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Home is Where the Dog is

1 February 2015
Sorry I've been a little MIA recently (bad blogger) - I've been at home, cuddling a certain puppy of mine. I don't think I've properly introduced you to Mr Sandy yet, terrible of me! He's a cute little JRT (or Jack Russell Terrier to those of you not in the know) who we adopted a few years ago. He's a real cutie, though he gets super scared sometimes. So here's a little view into his life - a guest post from Mr Sandy!


It's me! No, down here - I'm not that tall. Lauren came home last weekend, at last. It's been too long since my ears have been scratched properly, and too long since I've scurried up her stairs and into her bed and pushed her out of the warm spot.

I spend most of my days beside the fire, or even behind the fire guard if I can squeeze past. It's by far the warmest place in the house.

Lauren had that tall boy round again; he's quite good at making fires - though he does tend to get in the way of my portraits!

See, I snuggle right up to the fire - I really don't like the cold. What even is that cold wet stuff that falls from the sky? I believe the humans call it "snow", but I'm not a fan. 

If possible, I don't tend to move from here, until Lauren comes and annoys me, picks me up or generally fusses over me. Apart from when mum has food. When she has food, boy, it's straight to the kitchen for me.

So it's nose to the ground to see if I can find any food.

But usually, I just have to sit and mooch under the counter.

...Or beside the oven, sometimes I think that's a good place to be. Warm and with food, what more could a dog want?

And then Lauren went and picked me up. I'm not a fan of this really, but she is, so I'll usually just let her do it. But only if she promises me treats or ear scratches, oooh, or belly rubs - I like those too.

She's sporting her new apron (sadly gone, but she says these are some of her new favourites here and here), which apparently helps keep puppy fur off her clothes!

But the best bit. The ULTIMATE thing about Lauren being home, is that she cheekily allows me upstairs some mornings. Which means I can do this...

I love my bed, but boy, is hers even better. It's magically warm and I can snuggle under the big marshmallow that she sleeps under. I like it a lot there.

And every once in a while, I even pose for her!

But, I have to go now, I have a fire to warm myself with. Until next time friends!

Sandy Paws

P.S. If you want to catch up with me a little more, read some of my other guest posts on my dad's blog here.
4 comments on "Home is Where the Dog is"
  1. Lovely post, some excellent photos that catch his expression brilliantly.

  2. Nice left field blog post :)

  3. May I have permission to reblog this on Sandy's Mossfighter page. If so, how do I do a reblog from Blogger to Wordpress?

  4. Of course you can! Not sure how to reblog, but feel free to copy the whole thing (Ctrl + V will get you the lot, including the photos!) If you could put a wee source at the bottom with the original link that would be amazing! XXXX