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With , which is the best VPN, even not free, do not forget that you have the ” 30 day money back guarantee ” to test the service!

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This new section of our website aims to bring a variety of good free VPN services that offer free products. While it is known that a VPN can be free to have their limitations , and that the best VPN is Hidemyass , for $ 6.55 / month , for some users of small size or that do not require high performance and speed, these VPN services are free good alternatives. Here we will see a consolidation of the Free VPN services more effective and highly regarded in the market. We must remember that these alternatives , because it is free services have their limitations and only offer coverage in the countries where they have installed their servers. There are services with a global reach , but they can be a good alternative for those who do not need large requirements. Here are some of them.


This is a free VPN service based in Europe , free and offering its packages PPTP and OpenVPN connection protocols. Very good choice for small size users . The protocols used allow high transfer rates but there may be some restrictions on the bandwidth and limitations for downloads using P2P software. Give a free software service that is easily installable and configurable for use immediately.


Good free vpn service based in England . Your product offers connection with good bandwidth and uses PPTP VPN protocols to provide security . Good choice for users with little requirements for example wish to access services such as iPlayer or exclusive content for the UK. Required to perform some basic configurations of VPN connections to take advantage of the service.


Service based in Amsterdam , the Netherlands, has a good reputation and is very reliable. Good choice for small users who wish to access services or sites based in that country and Europe. You may have some speed limitations as users connected simultaneously. Requires making small configurations to access the VPN connection. It can be used in a wide range of computer and mobile devices , as well as almost all popular operating systems today.


Free VPN service with unlimited bandwidth based in Chicago, USA . This is a free VPN service with good benefits coverage for the United States. Lets have a safe, reliable and private connection both desktops and mobile devices . It supports Windows , Linux , Mac OS X , android , etc. .


This is a service that is not completely free, offers some free VPN options but with limitations and require registration to access the service . This VPN service can be a good choice for those wishing to try a low profile VPN connection before trying a larger package or a service with greater range and coverage.

Continuing with this new series of free reports on VPN services , this time again we bring 5 other quality services that include complimentary packages for users who do not require extensive support or global coverage. We speak of services based on different parts of the world and offer their services for free. The free VPN are often financed through advertising so it is hoped that the sites themselves abundant supply of each service be multiple choice . While they may not comprehensively cover the spectrum of what a normal user could need a VPN , these free VPN can work very well for a user needs or small -statured .


This VPN service offers a free VPN coverage in USA , Canada and the UK. This is a promising VPN totally free and with very good performance and reliable service. It offers secure connections with IP addresses belonging to networks in all these countries . Good alternative for users with basic needs and few requirements .


This is a VPN service based in France that offers performance client / server SSL -based OpenVPN . This service requires the installation of software that allows you to connect to the server of the service by a user and password. From here our connection is encrypted and becomes completely anonymous

Logmein Hamachi

This is one of the most popular and effective free VPN services. It is completely free for personal and non- commercial intentions . Easy to configure and use. Requires installation of a small program that allows you to create secure, private and reliable connections using insecure networks such as the Internet . Use an easy to use system based on SSL and combines it with the strength and connectivity of IPSec system. Very good choice for small size users and gamers.


This is a free VPN service Japanese origin , you can try online before creating a private account. Basically you can create a private VPN connection which can then be accessed from anywhere , anytime. Allows local interconnect different networks to each other, for example, our home with our office. Everything is done through a web type system very easy to use service.

Your Freedom

It is not essentially a VPN service , but it works like one and offers similar benefits. It is a joint service provided you pay and other free options . The free VPN functions are limited to 6 hours per day with a maximum of 18 hours a week . You need to install client software on our computer and enter a username and password to use the service .

We continue our series of reports on free VPN anywhere. This time we analyze five VPN services that offer packages of connection and VPN solutions for free. While some of these services have limitations in bandwidth , speed and offer limited coverage , are presented as a good choice for small-sized user or undemanding when using a secure and private connection . No doubt for many ordinary users of these services can be broadly and more than meet the basic needs of your internet connection .

VPN and other similar services , this free VPN service provides a secure and private connection to the web using PPTP protocols with 128 bit encryption . This is a good service for many users, provides US-based IP addresses and provides security coverage for the most common connections as well as WiFi access . It supports the most popular as well as a wide range of platforms and device types systems.

This free VPN service provides complete protection for our Internet browsing . Thus any ensures standard connection and access via public wireless networks . HTTPS uses a system to ensure that all of our web activity is private and secure as possible . You must download and install a small software that allows you to configure the service on our team. Supports a wide range of systems and equipment . Ideal for users of small size and low requirements .

This service is part of the company Port80Limited based in the Seychelles , which offers both free and paid VPN services . This service allows you to create an encrypted connection which ensures privacy and security of our online activity. It has support for all popular as well as a variety of equipment and fixed and mobile systems. A very good alternative for users with little connection requirements.

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This is another free VPN service company belonging to the World ‘s Gate, Inc. This service offers secure and free connections to China and elsewhere. You need to install a small software on our computer as a client to connect to the server. It may be a good option for people on the move through troubled areas with great control over Web communications .

PD- Proxy VPN

This service offers a free package VPN connection but with the limitation of 100 Mb per day of transfer. Allows safe and anonymous connections using VPN connections baseline . This may be an option for smaller users who do not use much internet and do not have big needs and requirements.

We resumed our section on Free VPN services. This time we will see new VPN service packages that offer free connection completely or partially . As we have seen free VPN services are not always the best alternative for large users or for those who require high performance or large volumes of data transfer. But for those who do a basic internet use and do not have large requirements , free VPN services can be an ideal to all your connection problems, online security and privacy solution. Let’s see some new free VPN services we can find online.


Very good free VPN service using OpenVPN for added safety and privacy to our connection to the web . It also has support for smartphones. Requires registration and has a usage policy which clearly report that do not allow actions that go against those conditions. Failure to follow these rules can lead to account termination .


This is a very easy to use free VPN service with a minimum main interface. After the installation is only necessary to run the application and connect , then it is possible to minimize it and forget . Provides a secure, encrypted connection to the web which makes it ideal for when you use public networks. It supports connections through proxy which is a plus. You may have some limitation in speed, but overall is a very good system for users with few requirements.


This service creates a secure tunnel through which the information is sent once it leaves our team. This is a free VPN service with good benefits information encryption and full privacy . Good choice for small size users .


Shield Exchange

This is a paid service that offers the ability to create a trial account to a secure and private limited connection . This is a limitation of the total traffic , which enables annual navigation 100Mb . Since the end of the limitation is a service that can be used for emergency services when others fail.


This service is the newest in the market for VPN. Lets cross the strict content filters and provides full web browsing anonymity . Supports VoIP communications and offers the possibility of remote access to local networks. The free account has a limit of 1 GB per month transfer and supports the most common systems and platforms. Undoubtedly one of the best free VPN services for users with little activity and very basic in terms of the protection and privacy requirements .

In our effort to provide as much information on VPN services , here we bring a new release on Free VPN services we can find anywhere. Services is low profile, with many restrictions and bounded to the countries where they operate or where they have physically installed VPN servers. It is a good alternative for those users who want to protect their internet privacy and improve their access to the web but do not have very broad or too many demands on requirements when speed and volume of information. Here are some new free VPN services .


All the best VPN

This is a VPN service that uses SSL / TLS high security and enhanced privacy . Unlike VPN based on PPTP, OpenVPN requires the installation of a client software that lets you use the service. This service is the newest in the world of VPN and is slowly gaining ground because it offers many good performances in comparison with previous VPN systems. Still has some limitations on support for mobile devices but works great on Windows , Linux and Mac


This free VPN service is unlimited transfer volume , but has a limited top speed of 300 Kbps for free accounts . Anyway this is a very acceptable speed or low-speed connections for users who require high transfer rates . Introduces support based on OpenVPN and PPTP. Works without problems in the known systems and the most common platforms including mobile and touch devices.


This VPN service operates with its own VPN client software , although it is also possible to configure any that the user prefers . Allows VPN connections using PPTP and L2TP free , it not only encrypts the connection but also applies rules of data integrity checking . Good service for users that require little of your VPN service or who do not need high transfer rates . It is part of Spotflux service.


Is probably one of the easiest VPN to use free services through sites and services allows applying geo – restrictions without any problems. Free accounts are limited to 500 Mb per month of transfer volume but you can increase that amount by a Twitter account . It is a very effective and suitable option for users with basic needs .


This free VPN service based in Germany provides a connection package limited to 1 Gb per month of traffic. Provides anonymous and private IP addresses in the country so it is ideal for access to sites and services with geo – restrictions. It is a very good service and offers very good performance for basic users .

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Conclusion : Knows Best Free VPN market

We have seen how the free VPN can be of any type and scope. Most are within what can be said VPN are local , ie , services with a few servers distributed in the same country . Such services may be useful to get some anonymity in the network and to protect our access to internet . But if we expand access to geographic blocking sites that present we may find that we will have trouble getting through the filters imposed on us .

 The Free VPN is a valid alternative when seeking a method or system to protect us from possible attacks and threats from the web, anyway cannot be considered as a long term option and have too many limitations to long may Peninsulas counterproductive. In general, these services can be used with some frequency in cases where we have no access to higher quality services .

Another important point to keep in mind when using free VPN : Many times it is very expensive to maintain a good VPN service servers without charging for it. No doubt many services leverage advertising can place on their websites to be financed but that may also have some instability in the duration and scope of the product offering . Consequently, it is not at all recommended only depend on a free VPN service if you want to be fairly protected.

In short, as a final conclusion we can say that the free VPN are partial solutions. Of course that can be used at any time and with good results, they are also good choices for users of low profile that does not have big needs and have too many requirements when choosing a VPN or using these services, but for users who have more stringent requirements or need quality, stability and greater security for their connections to the web , it is best to hire an account Hidemyass .