Why you should choose paid VPN over free VPN


The meaning of Virtual Private Network is actually a network which enables the user the authority to exchange news, information and data by a private link which is vastly different from the leased lines over the internet. In the past the computer had wires so as to connect them to each other. This type of arrangement was expensive not to mention how the whole matter was cumbersome in manner. With the coming of the internet physical connections between computers were no longer needed with the wire like stuff. If all the computers on the server had an internet connection it was possible to share information using the local ISP circuit.  The VPN is more or less known as the virtual network because the whole concept works in the absence of any concrete wires. In the recent past in the days of the WAN the user had to depend on the supplier of the connection for the safety and security of the transacted information and data.


However, days have changed today. You no longer have to depend upon the words of a provider today. The technology of Virtual Private Network is a unique solution of keeping the confidential data safe from interfering individuals by encrypting the data in a packet like form both at the sender and at the receiver’s end. The data is encrypted as well as encapsulated and passes through its own private tunnel over the internet. The information is well hidden from public eyes and if at all it is visible the data can not be understood because the whole text travels in a code.


Sometimes it is difficult to decide which to choose, the free VPN or the paid VPN. Well, here are some important clues. Free VPN can be used to surf the net anonymously so that your IP address is well hidden from the view of inquisitive eyes. But, most of the times in the case of free Virtual Private Network the IP address which you tried so hard at hiding can be traced back to you. The free VPN services are actually a scam of sorts. The free VPNs are very slow in speed. The connection will be hard to get by. Moreover, there are advertisements which are really placed on the web page you are browsing at so that it can pay for the free VPN you are using. With the usage of free VPN the free advertisements will show up on your web page and the cookies left behind thus will reveal your IP address to the advertiser. The free VPNs do not invest in servers of their own to protect your information from being hacked unlike the paid VPNs simply because the free VPNs do not have enough resources.  The paid VPNs will grant you with antivirus, antimalware, anti spam, anti phishing, against malware and firewall security to its users. The paid VPN services are much more viable for businessmen and individuals. The advantage which will be highlighted is that there is a concrete company to take care of the paid VPN service and there is somebody to go to if there is a problem.

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