail or come in late. See his books at www.yourdon.com.

Now is the time for real men to show themselves ready to take on the challenge of keeping things going, to exercise faith in God, using our freedom to give our families a fighting chance. To be diligent in our devotion to the future of Christendom, keeping the tools of dominion intact. It is time for socialist cowards to throw in the towel and be full of dread, unable to cope with change, unable to muster the commitment and sacrifice to meet the challenges of Y2K. Meanwhile we will simply implement the Y2K Silver Bullet where needed and get on with growing our way into the new millennium as free men.

PDF Version of this website


SiteWave Sites - EntreWave WebSite

Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine


This site outlines all the projects of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine.


Research and Development

The Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine is a small research institute in southern Oregon. It was founded in 1980 to conduct basic and applied research in subjects immediately applicable to improvements in human life - especially in biochemistry, diagnostic medicine, nutrition, preventive medicine, and the molecular biology of aging.

The Institute is entirely supported by donations and the independent earnings of its faculty and volunteers. It does not solicit or accept government funds.

The Institute has six senior faculty members, about fifteen volunteers who work actively on its projects, and a larger number of volunteers who help occasionally. It owns a 10,000 square foot building located in a rural setting about 7 miles from the town of Cave Junction in southern Oregon. 5,000 square feet of this building is now used for research, including the Institute's laboratories, library, and other facilities.

This facility and a modest complement of research equipment are the Institute's principal physical assets. The Institute has no debts and a policy of incurring none.

At present, work is proceeding on several specific projects including the effects of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels on health and longevity of mice; the role of protein amides as molecular timers of protein turnover, development, and aging, the use of urine and blood profiling for predictive and preventive medicine; the development of comprehensive materials for use in home school education; and the production of educational materials for civil defense. Recent publications include a home school curriculum and research on nutrition and cancer.

The research and development work of the Institute is carried out to the full extent permitted by donations that it receives. The Institute is classified by the IRS as a 501(c)3 public foundation. so all donations are tax deductible.


SiteWave Sites - EntreWave WebSite

Nuclear War Survival Skills

Nuclear War Survival Skills Online


This website presents the book Nuclear War Survival Skills in an online version.  Published by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine this book present expedient survival skills that can be accomplished without special skills by ordinary people.

The online version is unique in that it presents a special foreword by Dr. Edward Teller for the electronic version.

The book is also available for $19.50 from the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine.  As a special bonus with your order you get the 2 most recent issues of the hot newsletter Access to Energy.

SiteWave Sites - EntreWave WebSite

Global Warming Debunking News


This site lets you keep up with the latest news on the progress of the Anti Global Warming Peition Project. It chronicles the breakdown of the vaunted myth of the "scientific consensus on global warming."

SiteWave Sites - EntreWave WebSite

Anti-Global Warming Petition


This exciting site really shows the power of the Internet in giving a voice to those who content for the truth. This site was pulled together in a very short time to publicize the thousands of signers of the petition.

SiteWave was used to its fullest and the results are high quality, professional, and make a great impact.

SiteWave Sites - EntreWave WebSite

Nutrition and Cancer


This website provides information about a highly effective diet related treatment for cancer.

ForumWave Forums - EntreWave WebSite

ForumWave - Discussions

Start up a discussion that's easy to follow.

ForumsWave's threaded discussions offer the best format for setting up and maintaining simultaneous discussions on any number of topics for your Web site. Each discussion has threads which show an easy-to-scan outline of the discussion. Just by looking at the threads of a discussion, users can quickly navigate their way to the information that matters most to them.

In a thread, users can see which messages build upon each other, and decide whether to respond to an original message, comment on someone else's reply, or send the discussion in a different direction.

Stay up to date on the latest messages.

Users can stay on top of any new additions to discussions by subscribing to a thread. They'll be notified by e-mail whenever there's a new message in that thread, and subscribed threads will have priority listing in their view of the forum.

Whip up great collaboration by attaching files.

Sharing information and collaborating on your Internet or Intranet site is a cinch—no matter where users are located or what computing system they have. With ForumWave, anyone with a Web browser can be given the privilege to upload files and attach them to messages in a discussion group, so that others are able to easily access the files. For example, a medical research team could post messages to a discussion thread on cancer research and attach reports of their findings on new treatments.

Real Audio voice files could be attached to give secretaries correspondence (a distance insensitive Dictaphone) to transcribe along with scans of related documents.

Even graphics such as maps, photos, drawings, and graphs can be attached and included in a message. A forum discussion of antiques could have a thread about auctions, where users could list their auction, attach photos of antiques that will be offered, and include a map of how to get there.

Cut to the chase with advanced searching.

There's no poring over boring messages to get to the ones you want. ForumsWave's powerful search tools let users quickly find messages of interest. You can search for postings by author, date, keyword, or message area.

Warm up fast with a friendly interface.

Users will have an easy time participating in your conferences thanks to the clear, simple-to-use interface offered by ForumWave. Navigating is a no-brainer for even novices. Extensive online help is included.

Users also have a say in how they look at conferences and forums, choosing whatever best suits their needs from a variety of configurations. They can screen out forums, sort threads and messages, use frames, control the fonts and even include their own signature on messages.

ForumWave is a web-based threaded discussion application used to host online conferences. In addition to reading and posting messages, you can also customize a number of conference options, like email notification, which, if enabled, allows you to receive notification by email of any messages that have been posted to threads you are interested in.

With its end-user customizable interface, you can define a number of options for viewing conferences and interacting with other conference participants. For example, you may be able to choose between a frames and non-frames view of conference pages, depending on whether your conference administrator has enabled this feature. You can choose a font face and font size for view messages, and you can choose a number of options for managing how messages are displayed.

ForumWave Documentation

ForumWave Documentation

End Users can start here for an idea on how to use ForumWave and how it all works.

ForumWave Forums - EntreWave WebSite

Fun Bumperstickers and Jokes

When reason just does not impress them anymore...


This forum is dedicated to ridiculing the ridiculous. So come on in and join the fun.

Seen a great bumpersticker that nails a dumb liberal issue where it hurts? Post it here and let everyone enjoy it.

ForumWave Forums - EntreWave WebSite

Creation Science Forum


This is a forum dedicated to discussion centered around the exciting book published online at www.creationscience.com. Come on in and join the fun.

Communications - EntreWave WebSite

Contact Information

Contacting EntreWave

Technical support

For help setting up and configuring SiteWave, contact

EntreWave Technical Support:

Web: http://www.EntreWave.com  

email: support@EntreWave.com


phone: 248-740-2697


For product information, volume sales, re-seller partnerships, contact EntreWave Sales:

Web: http://www.EntreWave.com   
email: sales@EntreWave.com   
phone: 248.740.2746   



 2887 Berkshire Dr.  Troy MI 48083 

Support - EntreWave WebSite


On some pages I do not want my content to wrap to the full width of the page. How do I stop it from wrapping?

Simply start your top Article with:

<TABLE cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 border=0>

End your last article with:


SiteWave: Excellence in Collaborative Online Web Building

Speech Friendly - Brochure Version of this web site.

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